Who is Best CFS Doc on East Coast? Anyone as good as Dr. Guyer?

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    Hello all,

    I'm doing research to find the best, most holistic CFS docs who are on top of the latest science--and have success stories. And now I'm focusing on the east coast. I live in Washington DC.

    A friend of mine, sick for years, after treatment and dietary discipline has reached 90% functioning with the help of Dr. Dale Guyer. And after reading interviews with him and studying his website I've decided he's a good litmus.

    I'm seeking a medical detective and really open minded doctor who sees the whole patient and takes everything this illness effects into account (adrenals, digestion, detox, thyroid, and more) specific case and come up with a treatment that is both gentle and powerful. (I say gentle because I've undergone long term abx lyme treatment with no success and only detriment. The same goes for anti viral treatment with Valcyte. I'm happy for those that find success with such treatments, but I know my body now---I don't fare well with those treatments).

    I'm seeking a doc who is not bound by their pet theory of this illness, but is aware of all the newest research and the top thinkers, and integrates those ideas into their practice.

    As these docs and protocols are so expensive, I basically have one last shot and I want to pick a doctor with whom I have the best chance for success.

    Any docs as good and holistic as Guyer on the East Coast?

    Docs I've already seen, good but not matches for me: Levine, Enlander, Blackman, Vinitsky.

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