Who has ADD?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Heirloom, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Heirloom

    Heirloom New Member

    I haven't been officially diagnosed, but it runs in my family, and I have many of the symptoms. I think it is becoming worse. I am more restless than usual and have trouble staying focused and applying myself to any task. Does anyone else have these problems? Is anyone on medication for ADD?
  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    My grand children were diagnosed a couple years apart then I asked my Dr and he put me on Adderall and it does help.

    I still have fibrofog at times and other days I'm fine able to carry on a conversation. FINISH a project. I still have several going on now.

    He didn't test me but he has been treating me for 2 years a couple times a year. He also knew it would help my fatigue, which it did- until a month ago.

    I won't go in to all of it just have something more than a normal CFS flare, maybe lyme or other infection. Sometimes I think I could take the whold bottle and still go back to sleep.

    I hope you find your answers, others will be along to share their side, Carla
  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I have ADHD .... hubby and daughter do too.

    I've been medicated for a few years now and it does nothing for my flares. (Just barely coming out of a 2 year flare)

    Helps me immensely with concentration and making life easier though.

  4. Heirloom

    Heirloom New Member

    Thank you all so much for your responses. Everyone has been very helpful. However, I'm sorry that I am just now reading your posts.

    I believe that medication would help me also. My only concern is that I have hypertension, tachycardia, and palpitations, for which I take inderal and tarka. I have wondered if ritalin or adderall would cause an increase in bp or heartrate. Does anyone know?

    ggiggi, thanks for explaining everything so clearly. I'm so glad that the adderall is helpful. What can you tell me about the side effects?

    Again, I appreciate all of your comments.

  5. NanaMama

    NanaMama New Member

    Hi Heirloom,

    I haven't been diagnosed with ADD, but I have fibro and lots of fibro fog - tons of difficulty concentrating, finishing sentences, staying on tasks and fatigue. I thought I was losing my mind the "fog" was getting so bad. My psychiatrist, who I see for depression caused by the chronic fibro and not being able to work, has prescribed a new ADD drug for me called Concerta. It has definitely improved my ability to concentrate, speak complete sentences and stay on task longer. Helps with energy too but I still must pace myself and take frequent breaks because of my fibro pain.

    Good luck, NanaMama
  6. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I have the symptoms of ADD and a couple of years ago a doctor suggested Ritalin might help, and which was a blessing for many years. The extra energy plus no brain fog and other symptoms disappeared and like Gigi, I could not believe the change in my quality of life.

    But...and here is the but... In October I had a mini stroke and was hospitalized for a few days, and the neurologist presumes that may be the Ritalin could be one of the causes. Of course, it was not prescribed anymore, and I have been suffering like crazy ever since. My family doctor realized how much I changed after the stroke without the medication and out of pitty he lets me take 15mg/day which does not improve my situation greatly. Ritalin, Adderal, etc. are stimulants and probably can have an effect on your heart.

    I only wish that I find another med which has the same effect, however, is less dangerous. Anybody has a suggestion?

    Best wishes, Lucky
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  7. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I noticed on my daughters paperwork for Wellbutrin that they're using it for ADHD too now.

    Would that help? She can't take stimulants for her ADHD because of the psych meds she's on but I had never noticed until yesterday that they're using Wellbutrin for this now too.

    Geez, my meds haven't kicked in yet, lol...


  8. lucky

    lucky New Member

    Thank You for your reply. My doctor prescribed Wellbrutin instead of Celexa after my stroke, however, my depression and ADD symptoms were worse on this med. I have been taking Celexa for a couple of years now and seem to tolerate it best of all the other SSRI's I had tried before. However, I believe it is losing its effect also and what to take next or better what will help without terrible side effects is the next question.

    Take care, and I am happy that your daughter benefits taking Wellbrutin. Lucky

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  9. place

    place New Member

    Had ADHD.

    I wish I still had both but I lost the HD and still have the ADD.
  10. JulieO

    JulieO New Member

    I have had the symptoms of ADD for as long as I can remember.

    I've been taking Concerta for about 6 months (maybe longer?), which is a milder/time-released version of some of the other ADD meds. When I first began taking it, I could really tell a difference. I don't find it to be a drastic change, but I do believe it helps. My job requires the ability to be extremely focused & I believe it has helped me. It might be a good place to start if you are diagnosed with ADD.

    Good luck to you!
  11. lucky

    lucky New Member

    How nice of you to respond in such detail and expressing your concern about taking Adderall in the future. Before my stroke I was never diagnosed with any heart problems nor did I have high blood pressure. However, I believe that the heart does also play a role in many CFS patients according to a CFS doctor I have seen. Although I was seen by a very good heart specialist, he could not find anything wrong with my heart. However, some tests showed that there were some slight problems. Now, as I mentioned the neurologist who treated me in the hospital was not sure what caused the stroke. I had all kinds of tests done after in the hospital and everything seemed to be o.k. But the stroke must have been caused by something and the Ritalin plus the estrogen patch might have been the culprits.

    As far as I know the stimulants do increase the blood flow to the brain as well and to eliminate too much stimulation, I guess, the neurologist plus my family doctor as well decided to take me off these meds.

    If you feel comfortable with Adderall, I have to agree with you that if your quality of life has increased so substantially, I would forget what might happen (which probably is never going to happen) in the future. I can very well understand your concern, you just don't want to go back to the way you felt before taking Adderall. Life takes on a different dimension with these meds and one comes to life again, don't I know it.

    I wish that I find a miracle that perks up my life again, because since the stroke I am just not getting on my feet, it is not the stroke so much, but the withdrawal of Ritalin and the estrogen which cause even more depression.

    As everybody else, I have seen so many doctors, the biggest disappointment was a specialist/researcher with a reputable name. He was the worse of any doctors I have ever seen and costs money and a lot of disappointments. Therefore, I guess, I do not easily trust any so called experts on CFS anymore. I will suggest Strattera and Concerta to my family doctor the next time I see him.

    Whatever surgery you are going to have, I hope and wish that it is nothing serious and that you'll get on your feet as soon as possible.

    Thank You for your kind words and good luck, Lucky
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