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    having cfs, and having ebv, and other virus that comes and go in remission, can someone tell me if staying on transfer factor is something that one has to be on for ever, or can you stop taking tf, and also has anyone bought transfer factor blend 100 from prohealth, and has it help anyone. this information will help me know what to do. i am not on any transfer factors and im feeling ill, and blood work shows high bacteria in my system. dr was not interesting in dealing with this, I appreciated any help, and would buy something from prohealth for viruses after some responses. thanks guys. this tf blend 100 is 140.00. which is in prohealth store on this site.
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    Mikie and a few if us swear by transfer factors. Rich Carson who started this site does. There is a whole board for TF's but no one goes there much anymore....there is some good info to read through, if you have time.

    I and Rich have taken the TF's after kutapressin was no longer available. I think that was 2001 (when ever 9/11 was...the next year). For several years they really helped me tons. But that did not make me "well", I have a very severe form of CFS so I was happy with what it did for me. I was able to work up to excercising 6 hours a week. And to travel for long weekends and read a book.

    You have to take it for several months to get it to it's full effect. Maybe even up to 6 months. Then, some people can take a month-6weeks off, others have to take it most of the time. Of course, I fall in the later category.

    There are some stronger TF's that Rich and I take. They target much more than what ProHealth sells. But, I think, Prohealths would be a good way to see if you get a positive reaction.

    Now, at first, they can make you feel a bit sicker. So, you can open the capsule and scoop out a 1/4 or 1/2 and put it back together. Also, take it before bedtime.

    Another trick recommended is to open the capsule and put the contents under your tongue. Dissolves really quick, gets into your blood stream and you don't have to wait to eat.

    Now, the targeted TF's deal with viruses, mycoplasms and critter like that. Not bacteria. However, you can take the Transfer Factor Essentials which is a general immune helper and that could possible help you with your bacteria.

    Colloidal Silver is suppose to be good for bacteria. Some people buy it and others learn to make it. It is a bit tricky to learn to do that and some of the equipment is pricey but if it helps, then buying a machine would save you money in the long term.

    I think someone posted about a silver generator site...that sells equipment...not sure about that but some googling would bring up info.

    Hope that helps you some. I will have to admit that after have this DD for 23 years and being 59, I am struggling. Gone downhill the last two and need ritalin to be awake enough to leave the house. That's a real bummer.

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    I have the targeted TF for the HHV6 and for Lyme and co infections. It is VERY expensive once you work up the the higher dose. I still have most of my bottle. I could not find many that really were helped by it. I asked on this board but it seemed everyone was mildly helped but dont even use it anymore. If it REALLY helped I would think everyone who it helped wouldnt be without the stuff. It was real popular for awhile but then there werent many recovery stories.

    That is why my TF still sits in my fridge. If I decide to take it I know it will take a big financial commitment and I havent seen the reports to justify that.