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    Want to hear any good news w/ doxycycline or antibiotics. I have been on doxy 3 weeks and feel yukky
    but hopeful. Definitely feel worse but hope I will see improvement long term. We need some hope and good news and stories that will encourage. I have been sick 7 yrs.
    How long before see benefits w/ doxy ? Also if I want to combine drugs what is good antibiotic to try along with doxy for aggressive approach?
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    I have just started the Doxy..and had one of the worst migraines of my life and other bad symptoms..so can't report any positive changes..however, there are some who have been on Doxy here for a long time..What symptoms have increased for you?

    I have been on OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) for about seven months and it works on a lot of pathogens, so I see it as a complementary treatment to the ABX..If I were you, though, I would wait out the herxing on the Doxy before proceeding with another herxing treatment..I don't know of anyone that has combined ABX treatments as one seems to bring on a lot of symptoms..