** who has symptom REPEATING WORDS and/or songs???**

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by goaska29, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. goaska29

    goaska29 New Member

    I remember a post for a month or so ago about bizarre symptoms. I can't seem to find it now. But I do remember others sharing the bizarre symptom that word and/or songs would echo or repeat in their head.

    Does anyone have these symptoms, and is there any better way to describe them to my doc???

  2. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    in my head. They start suddenly and repeat like I have a radio on that I can't turn off. And it has even kept me from sleeping before. And I didn't even hear that song that day. It's annoying. Heck I can't even change the song LOL !
  3. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I drive myself crazy some days doing this. I will hear a sentence on TV or a song and not only will I repeat it over and over in my mind, I actually count the number of words out on my fingers. Say someone says, "Where did you get your car?" I would repeat these words to myself over and over along with counting each word on my fingers as I roll them over in my mind. I tried to explain this to my doctor and she said it was just a part of anxiety which I have more than enough of. Hopes this helps. Somedays I think I am crazy when I can't stop it.
  4. atpeace

    atpeace New Member

    Stinker, I do that, too! I'll even repeatedly count out the beats of the phrase on my fingers...isn't that crazy?! Sometimes I think I'm gonna drive myself nuts, and I have to sternly tell myself to "Stop it!" out loud.

    I've never told anyone about this, because it sounds so utterly ridiculous! I was SO relieved to see others post that they do this, too.

    As with some of the other "weird" FMS symptoms, I wonder if this is attributed to the DD or does much of the "normal" population do it, too...and they just don't talk about it?


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  5. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Just reading the posts made me think of the one I get stuck on all the time, one I really hate, and now I have it again! Thanks a lot! LOL I won't tell you what it is to save you from the same song.

    I always assumed everyone does this. Somewhere I read that if you can get someone else to start singing the song to them selves, kind of give it to them, you will stop hearing it! Hasn't worked yet, but I do get to annoy someone else with the same song!

    I never seem to remember more of the song then I am stuck on and that is even more annoying. I keep thinking if I could remember the whole thing and sing it through to the end it might go away!

    I also count steps. Walk down the hall to the ladies room and count my steps coming and going. I count how many seconds it takes my dog to pee, how many seconds between my husband's breaths when he's asleep, how many times the weather man says the same word. ARGHHH!!! It just goes on and on!

  6. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    the worst being when I am desperate to sleep but cannot go to sleep until I have managed to remember some inane and completely pointless piece of information such the name of the person who played so and so in such and such! I do the song lyrics thing too. And I count flowers on the wallpaper. Maddening! Love Shelbo
  7. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I was just thinking of this post!! Cuz I went to a church christmas concert that my neices and nephew were singing in on Sun. night and I have this one song they sang stuck in my head and it won't leave.

    I was going to post on it again and I came in here looked and this post was on there!!! How weird!!

  8. Countrymom

    Countrymom New Member

    It happens to me all of the time. I am not sure if it has to with our diseases or not because my husband has the same problem. For us it is usually some little kids tune, there is nothing worse than having a "wiggles" or disney princess song playing in your head all day!

  9. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    Songs, all the time. I can generally hear the backup music, too. I don't think there is ever a time when I don't have a song in my head -- occasionally one will get stuck for days at a time! Phrases happen too, but only occasionally.

    I know this happens to everyone once in a while (I've even read articles on it) -- but it seems to be much more constant and persistently annoying with us. I'm pretty sure it is a central nervous system abnormality that is causing it, based on what I've read.
  10. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    words or phrases.
    I don't necessarily think its uncommon for anyone to have a song stuck in their head. I think most people have that happen as music is very catchy but specific words or phrases over and over again, that is probably much less common....

    I know I often get peoples names that flow stuck in my head, like one I always get stuck in my head is Condoleeza Rice.... Great now its going to be the only word in my head for the next several days AAAAARRRRGGGG LOL

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