Who else feels this way?

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    Yesterday I almost ended it. I can't handle life any more. I do Everything they tell me. See a Phyciatrist, therapist, take meds, excersize, drink lots of water, go to church and pray alot. I've lost my will to live. I have lived like this for years but this last one has been the worse. I don't know what to do. No One or thing can help me. How much more can I take, I dont know. I want to end it now. I am a God believivg person but can't figure why He is letting this happen and for so long. I beg with Him everyday for some releif but my prayers go unanswered. I have people all around the world praying for me but that bottle of pain pills whispers "take me". Is there anyone who can say they have been there and how they got out? I don't feel I have much time. Someone please help me.
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    Call the crisis hotline and talk to people there when you feel the urge. Then get into a local Depression group. Seeing people in a group face to face and discussing your problems can make a difference. Also there are speakers who discuss many ways to help.

    For more than a few, depression is a life long ailment and requires constant medication (and sometimes trying various meds until you find the one that works the best), then therapy to help you make adjustments to your thinking and the way you react to depression and to incidents and stressors in your life. So for some it is not a short-term ailment and requires medical help for a long time. If you go off the medication, the ailment becomes worse again.

    Take care.
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    LISTEN TO ME- I Have been wondering the same thing ONLY difference is i would never ever ever act upon it and neither should you -its not GOD's plan for you or i to take our own life before HE decides! BUT believe me when i tell you that i can totally understand what it feels like when you think you can't bear one more day or minute or hour feeling mentally or physically like we do -- it sucks so bad and you just want to feel like yourself again and be happy for once and stop feeling like crap. i'm 34 and been sick for yrs now too and i have also had the WORST year or so instead of getting better like you said i feel like i'm trying to do the best i can to get better(including wkly i.v. treaments-and i'm needle-phobic)and it's been 3mths now of going to fibro and fatigue center and still NO better.i understand your frustrastion with life, GOD, and this illness because i am too--but for some unknown reason these are the cards we are delt and we have to support each other and when i feel like you (like just yesterday!)i come on this website and meet someone like you that gives me a PURPOSE to be strong for. we need each other- because only WE know what it feels like to go through this horrific ordeal -please get back to me and let me know you're O.k. from - someone who understands and cares
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    the people who love you and need you. I highly suggest telling your therapist. Are you taking Lyrica? The only time I got to this point was when I was taking Lyrica as prescribed. I felt like I was losing my mind.

    If you are on an antidepressant, it may need adjusting or changing. We are here for you!! Please don't do something that you can't change.
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    I do. Why am I alive I ask God.55 yrs old. 11 operations including 5 tumors. Shot-blown out left shoulder."you'll only have 20% use of that arm." That was in 91. Took 3 years for me to be able to use that arm 80%. Crushed a disc in my back-82.Hit by a car 3 TIMES. Damaged hip. Hep C for 34 years."you should be dead."Dr's. I'm in constant pain but my Dr won't give me pain meds b/c of the Hep C, liver issues.NUTS, I need relief especially with the cold weather coming. So you hang in there like I do. I haven't been able to work in 2.5 yrs. I also suffer from cronic D,Dysthimia. I've lost 3 families too btw.You can do it if I can believe me.
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    I been in so much pain and my life style and habbits has changed my house is not always clean , sometime I can't even help my 10y/o with her homework have the time, I don't visit the neighbors or my friends and family because I have to conserve my energy for my 8hr. shift at work I sometimes look at my life and get depressed . and the pain gets worst but I pretend that I'm ok and when my co-workers greet me and ask how are you today I put on my fake smile and say oh I'm fine and you but in the inside I'm screaming I don't want to be here and I don't want to live life as a lie . But then I realized that Jesus suffered and endored pain on the cross. So I don't ask God WHY and I just pray.
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    I understand. I have suffered with CFS/FM for 30 years. I was 29 when I became ill. I never got my career going, didn't get to raise my sons after my divorce and I have had to depend on another human being for most of my life. There were years when I felt like you. I didn't even have the comfort of knowing what was wrong with me until about 12 years ago. Then everything changed. I realized that everything I was doing was making me sicker and sicker. Excercise, dwelling on my condition, trying to fix myself with psychiatry, feeling guilty about what I couldn't do, worrying, questioning God, and generally creating more stress in my life. So, I did the only thing I could do and that was to surrender. There is no cure, period. I gave up the fight and began to do nice things for myself - like taking it easy - and doing only whatever made me feel good. I found a good doctor and began taking an anti-depressant. I learned Tai Chi and left the excercising to those better able to handle it. And, yes I prayed alot too. You may think that your life has fallen apart, but it is really coming together. Acceptance is the answer. Accept that you have this illness, give your difficulties to God and starting living again! God Bless.
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    I know what you mean, but please don't let this thing win. Do you have a support group, like family around you? I will listen, please let me know if you would like to talk to me.