White inside mouth on cheeks, soreness

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donna275, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. donna275

    donna275 New Member

    Has anyone ever had thrush, or yeast infection in their mouth? I think I do. Inside my mouth on my cheeks is all white and my tongue is sore. I feel I even have a slight sore throat. I feel a little burning inside my mouth also. My children had this when they were babies. I read that the use of antibiotics may cause this. I had just been treated for a bladder infection which turned out to not be but I took four or five days of an antibiotic. I don't want to go to the doctor again. Does anyone know how I can treat it on my own? I do have a call into my dentist hoping he would call in a prescription for me without being seen by a doctor. I am awaiting his call.

    Thanks for the input.
  2. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Hi, I think you need an antifungal. You could ask your pharmacist to recommend something.
  3. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    You could try eating some raw garlic up to two bulbs (not heads) a day.

    I would call the doctor and ask for a prescription.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  4. ilovecats94

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    I get this all the time because I have diabetes. I have an on going Rx for Mycelex Troches for thrush. In fact, I had a horrible sore throat recently and have been on the lozenges since 12/5. My doc said I had a virus. But I started on the Mycelex anyway hoping it was thrush and not a virus.

    Thrush is very painful. It can show up as a white tongue with white patches or as scarlet red with white, or just scarlet red.

    I don't know any herbal treatments that would work as quickly as an Rx to clear it up.

    I don't know if your dentist would call in a Rx for that. Worth a try and if he won't, you'll have to go back to your doc. Some docs it is hard to convince you have thrush. My endocrinologist saw my white coated tongue and his nurse gives me Rx's whenever I ask. I always have a bottle of Mycelex in the house.

    Good luck and I certainly hope you will feel lots better soon. :)

    Happy holidays,
  5. wickett

    wickett New Member

    I have these symptoms off and on all of the time. My dentist has tried everything. He wants me to go to a specialst and scrape the inside of my mouth. I don't have insurance to pay for it, so I have not went. Right now it is gone, but soon it will appear.I remove the loose skin inside my mouth on my cheeks, it is sore for a few days then heals up and goes away. Hope this helps you in some way.....Wickett

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