who "dislikes" this colder weather

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by crazydaisy0578, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. crazydaisy0578

    crazydaisy0578 New Member

    I am from NJ and the colder weather is killing me. My fatigue was so bad earlier this week that I fell asleep at my desk at work, and the pain is so bad that my doc suggested I take two advil along with my Ultram to try and get it under control. Don't get me wrong, I hate hot weather, but the cold is rough on the muscles...who else feels this way?
  2. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    The cold weather usually makes me worse, too. My hands and
    feet and legs are so cold they ache. I take Cymbalta now and it is helping with the pain, and the cold weather hasn't bothered me so much. Here in OR, it hasn't been that cold for days on end, we've had some really warm days mixed in which has been nice.
  3. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    It is not as cold here as in New Jersey, but it is cold and it is wet. We have a lot of rain each year, and I hate the gray, dark, wet days. Just kills my body. Aches.

    I,also, hate hot weather, hot, muggy especially. But, my joints and muscles don't hurt as much.

    So, give me summer. I'm with you.

  4. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    Raising my hand wilday over here.... I hate the cold.

    I live in Rhode Island and not that far from the ocean, so I get the cold and damp weather. I'm not likeing it already.

  5. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    heat lovers. It's still in the high 80's here during the day and what we think of as chilly morning and evening. I HATE hot or even "warm" days and after having nights of 100+
    for so many months like we've had in the Phoenix area, it only gets better for me until March or so when it starts heating up again. Funny how we all relate to different weather, but I think more dislike the cold than the heat. I think my mother convinced my dad to move here 50+ years ago to
    torture us both. He hated it too. LOL! Grab your blankies ladies and cuddle up!
  6. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    I live in Vermont and it is already cold here. We had a foot of snow last week! It was quite a surprise. I hate, really hate, cold weather. My basal temp. is low to beging with, so I have to dress in many layers just to be warm.

    However, I'll take the snow over hurricanes any day.
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And the colder weather there caused breathing pain and pain in my hip and leg. I'm in a bit of a flare and am recouperating. I'm considering moving to GA from FL but am having second thoughts. I'll be going back at Thanksgiving and will re-evaluate the situation then.

    What a choice: Hurricanes versus cold weather--Yikes!

    Love, Mikie
  8. jole

    jole Member

    I too hate cold weather, and the looks and stares I get from it. The constant pain and feeling like I'm 90 is soo miserable. It's a struggle to work, to say the least, and I wish I didn't have to. No one else can understand the pain and frustration the weather can cause me. My muscles are in constant knots.

    I love 80-90 degree weather, and vote for it year-round!! I even think clearer then.

    Friends -
  9. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I now live in Maine, of all places to have these DD's...But my sis lives in Arizona and suffers from these DD's too...

    I turn into a big ole BEAR in October and I hibernate til first week in May...My hubby put a wood stove in for me last year and that helped quite a bit BUT being a hermit I need it...

    I had a tough time this summer too, the hot, humid days did a number on me too...

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, think back for a moment, back to the good ole days...When we didn't have these DD's...

    I would race down the snow covered hill on a refrigerator box with my brother and not care if my oversized boots flew off along with my mittens and hat my mother made me wear...

    I would lie on the beach for hours getting crispy and run into the bay every 20 minutes to cool off...

    We would rake all the leaves into piles and run full speed and flop into them...

    Couldn't wait for a good ole NY rainstorm to run thru and then dry up in the warm sunshine that always followed...

    Where Have All The Good Times Gone!?

    Now I watch the Weather Channel to see if I will be able to at least get some fresh air and nuke my hot packs that I need all day long and look at all the supplements I think I need...UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!As Charlie Brown would scream!!!

    So Yes, I agree, the cold is a big, fat sucko!!!

    Nite all~Alicia
  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I absolutely HATE hot weather (summer). I'm not saying that I am a real big fan of cold weather, but where I live (northeastern Kentucky) it's not even cold yet!

    We have been having nights of 35-45 degrees and days of 60-65 degrees. The daytime weather has been just perfect!! This is really my type of weather!! I love it!

    Spring is really my favorite, then Fall, then Winter, and lastly Summer as far as the seasons and their weather temperatures go.

    I really don't mind the cold weather as long as it doesn't snow or ice up! Don't like that! I can breathe better out in the cold (no humidity!) but then it does make my bones hurt--I have to trade one thing for another.

    Boy, I know I am outnumbered on this one!!!!! LOL

  11. lmmillion

    lmmillion New Member

    She was just kidding, but she says she cannot understand why on earth I enjoy cold weather. I've always been that way, but even more so since my fibro began. Moodwise, something about a cold, dreary day does something to lift my spirits. I know that probably seems strange to most people. I can't stand anything about summer. I tend to get overheated really easily. I sweat profusely since being on Effexor. I guess that when it's overcast and cold, I feel happier because I don't have to feel as hot and tired all the time. I also sleep better in the colder weather.
  12. buddylee

    buddylee New Member

    I wasn't always like this .... maybe it's I'm so fat now.
    I've alway dont better in the cold..... Cold as it gets here in CA.
    My mussles in my fore arms hurt soo much in the summer ,
    I seem to be able to do soo much more in the rain? I cant understand way. lots of times I'll go out side and sweep the gutter in the rain. Other must see me and think I'm crazed becuze I'm rarly outside doing anything

    yet by next month I'll be on here cring about how Cold my feet and hands are.