Who has seen themselves being monitored by insurance comp people?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by luvnewcomb, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. luvnewcomb

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    Has anyone had any experience with this? Do you actually see them video you or take your pictures?

    I've never seen anyone but have been on LTDI for about 18 months. I'd guess they're there, but have never seen them. Also, do they monitor our phone calls?

    I just had an IME last month and have yet to hear anything and it's been just about 4 weeks. Also, how long does it take after an IME to hear if they're either keeping you on LTDI or dropping you?

    This really stresses me out.
  2. Adl123

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    This was in the early 80's. I had to take a few months off from work, and I had a privately paid disability policy with Met Life.

    One day I arrived home after visiting my mom in the hospital, to find a man waiting for me. He said he was from Met life, and told me that he knew I was selling jewelry. Actually, I wasn't. I belonged to a direct sales company, and I attended company meetings, but I did no selling while I was off from teaching. And even if I had been, I wasn't employed by the company, so I wouldn't have been "employed", and, therefore, would not have broken my contract with the insurance company.

    I was really intimidated, and scared. I was recently out of the convent and was not worldly-wise. I didn't contest it, when the company sent me a letter telling me that I would receive no more money on that claim. Nowadays, I probably would.

    I never saw anyone following me, and no one told me that anyone had been asking questions about me. I agree, it is scary. So - what I trained myself to do, was always be aware that I might be being watched. This is not a comfortable state of affairs, but if they take video of you walking into a store at a regular pace, it will be hard to explain what we all know, and that is, that two minutes of regular walking does not mean that you aren't disabled.

    So, good luck. Hang loose, and try not to be intimidated. I would suggest that you just learn to be "on camera" whenever you are out and about.

  3. luvnewcomb

    luvnewcomb New Member

    Either I'm really out of it, or they're really good. I just haven't seen anyone.

    Does anyone know about monitoring phone calls or emails? I worked for a really big company that was always listening in on our calls and emails so I guess I'm just so used to that that I expect it from the Met Life people too.

    I don't go out much and when I do I'm not much to look at or see doing anything other than hobbling around and looking like I'm exhausted, but I've heard - all they need is a couple of minutes of seeing you look ok and they jump on that. I've also heard they lie.

    Also, anyone know about IME's and time length it takes to hear results?
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    and I do know they lie - excuse me, 'misrepresent' - what you say to them about your illness.

    My DH went on disability 12 years ago, the pvt ins co rep 'visited' him at home - bad mistake, he totally misrepresented what my husband said.

    After that we videotaped the exam by their doctor as well as the next meeting that a newly assigned rep wanted with my DH, which we held in our lawyer's office. They try to act as if "they're there to help", but that is a lie too of course.

    My DH used to sit in on his patient's disability hearings etc as he was their psychologist - it was often unbelievable what ins companies wanted to have taken as fact in legal proceedings.

    - in one hearing the patient was asked what all his medical problems were, nobody even had his records!

    It got to the point that ins companies were trying to disqualify my DH from testifying for his pts, trying to say he was no longer an 'objective therapist' but an advocate!

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble, but do not ever take anything for granted, they will try anything.

    all the best,

  5. mariee

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    Happened to me.
    He sat on a side street near my house for 3 days.
    No activity until I went to the store for a few things for my daughter's visit home for Christmas. I am video taped really struggling, but since I had left my house, the ins co dropped me.
    For a long time I was super paranoid.....watch my rear view mirror. If I felt like I was being followed, I pulled over.
    The technology is so sophisticated these days, they have small video cameras in everything.
    So just be aware of your surroundings, and who is around...not a bad thing anyway since many of us are vulnerable due to brain fog.
    Pretty upsetting experience...
  6. MamaDove

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    I had experience when I was on comp for my neck injury in 1993...

    They watched me 'attempt' to cut my grass and walk my dog, something I now can no longer do, good thing I got that in when I did...

    I remember spotting the jerk sitting in his car around the corner with his head down like the rat he is and several times when I knew he was about to snap the shutter, I put both my middle fingers up!!!

    I also remember when I was followed down to the river...I was walking my new puppy and trying to deal with the effects of all the meds they had me on, I kinda looked drunk, he snapped a few pics I'm sure but soon after I walked right up to him and asked him why he couldn't get a REAL JOB...Imagine the look on his face, it was priceless...

    I did call the workers comp co here in Maine, what evil individuals they are...I requested that the $$$$ used to hire these jackazzes to watch me would be better spent on food that I could no longer afford...They didn't agree but they never had the watchdogs again...

    These people are the slug slime on the bottom of our shoes. They may have to do these tactics cause of all the liars out there, but I am not one of them...They could watch me all day if they want but be prepared for the 'finger'...I would "MOON" them but my hips hurt too much, as long as my fingers still work, they need to beware...

    Try to keep an eye out, I believe you can have a case for harassment if it crosses the line, but i don't know the details of such actions...

    Good luck to you and remember, no cartwheels in the front yard, do them in the backyard for now (sorry, just a lil humor)

  7. wildflowers2

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    look under some posts on survailance. You will be shocked.

    They can do photos from an airplane as well.

    even go as far as go to your neighbors and ask them questions.

    RATS all of them..
    They can not tap your phone as it falls under the wire taps laws and can be sued.

    THe inusrance companies record ALL your conversations even when they call you and keep records. I have mine when I
    got turned down.

    I then got an AARP lawyer and I let them handle then snakes.

    It has been since last Sept and no Money........

    You also DO not have to talk to these jerks they send to your house.

    ANd when they video tape you they can edit it anyway to
    their favor.

    My lawyer told me its ok to do things outside, just do not do it for 8 hours straight.

  8. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    No they should tape us when we have flairs..

    But, to find you home trick is they call your house and pretend to be someone else
  9. luvnewcomb

    luvnewcomb New Member

    I'm still so paranoid - when I went to IME I told them I do go out sometimes but it all depends on my body. I try to drive very short distances but a couple months back had a slight accident when my foot slipped off the break when it went into a tremor. I try to go out to dinner once in a while but it completly depends on my body. I have had to learn to read my body and the pain and cannot do much but as the doctors tell me to try and get exercise that it is good for me I try to get out a bit.

    I figure I'm not lying about what I can and cannot do so if they do tape me on a rare occasion I am out, or in my yard for a few minutes, I've already told them I do this.

    I can't shake the feeling they'll tape me and then edit it to look like I can work, but as I rarely drive, don't walk far, need a can when I do, and shake when I stand the tape won't show much -

    Now that summer is here I keep all my curtains shut to keep the A/C in so I feel more at ease in my home - too bad they weren't taping when I feel down my stairs last week and thought I broke my leg ! Or the many other times I fall or lose my balance. My leg is still very bruised and hurts like heck but ok now.

    It's so sad how they have us all so scared to death. It's nice to know I'm not the only one though, so thank you all very much.

    We spend years paying into disability and then we need it we have to worry about every little thing we do instead of concentrating on trying to get better and be around people as much as we possibly can with this pain, etc. without worrying and even more stress.
  10. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    I think I was monitored once.

    they can monitor all they want, my life is gone because of all this.

    One look at the MRI's of my spine, and my sleep study and they would have to SHUT UP.

    However, shortly after I became disabled, I was sure they were having someone follow me.

    I kept seeing this same vehicle with a man in it, at various places. Since I only went to doctor's visits, and occasionally, to lunch, on doctor's orders to get out of the house, there was little to record.

    However, they will record you lifting a bag, and claim you were lifting something heavy, when it had a loaf of bread in it.

    Finally, I became a little frightened of the car and the man. I wasn't sure he was from the insurance company, and I swear he was acting like a perv.

    Finally, I zipped out in my electric scooter, and went right up to him, and the man had his pants open. I still think he was with the insurance company, however, as he had cameras, journals, and a laptop with him.

    I told him he better disappear and never be seen around me again, or I was reporting him to the police as a flasher, which he really was. Sitting there with his pants unzipped and you know what out.

    This guy was getting paid to watch women and have disgusting behavior at the same time.

    I did call the police, but they said that the license plates on the guy's car were from an old, wreck, and that insurance companies would do that.