Who Has Seen Substantial Improvement In Their Symptoms:No Scams

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    I am looking for people who have been able to return to work after having been disabled by fibromyalgia for at least 2 years.

    I am a guy who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in March 2000. Although I am in physiotherapy 3 times per week, I still have substantial pain.

    I believe fibromyalgia set in after a slip and fall accident in 1996 during which time I could not work out for 7 months. I had been accustomed to working out since I was 23.So for the first time in 10 years I could not work out. I had been involved in weightlifting and cardiovascular.I had to reduce my weights by about 65 percent but thank God I can st5ill work out. I cannot work out with running or the treadmill anymore and this was the love of my life. My ankle never healed. People tell me I "look great" and many of them don't believe I'm in pain 24/7.

    My goal is to return to work full time.I am currently on a gov't disability. I have pain predominantly in my neck,upper,mid and lumbar spine,hips,right ankle,wrist.

    I am on a machine called the Synaptic 2000. I want to hear from people who are positaive yet realistic who have found substantial improvement in their symptoms.
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    I was dx about 8 yrs ago. I'm a 60 yrs old female. Was such a mess I had to sell my two businesses. We sold our big house too trying to reduce my necessary activities. After about 3 yrs of hell, I decided to put my head into my computer to try and find some treatment to follow. I came in contact with a gal that was on Alpha Interferon with good results. We talked on the phone several times and I decided to try it. The difficult thing was to find a dr that would write rx for experimental drug. Qtrly blood tests are recommended; therefore, I was not concerned about side effects. Besides, my gal told me her blood results were always fine. I did find a dr to write for me. My results were within the first week. Very drastic results. Our bedroom was in the loft of our log home. The steps were a REAL problem. My husband said on about the 5th day I came sprinting down the steps. The internal burning deminished, my neck pain got better, the back of my head quit feeling as it there was a bomb inside, my buttocks stopped throbbing and burning, my shoulders didn't feel like there were steel rods inside in the wrong place. Oh I still certainly know I have Fibro; however I have a great quality of life. The cold weather is still HELL on me though. We retired in the North Georgia mountains and spend winters here in Central Florida. Oh how glorious this weather is. I give dinner parties for small groups (up to 10) instead of 40 people. I clean in mini periods not for 8 hours straight. I lift weights for upper body and started roller skating.....yes on the streets of our Senior Community. Stress especially regarding one of our children or grandchildren is my worst enemy. Thank God I have a husband that has always understood this condition and been a great support system for me. His daily help around the house got to be such a habit, he still does it even though I am so much better. Our relationship only got better winning this battle. At my worse I took 1000 mgs alpha interferon a day. I'm only taking 300 now with such good weather. The rx comes in lozenger form. 150 mg each and 560 in 1 rx and the cost is $200. You dissolve on your tongue. Depending on how much you take....depends how long it will last. Not many patients ever took 1000 mgs a day. They (CEO of drug company) told me that was an extremely high doseage. So that is my story. Oh I still think I'm fine and I will overdo....like walk around amusement park for 7 hours. I keep telling myself....I am 60...how do I know what I would feel like at this age if I didn't have fibro. I'm very accomplished. I get a lot done every day of the week. I do take Effexor, Premarin, and Trazadone. I drank regular iced tea (not decaf)this eve so I'm still up at 2:30 am. So I will sleep in tomorrow. This is my first time on this site. Hope it was meant to be. Best of luck.
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    I've used these off and on and they work for me. High b6 and b-12, Milkthistle, and Pancreatin. A nutritionst put me on this 10 years ago. After another life shock, I am using them again. Good Luck.
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    My doctors and therapists said it couldn't be done. Many of the experts say it can't be done. But I am living proof that there is such a thing as a "fibro survivor". I sufferered with fibro for over 10 years.....all the classic symptoms and getting worse and on lots of meds. I was to the point that I couldn't work, I lost my business, my family and marriage was falling apart, and we were looking at bankrupty. I was told a little over two years ago that I would be living in a wheelchair soon. At the age of 45 and a mother of 3 active teenagers this was not the news I wanted to hear. My life was going nowhere, fast. BUT THEN.....I discovered some information that absolutely changed my life in a very short period of time. Two years later I am active, excercise daily, am healthy, fit and pain free, run my own business, my husband and kids are happy, I am happy, and I take NO MEDS. I was even skiing this past winter with my family. Such a change that no one can believe it.

    From this experience my husband and I have started our own business. We have tapped our experience and our educational background in health, science/biology, and herbology and are now wellness consultants. I am on a mission to share this information with others and to tell people there is HOPE and there is an answer out there for them. I haven't been to a doctor or taken meds in over two years. I absolutety have my life back. Actually I have more of my life back. I am as active as a 20 year old. I have been able to recreate these results in other people with all kinds of health concerns, not just fibro. But my passion is to help people with fibro.....to help them to rid their bodies of this terrible, debilitating condition.....to help them gain their life, job and family back. God has blessed me with the knowledge, the experience and the passion to do this and I am ready to pass it on. I am becoming very proactive in sharing this information and am beginning to align myself with people that can get this out to many.

    The key is to work with the body holistically. There are many issues with fibro and ALL systems if the body are affected. What my husband and I have done is to take all that we know with fibro and counteract them in a natural way. When this is done, the sypmtoms of fibro begin to melt away. Most of the time fibro is treated with meds. But these only mask some of the problems. To get rid of the symptoms we have to deal with the underlying problems. Most people we work with have results in less than two months and continue to improve after that. I will tell you, as everybody knows, it costs money to stay healthy. But, I can't put a price on having my life and family back, running my own business, and having a huge quality of life. I am a wellness consultant and help people to put a program together to get the results they are looking for. I am also a speaker and hold health seminars in the Rochester, NY area as I move forward on educating people on this approach and how they can become a "fibro survivor". I encourage you and others to be proactive and discover this information for yourself. Action is the first step to a healthier, happier life. Have a great day. If someone knows a way that I can share more of this information without sounding like I am soliciting, let me know. Sue
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