Who gets snow where you are or....

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Doznclan3, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Doznclan3

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    If you don't get snow, where are you, and how warm is it there..we want to hear of warmth..at least I do.
    We just got our first real snow that stuck..not much, but it is starting. We usually get a lot in the winter. At least we hope we will in the mountains as we are in the desert and need the moisture. It was slushy out there this morning going out to feed the dogs., and to scare off some sparrows!
    Kind of a gloomy day here today with the cloud covering.
    I don't mind the snow if we get some sunny days in there somewhere.
    Oh, and here is something off the wall...my hubby is growing a beard... I like it.
    Love to all, take care! Cynthia
  2. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    We had a peek here and there from the sun between the clouds later today, felt good,and I hurried out to get some things done with the animals..
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    Here you are! Have missed you and was just going to post a shout out to you, to see how you were.

    I'm sitting here listening to a nice gentle steady rain, which is great because we had practically none all summer. When my husband and I drove past the reservoirs north of us here in New Jersey, they were alarmingly low.

    It's in the 50's now - 5:00am. Has been down in the 30's at night, but no snow yet. I LOVE this time of year, especially the quiet. Once the leafers noise starts dwindling, I can breathe a sigh of relief. And I love the long, quiet nights.

    I can think my thoughts peacably, read and study, concentrate on whatever I'm doing. It's so healing for me.

    The Japanese maples are beautiful with their deep, rich red color - still in full leaf.

    I love seeing the shapes of the tree trunks emerge again - their silvery grays against an intensely dark blue sky. Air crystal clear and sharp - so good to breathe.

    So glad to have you back - and love your posts.
  4. Doznclan3

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    Windblade, what a beautiful picture you painted in my mind. Wow, it sounds real pretty in your area during the fall.
    Rain, you painted a picture in my mind too. A hard cold winter...30 mins. to get to your barn??
    I thought I had it bad.
    We were just told, that Utah was going to be hit with the biggest storm in 7 years. It didn't happen, thank goodness. But now..cold.
    It will only be around 12 degrees tomorrow, and down to 2 or below 0 at night. My poor chickens don't like either. I do have a heat lamp for them at this time. I only use it when it gets way down like this. If it's above freezing, they are ok. I also have a lamp in my dog's house, and a blanky. :)