WHO DO i follow?? Need GOod advice PM

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    Who do I follow: DR. Cheney had me do the Genovations new test thru G. Smokies
    Or Dr. Female phs homepathic working with via e mail to tune of 225 for hair anyslsis and 3l0 for homepathics which is modest to 8.50 per minute for cheneys p. consults or faxed or written responses but either way I’m stay broke on disablity income

    G. Smokies showed Chronic Inflaamatin IL IRN (Dr. C’s recommended omegas, milk thistle l l50 BID licorice root extract Niatab (niacin time release) turmeric

    TH 2 cytokine (allegy asthma and atopy or inflammation) allegy elimnation air filration, rotation diet (contiue) on, seacure, precursor to glutathiane (probably cause I can’t stay up long enough to regular take whey protein on empty somtach) quercetin and transfer factor

    Many days I couldn’t stay up long enough to take all these pills and other supps he had me on per a super panel test thru vit.diagnosis ie histmaine, niacine neurotransmitters

    Frankly I didn’t feel like my body was breaking down all these supps. Although I take pharmeceutical grade supps. But

    Dr. Female phd homepathc said my melted hair anaylsis showed all were bad to my body except.
    Konopine, dig. Enzymes, tran. Factor, liquid organic b complex, quercetin

    I asked her how accurate her testing : she said l00% she inherited CIA equip. they use to test poisons etc. she inherited from her dad who was killed in line of duty,

    She does something called hair blood typing?? Perhaps along hte lines of d’adamo (eat right blood type)

    so I nixed all suppls (no meds can’t do w/o low dose meds) cept the ones I mentioen dabove,

    been on her program 3 wks. No change, she said in beginning “you will be surprised how much better you will feel” of course I admit I fight the binging and to be fair to myself ( I beat myself up enough) Cheney and her both said you binge cause you are so debilitated you can’t stay up and eat enough so suffering nutritionally,

    She has been sick herself has porporyia? And claims she had cfs she seems sincere but I have no way of knowing I’m in KY she’s in S.C. and most of corresondence is over e mails her husband is disabled and it’s up to me to call her (course Dr. C is 8.50 per minute) she doesn’t charge for p. calls and works out of her home ,

    Her e mail about the homeopathics I asked her if they addressed the th1/th2 problems:

    Hi Paul,
    1. If you look back in your e-mails, I did tell you what they were for.
    The Chamomile is to eliminate the aluminum poisoning.
    The Arsenicum is to eliminate the build of up Arsenic in your system.
    Also to calm your Pancreas and is a specific for CFS.
    The Ip and Ant T are for the Parasites which caused the leaky gut syndrome.
    The HGH is for you by request.
    The Phos ac was for exhaustion. I even wrote on each packet what they were for.
    The C was for Vitamin C deficiency which was the cause of ALL of your symptoms.
    I addressed everything you asked me to.
    Please give the stuff a chance.
    If you do not want to follow my protocol, follow your own. I am not holding you prisoner. I am just telling you how to get better with MY protocol.
    The other people's protocols DID NOT WORK, which is why you came to me in the first place.
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    I have CFS also and its going on three years and I really wish you could get to feeling better.somehow with out all the meds. When I was going thru the first year it was a big rollercoaster and nothing seemed to help.Every day was a new symptom and crisis. I think are bodies arent able to handle anything when we are in bad shape from the CFS. Most of the supplements made my IBS worse and I just kept losing tons of weight. I couldnt digest anything or absorb the supplements.My stomach had to get better first.The only thing that I take now is a chewable childrens multi-vitamin since my stomach can handle that in the morning. I used to get the b-12 injections and they worked a little. Slowly my stomach got better with bland foods and no dairy products. We are all so different though that what works for one doesnt work for someone else. I wish I could help you with what doctors protocol to follow- I mainly just wanted to let you know that their are others out here who can sympathise with you- we have been there. Hang in there and I will say a prayer for you. -Gardengrow
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    you paul..If it were me..I would take the Dr. Female route. One thing I do know..you have got to get a plan and stick to it.

    There is no easy way outta this..or I sure have not found it. But you literally are what you put in your body. I know it is hard for you to make meals..but maybe..you could go on like the Female docs regimen..once you have it..you follow it..right? I mean you do not have to consult daily and pay do ya? You could actually take some of the money that you are spending on the docs and hire someone to make you at LEAST two good..nutritious meals. If you do not feed your body what it needs..it is not going to heal..in my opinion.

    You take charge of your life and your health and pick a plan of treating yourself and then you STICK TO IT. It takes a long time to turn this around, but everyday that you put it off is another day farther from feeling better. And when you start a program..you gotta be willing to see it through..for at least six months to a year to give it time to work.

    And..I have found that many times I may feel worse when trying something..before I feel better.

    Please find a way to help yourself..if I were closer I would offer to help out with your meals. You have to eat right Paul..

    Sorry if I sound like your Mother!! <G> But after reading your posts..I just felt like you were telling us that you are in despair and indecisive..I want you to pick a plan, whether it is right or wrong and commit to it and get that body of yours on the road to better health. I know what I am saying is asking alot because I know how sick you must be feeling..

    Please keep us updated and hey..eat one good meal for me today...okay?
    with love and concern..Sherry
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