Who here has tried Dr. Petrovic's protocol?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kholmes, May 1, 2006.

  1. kholmes

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    Dr. Petrovic is a physician from South Africa who treats CFS with very high doses of vitamins and antioxidants. He claims to have a "high cure rate" for CFS. DPowers has been posting messages that are informative, but sound a bit like sales pitches for Petrovic's protocol.

    If it IS effective, it is something we should all know about and maybe consider trying. But Petrovic's protocol costs thousands of dollars, involves taking an enormous amount of pills daily, and in the past, a number of people on this board have said it was not effective for them.
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    Has anyone tried Dr. Petrovic's Protocol? Anyone?
  3. Dolphin_lover

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    for more imput! This is important people!!! Let us hear from everyone!
  4. painandagony

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    and it didn't help. it just made me sick to my stomach, taking literally 100 vitamin/supplements a day. $2500 for 5 months.
    However, i was told about this program from a woman who did it and recovered from cfs. She was a newbie though, she had only been sick a year.
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    But I am currently reading a book called "What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You" by Dr. Strand.

    This is a book that EVERYONE should know about!!
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    I looked carefully at this protocol, but it simply cost much too much for me - it is several thousand pounds with no guarantee of success.

    In the end, I opted for the Guaifenesin protocol, which is just the cost of the book (£10 sterling) & the tablets that I buy here.
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    This has been around for over a decade?

    I can't find any mention of Petrovic anywhere except for the Petrovic Protocol sites, including one called cfidshealth.co.uk that seems to be devoted exclusively to selling the Petrovic Protocol.

    I can't find any outside info on that Republic of South Africa institute or any research articles claimed by the Petrovic sites.

    I can't find any info on Doctor Petrovic in any of the Republic of South Africa news sites, or medical services listings there.

    I wonder about any kind of effective monitoring of health/medical providers and/or claims by any Republic of South Africa medical regulation agencies.

    Why so secretive about the supplements and amounts of ingredients? Some people actually take 100 pills a day without knowing what's in them?

    Why is the cost so incredibly expensive? Nearly $5,000 dollars!