whittlemore peterson diagnostic me/cfs test. news report form you tube

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    has anyone any more information or thoughts on this?

    i just love the way they are sharing the information with all scentists around the world.

    i met judy and saw her at the invest in me conference last year. what a great woman i was very impressed.
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    when the plan on releasing anymore information???
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    emmally you asked does anyone know about this test and research. i would like to pick everyone's brains about this also.

    i did see judy speaking about this test and understand that it is to do with cytoklones which are produced a s a reaction to the immune system reacting to attack from virus.

    i do know that annette has a paper pending on this and will be speaking at the invest in me conference this year.

    i do believe that this is an exciting development. i read that annette's family put 5 million of their own money into this and the cancer research bods in us are working with them.

    can anyone else shed any light on this?
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    Check out the new interview on YouTube:

    They are claiming that using certain immune modulators and cancer drugs, they can reverse the disease and cure us. Or basically reset our immune systems to normal.

    I hope this is true. If this is false hope again, I'll just die.
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    Kamina, it often ends up as cancer in the people with CFS who live around Lake Tahoe. Those are the people the W-P Institute is studying.

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    I have always been a firm believer in whatever is causing cfs would be discovered thru genetics and gene mapping......it is only a matter of time.

    My question is...when are they going to release there treatments and what they are specifically? Not just immune modulaters or whatever....but what specific drug do we need to take??? Is this years down the line or can you get the treatment now? Do you have to go to the WP institute to get treatment???
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    well 1stly from seeing the invest in me 2007 conference there is a study that was done from the cfids memorial list so they just took those that had died listed there and what it said they died from. it turned out that of these people listed people who had died had died from cancer and heart failure just like others in population but the mean average was 25yrs younger.

    obviously this does not take all the me/cfs cfids population into ac just those listed as deceased. therefore it is not definative.

    however annette persuaded judy who is a cancer specialist to get involved for a while and they did find a sub group she spoke of non hodgekinsons lymphoma as one group. it was hard to find and initially they could not reproduce the results of 1st findings.

    that is why they have all this fantastic computer testing equipment so they can do these tests and investigate this further.

    judy said she only went for a short while and ended up staying so there must be some sub groups.

    i guess we know that cervical cancer is in many cases caused by a virus so it does not seem odd that this could follow in other cases.

    thanks for the link will check it out now

    best to all


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    It's probably only a subgroup that gets Cancer. I remember reading many years ago that EBV when reactivated, as so many of us have, will actually prevent certain kinds of cancer. It was people who did not have an active or reactivated EBV infection who got cancer.

    I've had CFIDS/ME for eighteen years and have not had cancer yet. And I'm one of the most severe housebounders. Doesn't mean I won't get it at some point, but eighteen years with this is a long time.
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    thank you for your reply. yes i am hopeful that it is only a subgoup. we will have to see what is talked of in the invest in me conference.

    also we must not forget that breast cancer can cause profound exhaustion and breast cancer sufferers may just get thrown into the me/cfs waste paper bin and not get properly diagnosed leading to them not getting the correct treatment....

    maybe thats why they separate the me and cfs.

    its still great news that they at the whittlemore peterson are bringing together research all around the world.

    the more these great researchers work together the better and faster all this will come together.

    Well anyway here is an abstract of the paper that i found so we can start to understand just what they are doing

    looks interesting
    > Cytokine
    > Volume 43, Issue 3, September 2008, Page 245
    > Special Issue - Abstracts and Reviews: 7th Joint Conference of the
    > International Cytokine Society and the International Society for
    > Interferon

    > doi:10.1016/j.cyto.2008.07.077

    > 36
    > Serum cytokine and chemokine profiles of individuals with myalgic
    > encephalomyelitis (ME) reveal distinct pathogen associated signatures

    > Vincent C. Lombardi 1,2, Doug Redelman 2, Darren C. White 1, Marc
    > Fremont 3,
    > Kenny DeMeirleir 4, Daniel Peterson 1, Judy A. Mikovits 1,2,

    > 1 Whittemore Peterson Institute, Reno, NV, USA,
    > 2 Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Nevada, Reno,
    > NV,
    > USA,
    > 3 Protea Pharma, Brussels Belgium, Belgium,
    > 4 Free University of Brussels, Academic Hospital Brussels Belgium,
    > Belgium

    > Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a
    > Heterogeneous disease with unknown etiology. Previous studies have shown
    > that viral
    > specific
    > immune responses and immune abnormalities play critical roles in the
    > pathogenesis
    > of ME/CFS. The central problem in the management of patients with ME/CFS
    > is
    > the
    > lack of biomarkers for patient stratification into subgroups according
    > to
    > distinct
    > immune responses, virus infections and neurological abnormalities. This
    > situation
    > hinders both the diagnostic process and development of specific
    > treatments.

    > In this
    > study our aim was to subgroup ME/CFS patients based on serum chemokine
    > and
    > cytokine
    > profiles with the ultimate goal of establishing disease parameters on a
    > molecular
    > level that correlate with distinct disease phenotypes. We used
    > suspension
    > antibody
    > microarrays of 25-cytokines and chemokines on a Luminex platform for
    > serum
    > profiling
    > of 168 ME/CFS patients and 140 healthy controls. Our analysis has
    > revealed
    > distinct
    > pathogen associated signatures with significant 5- to 200-fold
    > differences
    > between patients and controls for the inflammatory serum chemokines
    > IL-8,
    > IP-10,
    > MIP-a and MIP-1b, as well as the pro inflammatory cytokines IL-6, TNFa
    > and
    > IL-1b.

    > Moreover, our data shows for the first time in ME/CFS a cytokine and
    > chemokine profile,
    > which suggests a TH17 shift in subgroups of our cohort. We conclude that
    > cytokine
    > and chemokine patterns in subgroups of ME/CFS can be used
    > diagnostically, as
    > serum biomarkers to stratify patients for appropriate anti-inflammatory,
    > antimicrobial
    > and antiviral therapeutics.

    > doi:10.1016/j.cyto.2008.07.077
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    Do you remember where you read this? I thought it would have been the opposite since EBV is linked to some cancers.