who has used the fethenyl patches

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    Wondering, what light any of you could shed on this topic. My doctor told me to think long and hard about using these patches and next time I see him I will give him my descion. How much do they help? Why not take a pill? Do you feel loopy or drugged while on them. Please, any info - is appreicated.
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    I just recently started these about a month ago. I had been on Vicodan and Tramadol but neither were working that well and I was up to 8 Vicodan a day with only minimal relief. So the new doc I started seeing started me on the 25 mg. patches, and switched me to 4 Vicodan ES a day plus the Tramadol. I was very hesitant at first to start them also. Took about a week to build up the nerve. I thought I would be all spaced out and goofy. To tell you the truth, I cant even tell I'm on them as far as that goes. But I do feel better as far as pain, most of the time at least. I am also not taking as much Vicodan. Usually only have to take 2-3 of those a day. And havent even touched the Tramadol, although it's here if I need it. And it is nice to only have to change these every three days. Although like I said I still take the pain pills in between but just not as many.
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    I have been on oxycontin before that and found the patchs to be far more effective and easy to use.
    Since my cognitive funtion is so pore I could forgt when I took my last pill and they didnt last 12 hrs as were suppose to.

    With the patch, which I have been using for I guess around three yrs now.I have stayed on a very low dose @ 25mcg but change the pacht after 2 days rather than 3.The documentaion by the company says it doesnt last three days on everyone it depends on your body and skin type. I also have to take something for breakthough pain which is common.
    What I like the best is that its not a pain roller coaaster ride now. The patch keeps the pain at a level were I can function. You may well need a high dose than me but you may want to start low and work up if you have to so your body gets used to it.Ive heard of some people starting realy high doses and not being able to tollerate any initial side effect they had like mabey some loopiness.
    I dont feel that at all with it.The first couple of days I may have felt a little but I just figured it would wear off and it did in a couple days.
    Duragesic will provide free to you and ship free boxes of trasparent films, like a big clear bandage that goes over the patch if you have any problem with them sticking.Its comfortable for me. I never notice it.

    I would suggest giving it a try. At least you will know if it works for you as well as it has for me instead of not trying at all.
    Well thats my 4 cents worth. Hope it works for you. Good luck.
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    Regarding the fentanyl patches...I did try them, and it was pretty overpowering at first. This is a very strong medicine and should be used with extreme caution. (As most of us know!)

    A friend of mine was on these patches for 5 years for fibro pain. Now she basically has a frozen colon and is a mess. There is no easy "fix" now.

    Not trying to cause trouble or be a downer, but please, just do your own research on it, and this way you can make a sensible and educated decision.

    I discontinued mine after 2 days.

    I decided I did not want to be so heavily medicated. Driving would be out! You can get a DUI for drugs, even cold medicines! Plus, I always thought, how would I feel if I were in an accident, my fault or not, and this fentanyl use was discovered?

    Plus feeling a bit over medicated, which may well have smoothed out had I stayed on the patch longer.

    I just didn't want the heavy responsibility that would come with using these. I chose to endure a bit more pain, take a pill as needed, and have a bit more of my wits about me.

    I'm speaking for my own reactions, not "dissing" anyone who uses the patch - not at all.

    Each of us has to make an informed choice, and the best choice for our own given situations. Example: I keep grandkids a lot, so that was a consideration as well.

    The clincher, really, was the "frozen ileus" my friend now has. Long term effects need to be seriously considered.

    Having said all this, if the pain reaches such terrible proportions, I would consider using the patch again. Or I would, as someone else did, use them for extreme flares, perhaps.

    We MUST be our own advocates. NO one else will do it for you. Be educated and informed. It's too important an issue to NOT be!!

    Your Doctor gave you good advice, to think long and hard about it.

    OH! My friend had to go OFF the patches, and that was pure hell as well, and did not help the frozen ileus. That is permanent damage.

    If you had to have surgery, you'd have to go off it, and that would be hard, too.

    These are all the things that weighed my decision not to use them.

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide to do.
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    That means it lost it's ability to push things along? So what will she do? I've never heard of that before.
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    Thanks, for the input everyone. This, is indeed a mighty choice to make. I wish I could try a sample patch....I guess so, far the downer is that it seems most patients still need a pain pill for the breakthrough pain. Anyone else wanna chime in here?