Who am I??

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    I am God's child John 1:12

    I am Christ's friend John 15:15

    I have been justified Rom. 5:1

    I am a Saint Eph. 1:1

    I have direct access to God through the Holy Spirit Eph. 2:18

    I have been redeemed and forgiven of all my sins. Col.1:14

    I am complete in Christ!! Col. 2:10
    Satan's Lie; You are a sinner because you sometime's sin.

    GOD'S TRUTH; You are a SAINT, one declared righteous by God, who sometimes sins.

    Satan's Lie; You get your idenity from what you have done.

    GOD'S TRUTH; You get your idenity from what God has done for you.

    Satan's Lie; You get your idenity from what people say about you.

    GOD'S TRUTH; You get your idenity from what God says about you.

    Satan's Lie; Your behavior tells you what to believe about yourself.

    GOD'S TRUTH; Your BELIEF about yourself determines your behavior.

    Please refer back to the top; Who am I??--Will you choose what God's word says about yourself to believe, or the enemy's lies?

    Be encouraged, read God's word!


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    Thanks Misty, that was very encouraging. The word of God is awsome. JC
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    I really liked that.
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    Thanks Misty

    That is Beautiful

    God Bless you

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    I have something I am going to send to you that will compliment your post.
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    reminder of whose we are and who we need to put our faith and trust in. Thanks for sharing. This is really good.