who has osteoarthritis/multilevel degenerative disk disease

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  1. bevington

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    Hi there,

    I'm just curious about osteoarthritis and/or multilevel degenerative disk disease. I FIRED my rhemy because of communication problems...hard to get test results. Anyway, I just picked up these yesterday and have no clue as to what it means.

    I have to find a new rhemy and also learn as much as I can.

    I appreciate any insight you can give me.

    Thanks and Have a Stress-free weekend!
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    I have degenerative arthritis in my lower back n osteoarthritis everywhere else! My rheumy told me not to come back as I am chemical sensitive and can't take pres drugs. So I just live with it n deal with it the best I can. I hope someone else can help u

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    Hi Bevington,
    I have had degenerative disk problems for yeas and in fact it masked the Fibromyalgia.I have disk problems in low back, neck and to a lessor extent mid-back. I was being treated by a neurologist, chiro, and 2 pain docs. I had epidurals which didn't work, trigger point shots that over time never lasted more than a week. The meds I took were basically pain & muscle relax and anti inflam. Finaly the doc sent me to rhumy to look at Fibro and that was positive. Howerver, the meds I took over that period would have been the same as Fribro. Now though I also look at the immune system and add things like magnisium.
    Once I found out about Fibro, I searched web and bought every book I could to learn more. It was a good start. I learned two big things. First that each of us is different and different treatments and physical theraphy are all individual. Second I learned that I need to take an active role in my treatments. Even down to questioning Rhumy or bringing in information on something new.

    I hope this helps, you have a good weekend too.

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    refile for disability, let them know u mean business
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    I have degenerative disease in my back, worse in the lower back until I could weep. Then I have developed osteo. in my wrists and hands that hurt so bad. Lifting anything is so painful. My rheumy, after one visit said not to come back unless it gets worse!! What is that? My only pain med. is Tylenol #3 once in a great while and 2 extra strength before I go to bed. No more meds. the rheumy and my Dr. said! So, there I am!

    This computer does not help my wrist but it does keep my mind occupied and i really enjoy it.i have no good ideas for the pain and I know that shots do not last over a week. Tried it and it didn't work. Gentle hugs.
  7. larayne

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    I am wondering if all these things are linked as LakeErie and myself sound just alike. I could have written the same letter it is so much like me. One rummy told me it is arthritis in the day time and FM at night ???? HELLO I have pain and it all hurts and it is everywhere How can one differenciate. Lara
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    I have degenerative disc disease in my spine (osteoarthritis). The degenerative process is severe in my cervical (neck) area. It was difficult for the doctors to separate the degenerative process from the myofascial pain that I have, but they are two distinct medical problems. The FMS is another distinct problem separate from the other two. My rheumatologist follows me for the FMS and possible other variables.
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    Hi, I have degenerative discs in my lower back and cervical area. I have "narrowed disc space" at T9-10, T10-11, T11-12,T12-L1 (I guess that means they have deteriated enough to be called degenerated yet but are on their way!) I also have artiritis in my cervical and mid back, and facet degenration in my lower back.

    I was dealing with the pain from the above when the "pain monsters" invaded the rest of my body and I was then diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

    I went to a physical medicine specialist and he has helped me. He set me up with physical therapy and prescribed a tens unit that helped with the pain. In physcial therapy I had massage, ultrasound, heat and learned stretching and strengthening exercises. I cannot stress enough how much those stretching exercises have helped with my fibro pain.

    I'm getting ready to start some water therapy soon. I am looking forward to that.
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    I do. You can see all my back problems in my bio.

    I'm going to read all the other replies tomorrow--I'm going to bed now -- it's 2 AM in the morning and I can't conentrate any more.