who from denver is interested in the atlas profilax?

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  1. sunny_dayo

    sunny_dayo New Member

    A practioner of the atlas profilax procedure could be coming to Denver if we get enough people to have the procedure done (20) I have read some positive things about this on this board and want to have the procedure done.

    It costs 250.00 and am looking for others that want to try it as well.

    google atlas profilax and you can find videos describing what it is all about.
  2. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Sunny,

    I hosted an Atlas Profilax (AP) day here in Ashland, OR this past Monday. Thought I'd mention that as soon as I started sharing AP information and testimonials with friends, many of them intuitively (and quickly) decided to do this.

    Michael Hane's visit was not contingent on whether a certain number showed up, so it wasn't as if I had to push people to consider this. Everybody seemed to sincerely appreciate me sharing the available opportunity.

    Though some couldn't do it because of finances, we did have ten people show up on Monday. Everybody who had it done has been very pleased with the results.

    A friend of mine, an 85 year-old woman with a history of serious heart problems, couldn't believe what a big breath of air she was able to take immediately afterward. She has since felt a much greater circulation in her heart area along with a greater sense of alignment. She's also experiencing times of extra energy.

    I myself plan to write a fairly lengthy description of some of the benefits I've experienced. At this point, I'll just say that it feels like every muscle in my body is much more relaxed and far less painful.

    I wish you success in getting a group of people together that may want to have this done. It may be easier than you might imagine if people have more information to go on.

    Good luck.

    Regards, Wayne

    P.S. Was wondering which practitioner would be coming to Denver?
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  3. cct

    cct Member

    Hi Sunny,

    I am in Denver and I am very interested in receiving the Atlas Profilax treatment.

    You may want to try approaching the Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association (RMCFA.org) at one of their monthly meetings to see if you can find anyone else who is interested.

    Also, I was thinking that perhaps there are some chiropracters in the area who may be interested in the technique.

  4. sunny_dayo

    sunny_dayo New Member

    thanks wayne

    Troy lee Roper in Utah is willing to come to Colorado. But wanted at least 20 people maybe I should contact Michael Haene instead and see if he would be interested, I probably already have 10.

    I have read some good things about this and have so many issues with my neck and just want some relief so I thought I would give this a try.

    Thanks for your interest cct I will let you know, do you belong to that group? Let me know..... that isn't a bad idea. I would be willing to go but I think I know as much as everyone else that hasn't had it done, but am willimng to try.

    Thank You
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  5. sunny_dayo

    sunny_dayo New Member

    I have asked if this issue with the atlas could be detected on a MRI or x-ray? But haven't got a reply your thoughts?
  6. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Sunny,

    An AtlasProfilax practitioner seems to only have to check your neck area with his hands to determine whether the atlas is out of place or not.

    I would suspect that in the world of MRIs and X-Rays, they probably wouldn't have a clue as to whether the atlas was misaligned or not, even if it did show up on a scan.

    I am still trying to determine how to describe this technique and try to put it in perspective for readers here. One of my problems is that I don't fully understand the anatomy myself. I can only go on what I perceived to be the diagnostic criteria he used and what he said.

    In my case, the atlas on the right sight was tipped up, so the left side was tipped down. These areas correspond to the areas right behind the lower ear where the atlas extends out to. So, in my case, and I believe in all cases, the atlas is adjusted by putting pressure on these areas behind the ear, far away from the actual neck vertebrae and spinal cord.

    A good friend of mine who has had a serious corotid artery problem, and was told emphatically to never have her neck adjusted, decided to come over and observe the procedure being done so she could determine whether she should consider it or not. Upon seeing how simple and safe it was, (no manipulating or cracking, etc.), she was very comfortable in deciding to have it done. She's been very pleased with the results.

    I have gone to chiropractors for decades, receiving much benefit from some and much trauma from others. I now view their approach and many to most of their techniques as being outdated, and will remain so until they adopt the AtlasProfilax technique. I feel only when they incorporate it as the starting point in their overall treatment plan will they be able to give patients the care they need and deserve.

    I am sort of just waking up from a 3-hr nap this afternoon. I'm normally not a good sleeper or good napper, and feel this nap is at least indirectly related to the greater sense of relaxation I've been feeling in my body.

    I'll try to collect my thoughts and post a more comprehensive overview soon.

    Regards, Wayne
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  7. exgolfer

    exgolfer New Member

    Hi Wayne, I am so excited for you that you had the atlas profilax procedure. I would love to talk to you and hear about your progress, I guess we are not allowed to give out our phone numbers or email? Right now I have a bad cold which my husband gave me but I have made great progress since having the atlas profilax about 9 months ago. Just having this cold & not feeling well reminds me of how much improvement I have made, sometimes you forget how bad it was. I have been cutting back on my Zoloft, now at 75 mg. I don't seem to need an antidepressant for depression or anxiety so hopefully and slowly will be able to get off of it. I have massages every other week and she says I still have some tightness on the right side but definetly loosening up. My pain is gone! I feel alive again, can't wait to get up each morning. Please let us all know how you are doing. It was slow for me but the healing was happening every day. I wish you well.

  8. cct

    cct Member

    Hi Sunny,

    1. RMCFA

    I do belong to the RMCFA. However, I have not been attending most of the meetings this summer. I just want to enjoy the summer as much as I can before it is winter again!

    I did attend the RMCFA summer picnic a couple of weeks ago. It was a good day for an outdoor pot-luck get-together.
    We all enjoyed a very nice summer afternoon.

    If you wanted to attend a RMCFA meeting, I could introduce you to a few folks and we could provide some of them with the Atlas Profilax information (website, testimonials, etc.) to see if we could get anyone interested. It might be worth a try.

    2. Atlas Profilax Provider

    Troy Lee Roper in Utah? I did not know that there was anyone in Utah that really knows how to treat misplaced atlas bones. Is this person really trained in Atlas Profilax? From my research on the web, I could only find treatment specialists in California. . . L.A. and Palm Springs.

    Many many chiropractors have "treated" my Atlas bones, only to cause me much pain and injury. After years and years of chiropractic adjustments, my neck is worse than ever! I would not be willing to have another chiropractic adjustment by a chiropractor unless he/she was specifically trained in Atlas Profilax.

    3. X-rays and MRIs

    I have had about a dozen x-rays and MRIs. None of the doctors (primary care or neurologists) have ever found anything abnormal about my neck. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to feel the bone that is protruding on the left side of my neck!

    On the other hand, the chiropractors just take one quick examination down the side of my neck and they declare that I need an atlas adjustment!

  9. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Does anyone know of a atlas profilax practioner in Florida?????

  10. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Lena,

    Thank you kindly for your post and well wishes. I am happy to hear you are not only maintaining the gains you've made, but also continuing to improve. I intuitively feel that this will be the case for the vast majority of us who do this treatment.

    I also suspect that the anxiety you mentioned will usually respond quite favorably to Atlas Profilax adjustments. If you have major nerves in your spinal column being pinched on a continual basis, it's almost hard to imagine not being and feeling anxious!

    I would love to be in touch with you as well. I feel a certain comraderie now with the friends and new acquaitances who came over for the Atlas Profilax day at our house. There's a certain "shift" that I'm becoming more and more aware of that is certainly unique compared to all the many sessions of therapeutic treatment I've received over the years.

    Perhaps I'll look up the rules on exchanging e-mails. I think it may be allowed on the Chat room or something like that. Will post back if I find something out.

    Thanks again for your note.

    Kind regards, Wayne
  11. sunny_dayo

    sunny_dayo New Member

    There is a website that lists all the people trained by Rene' in Switzerland and Troy Roper is listed as one. The current states are CA, UT and GA and OH. There is currently on seven people in the USA trained for this procedure. I have left a message for Michael Haene to see if he might come to Denver as well. We shall see.

    Wayne and exgolfer thanks for all your good information it helps speaking with people that have had it done.

    I look forward to hearing only more good things from the changes that this procedure has made for you guys and more to come I believe.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    If you make arrangements to meet with someone in live chat, you can both go into a private chat room where you can share your info. I strongly recommend using the private chat so that only the two of you can get the info.

    Love, Mikie
  13. cct

    cct Member


    Thanks for the information on the 7 Swiss trained Atlas Profilax practitioners in the USA.

    If Michael cannot come to Denver, and if you cannot round up enough people for Troy to come to Denver, I might consider driving up to Utah.

    I am not sure how I would be able to get to Utah as money is scarce and my car would not make it to Ft. Collins, much less Utah. However, my neck is bothering me so much that I would try to figure something out if I had to!

    In the meantime, I will keep praying that Michael will be able to manage to stop in Denver.


  14. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi cct,

    You sound really determined, and I like your spunk! :)

    Kind regards, Wayne
  15. sunny_dayo

    sunny_dayo New Member

    cct and others in Denver 07/20/07 08:59 AM

    It looks like Michael Hane has a trip already scheduled out here in Colorado for September. I have asked him to firm up the dates and see if he can squeeze us in and let me know since I already have a handful of people that want to have it done.

    cct..... I will keep you posted and hopefully get your personal info so you can participate if you would like to.

    Once it has been firmed up I will post specifcs here.....
  16. chesca

    chesca New Member

    I live in ABQ NM but would stongly consider coming up to Denver, I am very interested, any idea of the dates? Thanks
  17. sunny_dayo

    sunny_dayo New Member

    hey be on the look out for someone coming to Santa Fe Ranan was just there in June and I missed him by maybe a weekend or week. Santa Fe Soul was who hosted it and they don't know when he will be back but add yourself to their mailing list and they will put it in there when he is going to come out and maybe that would work better. They just need to have so many to make the trip worthwhile....... if not..... then you can wait for Denver and once I have the dates from Michael, I will post it here for anyone that would like to have it done... we will know where he will be and anyone can get the opportunity.

    Hang in there September is just around the corner(that's when supposedly Micheal will be here in Boulder/Denver.
  18. chesca

    chesca New Member

    Thanks sunny_dayo, I just e-mailed them. You are right, Santa Fe is a lot closer and much more doable.
  19. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    I am in Iowa. I may be interested. I need to find out what the cost in airflight is is for Denver or Ohio.
    I will get back to you. I have a neice in Ohio I can stay with so I may go to Ohio.
    Thank you for letting me know.
  20. chesca

    chesca New Member

    I've never used boards before and this is all rather amazing (even tho I have used the web) I already got a response from SantaFeSoul and they will put me on their waiting list, they have a program scheduled for Oct., hopefully, I will make the cut,
    Thanks so much!