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  1. sillydragonfly

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    I need some advise. My mom has been sick for two months now. It started with burning sensation in her throat and mouth. She was diagnosed with h pylori bacteria in her stomach. Was treated for that but still has problems with her throat. They did a scope today and didnt find any fungus and no lesions or ulcers in her esophagus. Im worried. She cant eat. She says it doesnt feel like it will go down .
    HELP! She has lost 10 lbs now and only weighs 98lbs. Im worried

  2. GBHope

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    I'm assuming they treated her with antibiotics?

  3. sdown

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    Im assuming she was put on antibiotics for the h pyloria bacteria. Did she take any acidophulus and bifidus when she took antiobiotics? If not, it could be a fungal (yeast infection) in her body. I don't know how efficient the tests where to discover yeast. I get a white tongue ssometimes and I know its because I have yeast. Doc told me start taking chlorella and chlorophyll to detox. Sounds like an infection to me. I know when I have an infection I don't have much of an appetite. Doc told me sometimes tests dont pick up on a low-grade infection. Or if you are on certain medications like cortef (steroids) it can mask the results of an infection test.
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    the white tongue could be thrush.. I can't remember what causes it.. one of my kids got it when they were little.. you might want to do a search.. Will she take Ensure?

    Hugs.. Dona
  5. sillydragonfly

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    Thanks for your reply.

    She was treated with anitbiotics for the h pylori. Not sure what kind. She is on Aciphex for what they think might be acid reflux. She has not taken anything other than what the doctor has given her. She was on a treatment for thrush and it seemed to help but now she has hit a plateau. By days end she has "fur" on her tongue. They did a culture today and it came back a couple of hours later negative for any fungal organisms.

  6. sillydragonfly

    sillydragonfly New Member

    She does use ensure but she cant live on that forever. I feel we have to find out why she cant eat normal food. She says she would love to have a pizza but knows it would feel bad going down and once it got there doesnt settle well.
  7. dononagin

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    I'm so sorry.. I went through this with my mom before she died.. It hurt to eat.. Soft scramble eggs with some cheese maybe.. (calorie dense)
    I know, for my mom it was because of her chemo. She could eat Icecream.. maybe some different protein shakes for now till they figure out what is going on?
    Push for answers..
    Hugs.. dona
  8. sillydragonfly

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    Thank you, believe me, im trying everything to get her to eat. She is too young for this, shes only 56. Healthy otherwise. Doctors dont seem to have the answers and my mom has no insurance so they really seem to not want to help!
    any advise i can get is so appreciated and helpful. Thank you everyone.
  9. sillydragonfly

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    Unfortunately she doesnt take probiotics. Im going to have her start tho. I think we need to look at a more natural way of getting her to feel better. She was treated with amoxicillin and another antibiotic I think she was overloaded. I hope the h pylori is gone now. They took a culture to see if it gone now.
  10. SherylD

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    They did a culture.. And it came back neg. for fungil?? But yet she has all the symtoms of thrush.

    My Dad just was on an Abx and his tonge got weird.. and he had sores on his lips. I told him it was thrush. Burned bad when he would eat.

    He went to the Dr. today and they tested him and said there was not fungus either.. What is up with that??

    But still gave him a rinse.. They took blood. Said that his B-12 might be low....That could effect his tonge. They are to let hime know tomorrw..

    I wish your Mom would better soon.. Try some natural yogurt.. That would help with here mouth and stomach. It doesn't taste very good, but I doctor mine up with cinnamon.

    Good luck..


  11. ilovecats94

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    I went to the doc on 12/5, for a terribly sore throat. He said it was a virus. It didn't get any better. I started on Mycelex troches for thrush that I get from my endocrinologist. Within a bit over a week, I was feeling better. I stopped the troches about 5 days too early and ended up getting it back a few weeks later.

    It was on my uvula. I started back on the rest of the Mycelex and a new bottle of 14 days, so had 19 days on this med and finally, today I am finished and no sore throat or problems.

    It hurt so much, that when I swallowed food, that hurt. So much for a virus.

    Nex time I see the family doc, I'm going to tell him that it was thrush in my throat. He did do a strep test and that was negative.

    I get thrush a lot because I have diabetes.

    The only time I was able to take probiotics was when I was on a med that caused constipation. Otherwise it give me loose stools.

    Hope you will feel better soon. Ask for Nystatin anyway... Can't hurt...

  12. sillydragonfly

    sillydragonfly New Member

    My mom was on Nystatin and she went through two courses of it. Im thinking she must have an imbalance in her gut and she needs to take care of it all naturaly. I told her to start with the yogurt and we are looking into probiotics. Im also telling her to log onto this website and just read for hours,is amazing what you can learn.
    Thanks for your input!
  13. jenemc

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    can your mother swallow at all? if so, get her some plain yogurt...i had thrush mouth due to antibiotics and my dr told me to eat yogurt also..he also gave me a lozenge to sick on...maybe you could ask your dr about that. goods luck.

  14. gabussear

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    Hello sillydragonfly,

    It certainly sounds like Thrush (Candidiasis - oral), yeast infection, to me. You are describing the exact same symptoms I had. We All have yeast in our system and our mouth but usually it does't flare up. Once you get rid of it BUILD UP HER IMMUNE SYSTEM!!

    One thing you need to do as quickly as possible is to get her bodies PH level above 7.0. Thrush is a fungus. A fungus cannot manifest itself in an Alkaline enviorement. Once your body becomes Akaline it will go away. When we were born our body ph was approx 7.35. We, by design should be on the Aklaine side. Search the web for foods that are very high in ph, most of them will be vegies. Crush them, juice them do anything you can to get them into your Mom. You have got to get her ph to at least 7.4 or above and keep it there for a few weeks. In fact we all should be above 7.25 to really keep from getting sick that often, if at all.

    I would be willing to guess that if you checked her ph level right now you would find it 6.0 or below. This is quite acidic and a fungus loves it. Keep her sugar intake as low as you possibly can. You can find ph strips that you would use to test either the saliva or urine with, in most health food stores. If not on the web, you can get them in 3-4 days. Have your Doctor check her ph.

    There is another and better medicine than Nyastatin but for the life of me I can remembr the name. The medicine he gave me was fairly new and much more effective. OK! I found it!!! -- It is: "clotrimazole"(mycelex) there are 2 others also. The one I had that worked well was a lozenges that I disloved in my mouth.
    other 2 are: "itraconazole"(sporanox) "fluconazole"(Diflucan). I had this about 8 or 9 month ago. Nyastatin is from the old school. It does work but much slower. It will be 3 to 4 weeks to get rid of the Thrush. Ask you doctor for a different medicine. I didn't have any luck with it either.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Wishes,
    Gary & Abbye Bussear
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  16. sillydragonfly

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    Thank you everyone who has been responding to my request. I have definately been given some good ideas to try.
    Thank you so much!