who has tried antidepressants for fms?

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    Although my experience with the dr wasnt good this week I am trying what he recommended..he said fms is caused by a lack of serotonin in the brain and that causes the brain to send messages of pain to your body so he told me to increase my anti depressant.

    So I was wondxering if what he says is true then fms should be treatable in most cases...so why are there so many people that are still suffering.

    I think there are many holes in his theory that I can apply to me...I have been very dxepressed in the past and never exdperienced pain, I was very depressed 4 weeks ago and then my meds started working and then the pain came back...first episode was in febuary and my illness started with a virus...was that just a coincidence...doesnt seem likely to me...does a virus cause serotonin to drop?

    Like I said I dont believe his explanation...other reasons for this is that he dismissed cfs as a real disease saying people with cfs go to bed at like 2am...and he said trust me they do..but they wont admit it! wtf!

    Because the easiest option for me is for my meds to help with this pain I am going to try that first...but I wont be going back to see him...I will give it the 4 weeks he suggested and then I will ask to see a rheumy...although I saw one at the start and I ended up in tears so you can see why I hate going to see them.
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    I am feeling very angry right now...I thought I knew the basic facts of fms because when I looked at cfs I had read they are very similar...so when this dr gave me the explanation that fms is caused by serotonin levels it sounded credible...but I have read on this site and others and although that maybe one theory that is all it is...a guess and its so far down the track of thought...it says here that AD will help elivate mood and help sleep and also muscle spasms...it says nothing about bloody serotonin levels...can you tell I am angry? I have found a local support group from the list here and I am going to contact them to see if there is a dr who specialises in cfs/fms.

    The other thing is that I may not have either of these diseases based on the fact that this dr has made up his diagnosis based on no physical exam of me..he touched my arm and said does it hurt there...and then my chest and that was it...not on any specific point...so how he knows I have fms and not say psoratic arthritis that could be the other possible diagnosis.

    I think this is a good thing for me...I am angry, so angry and sick of having to try to get drs to help me and listen to anything other than it is the depression causing this god awful pain...when I know its not...

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    I was on 100mg for depression, but the immunologist told me to increase to 125 then if that doesnt work to go up to 150mg, I take it at night. It works well for my depression, it is the only anti depressant that has ever worked for me.
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    My doctor insists that antidepressants help with pain. I took Zoloft, later I took Paxil then Wellbutrin. I finally decided to see if that kind of drug really made any difference. (I never took any of those drugs for depression, just for pain.)

    My experience is that my pain level is exactly the same with or without antidepressants. I slowly took myself off of Wellbutrin about 6 months ago. The cost of those type of drugs is outrageous. But, if they had helped, then I would pay the price. So, in my case I wasted a lot of money for nothing.

    I'm not saying this would be the casefor everybody, there may be people that get pain relief from antidepressants, but I was not one of them.


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    I started on cymbalta 3 days ago. He also added darvocet to my ultram at the same time. Im not sure what is working, but I feel like a new person today!!!!!!!
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    whatever is working for you is great news...hope it continues.
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    My doctor put me on lexapro for my fm. They said they knew I wasn't depressed, but the medicine goes to the part of your brain that makes you feel pain, and "tells it" you feel better. I never am completely out of pain, but I did miss my med once and couldn't figure out why I was hurting so much more, and was not in a flare, then I remembered I had forgotten to take it. It does make a difference to me.
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    Almost everyone, I would guess. First of all when the doctors couldn't diagnose us, they told us we were depressed, and were we ever.

    Later they found out it was a condition and sent us to specialists. They told us what was really wrong with us.

    I am on antidepressants and several people on here have been, also.

    It's and uphill fight, but you'll make it.


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    The pain specialist told me that pain and depression are a vicious cirle and said I needed to take Doxepin to break the circle. I took 10mg at night and as far as was concerned it did NOTHING!!!! I tired amitryptiline as well and didn't think it did anything either. So I quit taking them all, as I woke feeling more fatigued that when I went to bed. I am one of the lucky ones, as I have never been depressed and thank my lucky stars for that all the time.
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    I started on Cymbalta about 2 weeks ago. I asked for an antidepressant because I was at the point with this stupid "syndrome" that I was crying a lot and very snippy. Not knowing it would help my muscles...1 yes 1 hour later I had NO muscle discomfort. I have suffered with this every day for 18 months. Muscle relaxants helped but they just don't last long enough. I take 1 30 mg in the am and another in the afternoon. I have been free from muscle discomfort 90 percent of every day with the exception of the 2 days of rain...it was like I hadn't taken the medicine. Now it's wait and see if it lasts.

    Good Luck, Joann
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    I also started Cymbalta about a month ago. I feel the best I have in years, though I still have aches and pains. I take Darvocet when I have bad pain, which works well for me so far.
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    A rhemotolosit might be your best bet. My guess is that it is not all 'in your head'.

    I went off Elavil about two weeks ago. I asked doc for it; for pain and sleep.

    He agreed to one during the day and at bedtime.

    Well, I went off of it two weeks ago and started having an attack of the 'weepies'.


    I called him and he put me back on it. Now,no tears here.

    I hate to admit it, but this disease can make me and anyone else depressed.

    However, the doc can and does look at the physical and the mental as two different things.

    I hope all works out well for you.

  13. all have *bad* physical AND mental effects on you. I used to NOT need them for depression, but, I'm an "angry crier" quite a bit lately, panic attacks, anxiety, etc..

    but, in the past, they insisted (manyyy docs) I go on them for the *pain* & to increase seratonin---yet, a *gastroenterologist!* put me on Paxil---while telling me, people can get a *build-up* of seratonin in their bowels.....uhmm OK..then puts me on Paxil....the lowest dose, I quit it in 3 months, due to manyyy side effects and ended up in the ER, with electrical head 'zaps' every few *seconds* complete with a "falling" sensation (I call it the startle reflex, basically that's how it was, heart raced, light headed, & then head zaps added..) nausea, and the worst headaches imaginable..

    The thing that aggravates me, is there are THREE chemicals we're thought to be possibly low in, ?Gaba? Dopamine, and or Seratonin.....whyyyyyy can't they CHECK these levels somehow, before just tossing us usually on SSRI's!

    They make as many people sick, as they help. Probably seratonin sickness! That's the way a lot of my sypmtoms looked, when studied..

    I thought early on, that, "Okay, having worked* in the medical field, I KNOW how this goes, once you refuse something, you can be *forever* labeled "unwilling, uncooperative or in denial" patient...so, I'll "play their games first, jump through *their* hoops, and take whatever they prescribe...when they RUN OUT of anti-depressants, they will HAVE to try something else"

    That was a horrible mistake, because, I have permanent effects from those anti-depressants...(think about it, they change the brain chemistry, and if you didn't need them in the first place!??? damage....)

    Cymbalta is about the only one I have not tried, maybe a few old ones too, but, I tried soo many, that I finally did tell my doctor--I will NOT take one more anti-depressant, they are frying my brain, hurting my body, they give me horrible side effects---I OBVIOUSLY cannot take SSRI's NOR the SNRI's" my doc said ok, after I was put on heart medication, dx'd with intention tremors, & sobbed constantly (heavily!) on them.

    I cry now too, I NEED *something* but, NOOO anti-depressants, I get *worse* on them....my PCP isn't too suprised, my body is SOOO backwards, from how it should work..

    I'm on clonazepam 1.5mg a day for the tremors & jerks, but unfortunately, it does NOTHING for my anxiety, which has just gotten very ugly in recent months (don't answer phone, door, get the mail, NOTHING,) I only see my hubby & sister 99% of the time..

    But, if YOU think for yourself* & suggest a med, even with a medical background, mostly you get looked at like "now how do you know about that drug??"

    It's sooo aggravating, and insulting, to have to "play dumb" in order just to not be labeled a drug seeker, internet self doctor/diagnoser...etc. but that's the way it is, for many..


    Now I am* on better meds, but, the *doses* are useless, and my self-esteem is so low, & anxiety so high, I don't dare speak up.

    Wish you all the best of health, mental, physical, spiritual.


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    I tried antidepressants.......did absolutely nothing. I agree with Laura....they mess you up and have way to many side effects. They were never designed to be a long term medicine anyway..just a temporary fix for a short term situation. There are many ways to build up the seretonin without antidepressants...i would rather try something from the health food area than to keep making the drs and the pharmaceutical co's rich. Plus, those of us without any insurance can't buy the antidepressants anyway. I went through a horrible clinical depression in 1990 and never had any physical pain at all and they told me I didn't have ANY seretonin in my brain!!! I mean I was REALLY depressed.
    I took Prozac for 3 weeks and I have never suffered from severe depression again. This illness does become overwhelming and I do get very frustrated and angry, but it is not worth it to me to mess with my brain chemistry. I have several close friends who have been on antidepressants for many years and I can't begin to tell you how changed they are and NOT in a good way. The drs in this country US..have NO idea what they are doing when it comes to FM/CFS.
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    I have taken different anti depressants for years. Each anti depressant has a different property such as SSRI work on serotonins. (plural, at last count 52 different serotonins have been discovered) Trycyclics work neuron-chemical receptors in the brain that go to nerves pertaining to the adrenals glands. So not only can they deal with mood, they deal with brain responses to all kind of nerves. Taking Elavil (amitriptyline) can prevent migraine by blocking nerve response to arteries in the brain. They are not just for mood at all. Torozdone has effect on brain nerves, seen in brain waves that control different sleep stages. It’s pretty complicated shit.