Who has crimson crescents at the back of your throat?

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  1. CelticLadee

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    I just read jellybelly's article listed here today about chocolate & nuts feeding mycoplasma bacteria. Please check it out. In the article it states: "A near-certain signal (you have mycoplasma infection) is the "crimson crescents" that mark the disease. These red patches appear on either isde of the throat behind the molars in front of the tonsils." Does anyone know how accurate this information is? Can you have "crimson crescents" from any other cause like a virus or something? I'm thinking I may need to get some expensive testing done but I don't want to do it for nothing. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Fibromiester

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    I would like to know too!
  3. ohmyaching

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    I also have the crimson crescents (confirmed by Dr. Kunha who formulated the theory), but tested negative for mycoplasmas.
  4. CelticLadee

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    Thanks for that tip about Dr. Cunha ohmyaching. I did a search and found his article at America's Biggest Cover-Up by Neenjah Ostrom. He doesn't say the crimson crescents are a sign of mycoplama infection but he does say it is a sign that you do have CFIDS. Phew. I hope this is the case. It is bad enough dealing with it without having m.i. added to the mix. I will continue searching because I know that somethings come into clearer view as they do more research. There is still the possibility it is a sign of m.i. as well. I do appreciate those of you that shared your experience and seeing you had negatives to the PCR testing does make me think while it shows you have CFIDS it doesn't necessarily mean you have m.i. too. But then again if you test m.i. negative does that mean you're clear of it or could it mean it just didn't pick it up this test? If anyone has more information to share on this I would be very thankful.
  5. bobolee

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    This is new to me as I have just found this BB a few months ago. Could someone explain about "crimson crescents" and exactly where are they located and describe? I am curious about this, as I have always thought the back of my mouth and my throat looked weird.
    Thanks for any input, or advise as to where to get info.
  6. sb439

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    yes, I've also wondered off and on about this crimson crescent (sounds so romantic somehow), how big is it? how crimson is it, compared to the surround? is it easy to see for yourself in the mirror? Maybe it is a good symptom to distinguish different types of CFIDS, which may help on getting the right medications.
  7. ohmyaching

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    I used to get sick a lot and never really get well. I went through a
    period where my throat became very sore. When I’d go to the
    doctors they’d run tests for strep throat, but everything would
    come back normal. I could see a redness in my throat with my
    flashlight yet when I mentioned a redness to the doctors they said
    they didn’t see it. I guess the doctors look for redness at the back
    of the throat whereas the redness of crimson crescents is just
    behind and above your tonsils. It arches from your tonsils up
    toward the roof of your mouth. I don’t think the sore throat I had
    was related to the crimson
    crescents- who knows?. I think the soreness was due to something
    else, maybe a bug that was going around, but the sore throat was
    responsible for my
    noticing the crescents.
    Dr. Kunha’s artricle about crimson crescents was printed in the
    CFIDS chronicle about that time. The doctors here were no help
    when it came to determining why I was so sick all the time. I’d
    show them a long list of things that were troubling me and they’d
    just make jokes like, “Gee if you’re that sick you should be in the
    hospital.” I began to suspect that I might have chronic fatigue
    syndrome when I saw that CFS had a long list of symptoms
    similar to my own. At that time endometriosis was on the list of
    CFS symtoms. Having had a diagnosis of endometriosis I felt
    certain I was on the right track to a diagnosis for my prolonged
    sickness. It seemed that I had CFS. I was sure that along with the
    long list of similar symptoms the presence of the crimson
    crescents would be the definitive marker I needed to prove that I
    really was ill and not a joke to these doctors.
    I decided to go see Dr. Kunha since he was right here in New
    York. (Is it
    spelled with a C? It’s been a while since I saw him.) Dr. Kunha
    couldn’t say yes I definitely did have CFS because I didn’t quite fit
    the criteria he had established to determine a diagnosis, but I think
    because I had the crimson crescents and had so many similar
    complaints he said he wouldn’t rule it out either. He said he
    couldn’t give me a positive diagnosis, just a great big “MAYBE”.
    So this is where I stand until something else comes along to make
    a diagnosis.

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  8. VickyB

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    I have the crimson crescents but they do not meet. They arch up to the roof of my mouth but do not meet and they are very red. My old doctor told me I just have allergies and that is why my throat was so red. I also have greyish looking stuff looping around my tonsils-what is that caused from??
    Thanks, Vicky
  9. tomf

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    The truth is no one knows for sure. They were discovered 10 years ago and still nothing...No answers for the cause of these

    If it's mycoplasma where are the "cured" stories. Plenty of people go on long term antibiotics for a mycoplasma infection yet no one(CFS not GWS) is getting cured.