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  1. babygirl44

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    I have a hearing coming up thought some one might be able to give me advice
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  2. lin21

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    I don't know what state you are in but my judge was a real ass and so was my lawyer for that matter. What I got from the whole ordeal was that they are going through the motions , breaking you down , dragging you through the mud and then probably splitting some of the money (5K) I paid the lawyer. I was so sick and so upset and at everyone's mercy for my life, I should have never hired a lawyer. it was the biggest scam going. They are talking all the legal BS (because they are taping it) but I swear the judge was just giving the lawyer a look like "okay we just made 5K let's not drag it out too too much).
    After the hearing it took a while until I was approved and still then it took me even longer to get any money. I think the hearing was in the summer and I didn't get a check until january believe it or not!!! It was one of my worst holidays. I'll tell you the whole situation was a nightmare that I hate to think about and seriously can't believe I survived.
    Good luck honey and just hang in there, I know what you are going through and I hope you have some one that is really there for you.
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  4. Seeseaisme

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    I just bumped an old post from Bluerose 7 that might help you. Near the end of the post there is info on the hearing. Hope this helps. I got a lot of valuable info there myself to help me. I have applied, been denied and am in the appeal stage myself , so I need to re-read this also, to see where I'm at. Let me know if this helps.

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  5. opticaltech

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    I have heard good and bad reactions to hearings....Mine was bad...the lady judge was in a Rotten mood..my hearing was @ 11:30..she didnt take me into chambers till 12:45...and she had the attitude!...looks like she needed her lunch break!....She will either question you or the lazy ones have the lawyer take over......My judge did all the questioning and got annoyed with my attorney a couple times...this was all without cause. They will ask you about dates of things and hopefully you will remember....I had my dates confused and the judge got soooo upset..she even rolled her eyes at me....In real life I dont take that from anyone but I had to hold my tongue...now I know why they get threatened. Go to msn and type in social security disability message boards and there is a group there with alot of information..also a moderator that is very knowledgable and will even tell you what she suggests you wear to your hearing...if you need help finding it...let me know...Lina
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    I went thru all of it, was scared to death. Thats until I found and read a page from the SSI.

    It is their Blue Book page. It tells you how they go about deciding if your disabled. After I read it I was relived.


    this is another good one

    another one

    good luck, kim
  7. babygirl44

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    Sorry it took so long but I am just checking in from time to time I ahven't been feeling well but thank you for you response and now I'm more affarid than i was before
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    I haven't had my hearing yet but my attorney said it will probably be another year before it's scheduled.

    I know how you feel and I'm so dreading it but I know I must go through with it.

    I was under the impression that our attorneys were supposed to kind of prepare us for it and let us know a little about what to expect.

    But, what I'm reading is that some of the attorney's are just as bad as the judges; is this true?

    Also, I was curious to know what kind of questions are asked?

    Just curious if anyone knows.

    Good luck BabyGirl44; I hope all goes well for you and I hope you win!

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  9. babygirl44

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    All I know is my att, never would contact me are return my phone calls the whole 13 months i waited I didn't know for sure if I still had one are not so I keep checking on my date myself then I emailed here in tx kaye hucthson about the lenght of time and att called said i had a date set.Other att, I contacted said my att, had no reason to contact me because it was a waiting game. So I guess it is and it can take up to 13 months for a hearing.
    But I wish you luck

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