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    I can't remember where or who said that they have white matter on their brain,i do too and would like to know what you have found out about why you have it.thanks janet
  2. Everyone with a brain has white matter....

    there are two types of "matter" (it's just 'brain tissue' so-to-speak...what makes up the brain.... there's white matter, and also grey matter..

    Now, if something shows up, an MRI or something may say "signal hyperintensities seen in XXXXX XXXX area" or if you have multiple issues, it may say hyperintensities (variable things, brain lesions, usually are the hyperintensities,,,and have many many many causes, including normal aging...) "hyperintensities seen through out the white matter"

    Also, confusing, is that the reports often state "white matter hyperintensities" so people often just see "white matter" and think something is wrong....white matter is what is in the brain, along with grey, is all.

    I hope this helps, I have been diagnosed with MS for over 1yr, monitored for it for 3yrs prior, so I've had many many many Brain scans, and some of the spine as well, (CT scans also)

    The words are awfully big, and confusing sometimes, and definitely hard to make heads(no pun) or tails of...


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    I knew what i meant:),i was told that i have many white areas of the plaque,about 1cm in size they thought MS but it hasn't grown anymore,taht like the rest of us was 1 d,iwas told so much,but no one has a reason for the stuff or what caused it,or if it has hurt me in any way because of all the other dd's.thanks for your reply,i really am smarter then that,weeeellll sometimes.
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    I would google it as I think but am not sure that plaque is caused in the brain by cholesterol too. But don't quote me.
    Anne Cromwell