**who here knows about prof. bauer surgery for fibromyalgia?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by talper, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. talper

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    its a doc from germany who says he found a solution for fibromyalgia through a surgery and the cause for the symptoms are protein scars that are like glue in some strategic points in the body.
    what he do is clean the place up from the protein. (or something like that :) )

    i heared and talked with patients who undergo his operation, and now feel much better.
    yet its hard to find much information on the internet.

    i have his book and dvd where he describe the operation.
    my english isnt good enough for me to describe the operation correctly.

    but this is his site www.fms-bauer.com

    i wanted to know if anyone knows this operation and has anything to say about it?

  2. DemonFairy

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    Sounds pretty scary to me. Kind of like operating blindfolded. I'm not impressed by the website. Perhaps the German version is better written and sounds less defensive and quacky. But, until more than one doctor is cutting people open in what seems like a pretty experimental way, I'll stick with the pain meds (and soon, more Reboxetine) for now. While I'm pretty miserable right now, I don't think I'd feel any better after someone went poking around with a scalpel. I like to be cutting edge (heh) on treatments, but this is one that I'll sit back and wait on. So, uh, you first. ;)
  3. ruti

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    I posted a note about hearing him in a lecture in Israel a week ago/ the post is from the 9th of April time 5 or so on the board.
    He is working in Switserland now