white streaks on finger nails ?

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    I think this subject has come up before (probably loads of times) .. but within a month's time I have so many white streaks on my right hand finger nails it is scary ..
    I know there are thoughts that it is caused from lacking zinc .. but I'm pretty sure I'm not ..
    Has anyone actually had this problem that a doctor told them what it is ?
    I meant to ask mine and forgot .. duch !
    I would like to hear anyone else's experience .. this isn't a line or two .. this is a lot ! Yikes !
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    well i have something like that i started getting white blotches on my fingernails and all of a sudden it started traveling up my fingers and now i look like i have scares on my fingers and it is embarasing i tell you embarasing to the bone. my doc says it is part of my fibro said every part of my body is being effected by the fibro and there trying to find a solution to stoping the loss of pigment in my fingers but they havent come up with any thing yet. i look lik eim turning into an albino lol.
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    Spellkaster .. Thank you for your experience .. I'm just worried it is a sign something else is wrong .. thyroid is wrecked so I thought it might be an indicater that the levels are out of control again .. or something along those lines.
    I appreciate your answer !
    Good Luck !
    Joy : )
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    Hi there, I am a former manicurist. White streaks is a vitamin defficiency. As we age this happens also.

    You also get them after you have had false nails on. I wore them for years and I have streaks on my nails.

    Yes, it may be a lack of zinc and magnesium and calcium. You should have your vitamin levels checked to see what you are low on.

    Be sure to take a good multivitamin, plus extra calcium with D (I use the chewables) at least 1200 a day for women.

    Hope this helps.

    God Bless