who has sleep paralysis?

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  1. Maybe off topic but since it is considered a sleep problem then I am assuming it could be related to our illness. Ruthie
  2. Michelle_NZ

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    I get it from time to time. Can be quite scary if you dont know what is going on.

    I dont think its related to ME/CFS or fibro in any way. I've always experienced it - terrified me as a kid!

  3. raven5000

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    The first time this happened about 3yrs ago it scared me to death..I called my brother in the middle of the night coz I knew he wouyld be up, and had conincidentally just heard about OLD HAGS SYNDROME.. I googled it and looked on wikipedia about it. It's very real and is reported all over the world. I have had it about 5 times now and is sacary as the first time or more so. the "being" sits on my bed, or on my chest, or hovers over me..last time she pointed a long horrible finger at me from a sitting position on my chest and said "heyyyy yyouuuuuu"....freaked me out so bad...and I tried soooo hard to move and yell and get her off me. It's a scary business.
  4. Rafiki

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    on occasion. Very freaky before you know what it is. Not altogether pleasant even when you do!

    I've heard about the "old hag" experience, too. It's interesting how our mind will fill in information to make sense of a feeling... in this case the sense that "someone" is there. The closest I've experienced is, don't laugh, Amelia Earhart standing next to my bed. LOL!

  5. frosty77

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    First time it happened was over 20 years ago (has happened maybe a dozen times since) while I was taking a nap - scared me from taking naps for a few years, and I'm still not entirely willing to nap!
  6. hi all,

    im also affraid to go to sleep just now,as i woke up a couple of times very ill in my lungs.

    im seeing my doctor tomorrow as regards my chest when im sleeping,something isnt working right,i feel.

    ive been exposed to asbestos at work for two years,and ive only recently found out about the wall hole containing asbestos,from a sticker id found on the floor behind a pipe in my work station.

    i looked up the wall,saw another sticker very far up.

    i climbed on a chair,and read the sticker,and yes the wall has asbestos in it,and theres this large open wall cavity near my taps,at work.

    im also seeing a sort of mold spore illness coming out of my ears and fingers nails,while im detoxing using cranberry juice and pumpkin seeds.

    my rented house has a on going mold problem,that my landlord has not been much interested in fixing,these last 14 years.

    im not putting up with this anymore.

    im so scared just now,but have photos,and video evidense of the mold and asbestos,should i need to see a solicitor about it.

    i wonder if my doctor might send me for chest xrays.

    god,to get some proper sleep would be a miracle just now.

    you are all in my thoughts,love fran
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    I have been experiencing this for the last year or so. At first I was freaked out. I did some research on it & that helped me understand it, but I still get anxious about going to bed. My mom has to come & get me " out of it" at times. We live on the same property so it's easy for her to do this. She knows if she doesn't hear from me by a certain time that I'm probably "in trouble", so she'll come get me up & out of it.
    I am supposed to do a sleep study but keep putting it off. I have so much trouble at night. Insomnia is awful! And because of the fibro pain & also restless legs I get in some crazy positions. I don't want that being on tape!LOL
    But, I know it is needed so I'll get to it pretty soon.
    It is really difficult explainging sleep paralysis to anyone that doesn't have it.
    The doc is also going to check me for narcolepsy & cataplexy because I just go out at times. My family & I have kinda gotten used to that but it's still scary.
    Sorry to get off subject.
  8. Rafiki

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    it happens more often when sleeping on your back. This fits with my experience which does happen most often in that position.

    It might reduce the likelihood of an episode if one sleeps on one's back (especially when napping!) if one can.

    Sweet dreams,

  9. frosty77

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    I researched it quite a bit years ago - apparently it's fairly common, happens to most people, has been cited in historical literature, and there's not much you can do about it (though a couple drugs seem to help).
  10. monicaz49

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    Ok folks, so i have some tips on how to deal with the sleep paralysis. I actually had this way before I became sick with CFS.

    My experience may not be like others...but it is basically that middle stage between being awake and asleep. For me, I can hear whats going on around me yet my body is already going into sleep mode. I cant move or speak. If you are experiencing something else sorry, but this is what I've experienced...and....

    I notice it happens more when i am realllllllly tired.
    I notice it happens when i am laying flat on my back verses on my side, etc.
    I notice that if I fight it, it becomes scary and creates a feeling of not being in control.
    So.........I ignore it ...best thing is to allow yourself to fall asleep. Then you can wake up. Doesnt make sense, but it works.

    Oh...and my mother experienced it once as well as my cousin. All females.

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