***Who has experience w/ atypical Lyme rashes (not bullseye)??***

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jeanne-in-Canada, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I've been getting transient rashes for years back. Usually really subtle, but symetrical to both sides of my body.

    Lately though, I've gotten a few that have really made me wonder if they aren't Lyme. I have many other symtoms that suggest Lyme too, but havent' tested for it yet. They start as dry patches and slowly, sometimes over weeks get a bit of patchy colour. I have fading ones on the inside of my elbow creases (where it's typically moist in the summer). both arms, kind of oblong ragged diamond type shapes.

    The ones really making me wonder, are round ones near my knees. they are the symetrical too, but on slightly different places on each leg. Again, they come on slowly, but lately they are so red they look like burns, but don't hurt at all. Now they are kind of radiating in a raggedy way.

    Does this sound at all familiar to someone w/ Lyme, or someone who's researched it well?

  2. pumpkinpatch

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    I did have a rash when this all started on my right trunk. Was at our cottage at the time. Went to the doctor who couldn't diagnose it. Just gave me some cream.

    I printed out the lymes article that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen. Jim Wilson is very proactive on informing everyone that lymes is very serious in Canada.

    I also noticed they have a Ottawa support group. I wonder if they have a website.

    I am on antibiotics and noticed my pain has increased. Will be talking to the doctor soon.


  3. LollieBoo

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    My GP said that over 50% of Lymes cases don't present with the "bullseye" rash. Fatigue, joint pain, all sorts of odd symptoms can be associated with Lymes. my doc also said that this year in particular, the ticks are bad. When I claimed I didn't need a Lyme titer because I hadn't felt well enough to go hiking in the woods in over two years, he responded that he has seen a number of cases he'd seen this year had been bitten in their yard, on a well- manicured law. I've also heard much about animals carrying in ticks that then attach to humans.
    If I were you, I would get a Lyme titer.
    Good Luck; God Bless!
  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I posted a recent article from our leading paper, The Ottawa Citizen, called "Getting Lyme Out of the Woods". One of the Lyme victims in the article was bitten in a park right in the city. We also have a big overpopulation of deer because we've chased off all their natural predators. We counted 8 along one 10 click stretch of highway and have them munching in our yard all the time.

    My environmental doctor, Jennifer Armstrong, is Lyme literate and keeps brochures to pass out. There's a really good one called, "What Psychiatrists need to Know About Lyme Disease". I have an appt. w/ both her and my GP next week. I just hope the rashes last long enough. My GP will be clueless as usual and look at me like I'm a Martian if I suggest it could be yet another clue to Lyme (my dramatic herx to Questran was another), but Dr. Armstrong will have a good idea.

  5. wiseeagle

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    Hi there,
    I read your post and I'm not sure if you have lyme disease. You need to visit ILADS site they are really informative and have other similar sites. I just had a skin biospy done last week. My symptoms are on my arms, there were red spots, it itched terribly and burning sensation. THe dermatologist really wasn't familiar with lyme, but I brought alot of info. with me and got him to do a biospy spec. looking for spirokytes ( check spelling) the real problem is the accuracy of the lab. I hopefully will get the results today.

    There is also an excellent site in canada called Canadian Lyme Disese Foundation. THey are very informative.

    Hope this info. helps you!

    Light and Love,

  6. nanswajo

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    Wise eagle:

    Could you let us know what you find re the biopsy? I have red itchy bumps that reoccur and have been biopsied, but they show up as urticaria caused by bugs! I wonder if this could be Lyme. Lyme titer for me has showed up negative but I am really suspecting Lyme now. I have been bitten and the ticks were on me a while. Aren't there more specific tests?

    I am angry that my GP did not give me antibiotics. I now have arthritis throughout my body and everything sounds like Lyme to me, but my dx is Fibro.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I live in Southern New Hampshire. Know any good Lyme docs here or North of Boston?

    I'm scared now.

  7. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

  8. jake123

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    I got the pharmacist to look at it, it was on my lower belly. She said it might be a ringworm like from a cat. I hadn't been anywhere near a cat. It didn't act like a ringworm. It didn't respond to any meds you might use on a ringworm.
    It was there for a good while like over two months.
  9. JPach007

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    Ya know, thats funny you should bring up this possibility. I started water aerobics/water pilates on Monday and when I finished, I had this red rash on my chest, down my arms and on the inside of my thighs and the back of my thighs. Samething happened the next 2 days after class. As soon as I got into a hot shower, it went away. It didnt itch or burn, and it wasnt the dry skin type of rash. I have another Dr. appt tomorrow. We'll see what he says. I do work with animals every day as a Vet Tech...Very strange. Keep us posted!

  10. nanswajo

    nanswajo New Member

  11. NLO

    NLO New Member

    Sounds just like urticaria, a sensitivity to cold. It's wierd, but only that. mention that word to your doctor - he/she will know it. My husband's eased up; hope yours does too. Swim anyways!

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