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  1. street129

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    this consent form that they want me to sign,needs to be explain to me....anyone....thanks

    this is what the consent is saying...word for word

    thyroid pharmacutical [synthroid and cytomel] are FDA approved for use in human.

    bio-identical compound thyroid preparations that may be prescribed for you are highly regulated by the phamacy compound law, which is part of the FDA moderation act of 1997. the use of these therapies as it relates to your diagnosis is considered an integative treatment.

    CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT THIS STATEMENT MEANS...i will not buy this if i dont understand......thanks for any explaination anyone can share.

    the dr, wants me to start taking bio-identical T3, ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THIS, OR KNOW ANYONE THAT IS USING THIS also call L-triiodothyronnie.
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    The consent form itself is not a reason to worry....I explained more about it and bio-identical hormones (and the thyroid) in your other post about consent
  3. street129

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    your dr.feels that this way is not save? or is it just the cost we are talking about here, i need to know and understand from anyone on this board, before i pay for this stuff,im not concern about the money, more than im concern about it being save, or harmful.

    has anyone else has an input on this product. To me they are very pricey, but if its going to get me back on track, im not thinking about the money. a visit to see him from here on in, until im really to stop, is three hundred dollars,thats a lot of money,but i see him when i choose,i was suppose to see him this june, but i cannot make it have alot of appointments in my town,im in new york, he's in connitticut, and i have to see three drs before i can see him again or start any medication that he may have subscribe, i might see him early july, maybe.

    i have develope ulcers, and im losing weight, and my energy level is real low.
    when you say susan somers are an avocate of bio's,does that mean, she's against it.[This Message was Edited on 05/23/2009]
  4. street129

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    it should read 60, or less, my vit d says 66,

    thanks for your imput. i guess i will not go this route if its not save,ill asked him for a simplier route.
  5. AuntTammie

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    Actually the 60 cut off was an old measurement for Vitamin d that some docs still use....most docs are realizing now, though, that the old standards were way too low and many, many people are deficient....the new range for healthy vit d levels is much higher and as such, you are not even close to being too high...actually you could probably stand to go a little higher, but you are at an ok level
  6. AuntTammie

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    either try posting another thread with that (or Armour or thyroid treatments) as the title....or try doing a search on these....you will likely get more responses to mentioning Armour, though....there are several on here who take it (it is the most well known and frequently used brand of bio-identical thyroid hormone).....if it is not the brand that the doc is prescribing for you, it is very similar and the answers you get should give you a better idea of whether you want to try it or not.....I will say, though, that it is considered as safe as (or some people believe, even safer than) the thyroid drugs out there......the word bio- identical basically means that it is chemically exactly the same as what our bodies make....the word synthetic (as in what drugs are) basically means fake or manufactured (which does not necessarily mean that it is bad, but it does mean that it is not exactly the same)
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    Please call you physician's office and have them to explain this more in depth. I am sure they will be glad to help you.

    Best of luck,

  8. debilyn

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    ... I take bio-identical T3. It works well for me. The dose can be fine-tuned to meet one's specific T3 needs. It works better for me than any of the other thyroid therapies.