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    I have depression that is severe enough, I've been recommended to be hospitalized. My shrink suggested it, my psychiatrist suggested we give the Cymbalta a chance to work.

    My problem is one that so many of us have. I have no one to talk to about anything, face to face or by phone... This board has been a life saver in discussing what is the issue at the moment. But I just want someone that will sit and listen to my voice. That will grunt now and then and make a comment at the appropriate moment, just to make sure they are still awake.

    I feel like I live in an invisible cloak. No one hears or sees me.

    How has life gotten to this point for so many of us? I just wish there was a toll free number to call and talk till your throat is sore. Not a hot line or a help line or date line. Just a line where like people can listen, grunt and nod to each other.

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    I know how you are feeling as well. So much so that I don't even know why I am writing on your post because I know it really doesnt mean anything. I battle with it all the time. Some years are good and others bad. It's scary really because you never know when it is going to come back and there is no real reason for it. I don't even like talking about it though. I'd rather be alone and just go through the motions of life till you won't have to anymore.
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    If you call the local mental health office, you can ask them about local depression groups that meet. They are good places to get together, to meet other people, and talk about what's been happening in your life since the last meeting. Plus they do pass out resources to use and have speakers from time to time that are very helpful. So give it a try and you may find some friends and people in situations very much like yours. Take care and hugs.
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    I will call the county health department and see if they know of any depression groups. I know I need individual counseling but I really really need to just speak, hear, voice my pain and thoughts also.

    I know with depression, we are prone to isolate ourselves but I think I have gone to far with isolation and now feel the effects of it.

    I just wish I had a (flesh) friend to call or just say lets go get a soda and not have to speak a word, just to know they are in my physical presence. Does that make sense?

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    Just as an FYI, I joined the local Depression Group and it turned out to be a very good move. I have made some wonderful new friends, we all seem to understand how depression impacts us (and many people without depression don't understand that), and I have gotten some good information. Some people become hospitalized and they make sure they pass that word to one of us because we all care about each other. When they return to the group after hospitalization, they are usually doing better and most important, THEY HAVE A PLACE TO GO WHERE THEY ARE ACCEPTED AND REALLY WELCOMED BY ALL. So good luck and I hope you find a local group.