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  1. petsrme

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    Hi everyone. I have not been posting a lot lately but I try to read when I can. I hope everyone is doing good.

    I wanted to ask about teas. Especially White Tea. I have been drinking Green tea since August 29 and have lost 17 pounds. I also have had a little more energy. I have the same pain, but have resisted colds and flu more and had just a little more energy. Someone mentioned to me the other day that white tea is even better than green. I have never heard of white tea. Can anyone give me any information or facts or experiences?

    Thank you for any info.
  2. Braingonebad

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    I've tried it, and it tastes pretty good. I think it was Tazo brand.

    I avoid green teas because of the immune boosting quality of it, and the possibility that I may have ms, - no boosting the immune system with that allowed - but white tea likely does the same.

    A little won't kill me, I suppose lol!

    It is supposed to be an anti-oxidant, but so is good hot cocoa.

  3. Mikie

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    Touts the benefits of both in his newest book. He is a big believer in antioxidants in these teas for preventing premature aging.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks everyone! I'm going to go and see if I can get some white tea. I love the green. I buy the celestial seasonings raspberry and just put a bag in a cup of ice water or in a bottle of water. I try to drink at least two a day. I think I need to put it up to three and it may help me start losing weight again. I tried the diet lipton green tea in a bottle and it made me feel faint, dizzy and my heart was racing. I liked the taste, but am afraid to drink it.

    Thanks again.