Who feels they are at least 33% better due to better Diet??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AJME, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. AJME

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    Dear All,

    I've read several articles and books (including JellyBelly recently post article) on Fibromyalgia and it seems like the commmon thread to getting better is a good diet. I have changed my diet and I think I am 33% better just due to the diet. Sometimes greater then 50%.

    I think the Hypoglycimic diet put forth by Dr. Amand in his book is excellant. The carbohydrate sensitive theory also make sense to me.

    Who feels they are at least 33% better due to changed diet alone?

  2. ohmyaching

    ohmyaching New Member

    with the holidays I've succumbed to all the goodies being offered. It doesn't seem to be causing me too much problems. Oh well, I probably will get back to a better diet when it comes time for the New Years resolutions.
  3. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I can't break it down to a percentage yet, but I know that dramatically increasing the amount of water I drink, staying away from sugar as much as possible, and now, staying away from foods I've found out recently that I am allergic to, seems to be making me feel better...

  4. Mikie

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    I believe that if ones does not eat a good diet, it is impossible to heal. The same holds true for exercise at whatever level one is capable of, even if it's just flexing and stretching.

    There is no "one magic bullet" for our illnesses. It takes an integrated approach to heal and diet is one of the cornerstones of such an approach.

    Love, Mikie
  5. robin

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    Hi....found this and wondered could I be carbohydrate
    sensitive? Also diabetic (new) so I have to work
    on eating diabetic meals and snacks...a lot more work
    than "just eating"! Aren't bread and potatoes which
    I like carbohydrates? I gotta find a list of foods that
    are. I get confused then forget. I'm working also on
    losing weight and the holiday with all its regular goodies
    for normal healthy people is going to be hard....again.

    Keep forgetting to check for food allergies....my memory
    is not good!
    I'm 61 now ladies...
  6. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    and that means low carbs and practically no sugar at all for me under "normal" circumstances, however, this time of year I have given in to the sweet stuff. I also eat low sodium/salt because I have problems with salt, and like Sunny, I have to be really careful about additives. I eat NO processed lunch meats or canned meats and no canned vegies at all, only fresh or fresh frozen. When I am diligent about my diet I do feel better, but I don't know if I would rate it at 33%.

  7. dolsgirl

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    works for me. I do feel better when I eat more protein. dolsgirl
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Go to the bookstore and look at the "Nutritional Guide For Syndrome X" and also read the forward in one of Suzanne Somers' diet books. Yes, bread and potatoes, along with white rice are carbs. So are cereals. I don't eat any of these things. I also avoid starchy veggies. Obviously sugar, in any of its forms, including fruit juice, is off limits.

    Love, Mikie