~ White Fields ~

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    ~ White Fields ~

    I see the fields of white, dear Lord,
    'The lost You love so well.
    Oh, send me out among them, now,
    Your precious Love to tell!

    So many grope in darkness
    And seek for You in vain.
    Let me tell that wondrous story,
    Guiding to Your heart, again.

    Broken hearts need healing,
    Broken bodies, too.
    Spirits, heavy-laden, should
    Know what You can do!

    Oh, let me not be idle, for
    Your love o'er flows my heart!
    To the weary, lonely, lost, undone -
    Let me do my part.

    Just a few more hours,
    Jesus will return!
    Just a little time to teach,
    A little time to learn!

    Along life's way You guide me.
    Help me, Lord, to spread the word
    Of Helper, Healer, Friend and Guide -
    To those who've never heard!

    © by Joan Clifton Costner
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    Thanks Deena, that was so very beautiful. We should repeat it daily.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Helper, Healer, Friend and Guide


    Love and huggs, Me