Who gets muscles lumps with stringey fibrous tissue underneath?

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  1. Misdiagnosed

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    I get very hard muscle lumps particualrly in my shoulders, back of neck and around shoulder joints,
    which when you go deeper are made up of stringey fibrous tissue. The muscles never lie flat or smooth, they are in stringey bands. forearms are developing hardness too and underneath that are gritty taught tendons?

    I don;t know what to do about it - stretching doesn't strtch the fibrous tissue and masseurs just about break their fingers trying to break down the fibrous tissue.
    Any suggestions welcome.

  2. gone2pot

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    I actually have a very visible lump on one shoulder - am I morphing into a camel or what? I've also as long as I can remember had little bumps just under the skin surface all over by body. Hmmmmmmm
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    I have the same thing. You are suffering from Chronic Myofascial Pain!
    There is a great site and I have her book 'The Fibromyalgia Advocate: Getting the Support You Need to Cope with Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome' that explains it all! The author is Devin Starlanyl. Just copy and paste the words into your browser and her site should come up.

    Her other book is: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual
    I haven't read that one, but I'm sure it covers it all!
    Good Luck!BTW ~ MPS was changed to CMP last year because it was found to be an actual disease, not a syndrome!;-)

    Oh, Gil, heat is really good on those rock hard muscles!
  4. bluenoser100

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    Hi I'm really bad lumps and bands. these are throughout neck, shoulders, back, arms, and legs. I am told the bands are CMP Chronic myofacial pain and it's just another sister disease to FMS. I can't stand to have anyone touch me at all. taking flexeril not doing anything to help. Soma or carisopal is better but hurt stomach. Flexeril is same family drug as elavil (amytriptline.causes mild weight gain. I hope this helps you are not alone.
    Ps. come to fms chat here on this site we have a great chat family

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  5. Misdiagnosed

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    It's good to know I'm not alone on this. My masseur suggested the next step he would advise would be to see a neurologist - he said he has another patient who's whole back spasms due to nerve damage in a low back joint.

    My doctor is receptive to this so I'll follow it up.

    Thanks again for all your support

  6. adageek

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    I get very hard lumpy muscles in my shoulders. Plus when I stand it feels like every muscle from my neck down to my knees is too short for my height and there is an all-over elastic force trying to pull me downward into the floor. My knees feel encased in tight shrink-wrap and my hips feel strapped by some kind of tight girdle attached to a stiff back brace embedded in my lower back which in turn is connected to fantom tight suspenders over my shoulders. All of this is the not especially painfull aftermath of an extremely painful episode of crushing spasms four years ago which lasted about 4 months. I have not been diagnosed with fibro (or anything). The doctor at the time said it cant be fibro because fibro does not improve - is this the typical hopeless and cant do anything attitude? Anyhow I had an acute attack of "something" that ran its course and left me with allover "shrunken" muscles.
  7. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi adageek

    Your description sou nds very similar to what happened to me. I started off with a tight patch of muscle in my right upper abdomen, near my ribs, which developed into severe constipation/bloating. That then froze my right shoulder and neck - felt immense presure going into the base of my skull and my shoulder muscles felt like they just shut down - lost range of movement. It was 6 months before the constipation was resolved - finally a wholistic doctor put me on an anti-candida diet.
    However, during those 6 months my whole hip had a really bad spasm too- that's when things got really difficult.

    The right side opf my body felt like there was, as you say, a tight elastic band pulling on all the muscles in the right side of my torso - this has now gone on to involve my right leg, and now I have stringey bands all over my body, hand legs, feet etc. and have developed fluid retention in my calves and ankles. My right knee feels like you describe - shrink-wrapped and tight. It's definitely worse on the right side but it is now all over.
    No-one knows what it is, but it's driving me mad. Stretching doesn't work, remedial massage is helping a bit but I feel like I'm making so little progess.

    I suspect some viral component but am having trouble getting my doctor to test for this, cos I've had so many negative test results, except for hormone levels and melatonin being abnormal.

    How long have you been like this and have you noticed it getting worse.

    Let me know if you find a solution.

  8. starstella

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    in reading up about myofacial release. try typing in john barnes on your google (or whatever) search engine. he is a physical therapist who works with a technique to release the myofacial tissue around muscles. the myofacia can become "frozen" from trauma or pain and can play havoc with muscles throughout the body, and certain non-painful muscle movements by the therpist can unfreeze the tightened myofacia. i've had quite a few myofacial release therapy treatments. one time, a long standing problem with my left shoulder was helped quite a bit when the therapist did some releases on the right side of my back near my waist. the myofacial release treatments are not a cure, but can give some relief from pain from restricted muscle tissue and can give you better movement in some muscles.
  9. Misdiagnosed

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    I'll go check it out -

  10. adageek

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    Hi misdiagnosed:
    I have been relatively stable for the last 4 years, just "shrink-wrappped" muscles all over, it is getting slightly worse in my knees. I would not call it truly painful but just a constant oppressive presence.

    I believe it started with a whiplash from a fall in late 1997. At first I had a little shoulder and hip stiffness. within about 2 months the center of my back started to spasm really bad starting with a particular spot under my left shoulder blade. By early 1998 I was is dire condition with the entire trunk of my body enveloped in spasms. I could not lie flat in bed because that would cause stomach cramps that felt like they would cut my body in half. I had to curl up on my side and if I could sleep at all, hope that I would not shift position to one that would wake me up in crushing pain. Anything touching my upper back felt like a bed of nails. I had off and on low grade fever. Could not stand any tight clothing. Developed double vision when looking to the left side - the eye doctor said one of my eye muscle had gone biserk. When I took a breath or coughed my rib cage was like made of steel with no "give".
    The right side of my abdomen and back of my right shoulder was numb to the touch. The skin on most of my back felt sunburned and hypersensitive.
    I ended up loosing my contract software job at the time because I could not get through the day sitting in a computer chair - they are not made for those of us who must lean back with our knees elevated and the so-call ergonomic designs are a crime against the ergonomically impaired like me. Dont design the position to fit the task- design the task to fit the position!!

    By about June of 1998 I was on the road to improvement. I cannot say that I "did anything" to cause the improvement. I did take a warm-water exercise class designed for arthritis and would highly recommend this to anybody who has trouble doing regular exercise.

    It seems as if this ailment had two parts to it - there was this feverish flu-like hypersensitive part like most fibromyaglia victims describe. For me this part was temporary, at least so far, and I dont know why it is temporary for me and long term for others. When the feverish part subsided the extreme pain did also. Then there is the muscular part. The improvement in that respect might be described as going from being crushed by steel cables to being merely shrink-wrapped.

    At this point it would be futile to think of testing for the original cause of this be it a virus ar a freakish combination of and injury and infection since the original cause had long since gone. A bent piece of metal has no memory of what bent it, it just needs to be unbent.
  11. kadywill

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    I have MPS, as well, and I never knew what it was that was causing my lumpy, bumpy muscles until I went to Physical Therapy this year and I had these myofascial areas "released." First, these VERY tender areas were massaged and reduced by the PT...this was EXCRUCIATING! Then, I started another PT treatment for this that was not painful and was very effective! I was in the PT pool and a big old water hose (looked like a fireman's hose) was directed at these areas and this was the equivalent to a deep massage without the pain and I loved it. I can rub these areas now and they are less lumpy/bumpy and much less tender to touch. I had to discontinue the therapy when I started breaking out in severe hives. The doctor thought the chlorinated water wasn't helped THAT problem (hives). I'd LOVE to finish my therapy sometime when the hives go away~~~good luck to you.
    DO read Devin Starlanyl's book~~it is so helpful!!
    Love and empathy!
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  12. Misdiagnosed

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    Thanks for your post.

    Can you be more specific about what discipline your physical therapist was trained in - myofascial release.

    I love the sound of that hose thing - what would that be called.

    i live in Australia and I can't say I've heard of this!!

    Thanks a lot