who has taken klonopin the longest?

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  1. redtex

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    i ask this because i have tried a lot of drugs and this has helped more than anything else. i fear long term use of this or anything else but my quality of life is not very good without it.i know there have been a lot of posts about klonopin so a lot of people must feel better with it. doctor's opinions vary from it is dangerous and addictive to it is actually good for the brain. i have decided that i am going to take it and stay at the lowest dosage possible to have some kind of a life. your feedback would be appreciated. i also wonder if valium would be good to alternate with it.
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    Hi , i have been on klononpin approx. 5 years. In between i have tried ambien cr. but it made my tongue burn. I back on the klonopin. l/2 tablets of 0.5 mg. I dosent work as good as it used to but im afraid to increase it.
  3. Slayadragon

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    9 years, almost every night

    1-2 mg each evening

    Allows me to get deeper sleep and feel more refreshed during the day

    Gives me 6-8 hours very good quality sleep

    I am more awake in the morning when I take it than when I don't

    No side effects whatsoever

    I still can sleep without it as well as I could before I started

    I have not needed to up the dosage to get the same effect

    I have no desire to take it during the day

    I can't think of any other measures of addiction that would apply

    Sometimes when I want to take a nap or wake up earlier than desired, I take xanax instead

    Xanax gives me about 3-4 hours of good-quality sleep

    Other than how long it lasts in my body, it is exactly the same as Klonopin for me

    No other tranquilizers have helped me get deep sleep, and no prescription sleeping medications have either

    Melatonin helps with deep sleep, but not nearly as much as Klonopin (sometimes I use them together)[This Message was Edited on 01/15/2007]
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    I take 3 mg of Xanax a day and 2 mg of Klonopin at night to sleep. My stress level is off the charts. I have been on the xanax for 8 years. Recently the klonopin added because of more stressors. I think it makes me a bit depressed as the xanax doesnt, but my doc wants me on it for some other reason I can't remember. I have terrible morning tremors, where I cannot get up out of bed for a while, I finally got a referral to neurologists at John Hopkins in MD as no one can even tell me what they are or what to do. I take early morning dose of beta blocker and xanax and even if its doubled it happens. Seems better on weekends. If I have to get up early I think it it stress and anxiety of some kind. As it is real bad then. Maybe adrenal fatigue? The primary who is sending me to John Hopkins doesn't even know what that is! So smart one way, then doesn't know something else. Weird. I think I take alot of meds does anyone else take that much. plus tramadol for pain. If I get enough sleep I can function ok on all of that but I can no longer wake up before about 8:30, then the hour of waiting for tremors to pass. Is there some danger of taking klonopin or xanax forever?
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    Twenty years. I actually take less now than I did in the beginning years. Used to take 1 1/2 mg. Now take 1mg. One time weaned myself off of it by taking Rotitussin. I was told to take it by an ENT. After 6 weeks off the Klonopin all my skin pain came back, so I am a faithful user of it.


    Dr. Cheney likes this drug and says that should you have alzheimers while taking klonopin, that you will die of something else before alzheimers. It protects the brain.
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  6. jinlee

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    I have taken it for at least 17 years. I could not survive without it. I take 1 mg three times a day and sometimes 1 or 2 before bed. I have not tried to go off and wonder what would happen addiction-wise if I tried. Luckily it is generic now and much cheaper than some other drugs of the same type.

    I feel that if I had diabetes I would take insulin for life and not feel I was doing wrong as it is a disease. I feel like I am taking Klonopin (clonazepam) for a disease so should not feel guilty about it. It keeps me out of the hospital and lets me do the things I need to do.

  7. balletdancer74

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    I've been on it since I started treatment almost seven years ago. I was 25 than. I take 1mg/morning and 1.5mg at night. I take it for insane, 24/7 head/neck pain and leg pain and spasms.

    I test my body every three to four months by weaning myself off of it to see how I react. I can miss a dose here and there and not have any adverse reactions or withdrawal.

    I've tried nearly every muscle relaxant or drug that can act as a muscle relaxant except Flexeril only not to benefit in any way, so I'm sticking with the Klonopin.

    I believe in quality of life...If it continues to help you, that's wonderful.

    LB32 (Leeza)

  8. Mikie

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    It's been a God send for me. It helps me to get quality sleep, stops the anxiety/panic attacks and sensory overload, and it helps with pain, tinnitus, and muscle spasms.

    I've been on the same dose and it is still working. Several times, I've tried to slowly wean off but when I get about 25 percent down, my symptoms return. I may be on it for the long haul but I will likely try to wean off again at some point. Dr. Cheney believes that when one has made enough progress, it is easier to wean off if one no longer needs it. He believes the Klonopin protects the brain's neurons; I hope he is right.

    Love, Mikie
  9. foxglove9922

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    4 years on Klonopin here, same dose 1 mg. Probably the one med that has helped me the most.

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  10. mezombie

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    Sixteen years, here.

    I was concerned about the possible addictive problems, too, but so far I've found that I can lower or increase the dose without any adverse effects.

    I had terrible sleeping problems when I first came down with CFS, and Klonopin has really resolved most of them.

    Recently, I've also started taking minute quantities (I split a 1 mg pill into quarters or less) during the daytime if I am dealing with symptoms caused by sensory overload.

    I feel it is a very necessary part of my arsenal against my CFS at this time, so I do not see any reason to go off it. If it turns out I'll need it for the rest of my life, fine. There are people with RA, MS, and other chronic illness who take drugs with much more dangerous side effects for life.

    I'm encouraged that Klonopin has been on the market for a long time, so the benefits and risks of it are fairly well known.
  11. lucysmom2

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    I began taking Klonopin in 1996 for generalized anxiety disorder (that was before the fibro). It worked extremely well for me until 4 years ago when I developed fibro. Now I take Lexapro 10mg. as well as the Klonopin .5 mg. 3 times a day. I could not live without Klonopin and I've never had the need to increase the dosage. One doesn't seem to develop a tolerance to it.