Who is on disability and much improved?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lvjesus, Dec 26, 2013.

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    I have really been struggling with increased pain and fatigue since before Thanksgiving. I only work 6.5 hours a day now, but even that has been hard. I took some vacation time for Christmas and I feel much better when I am home, which of course makes sense because I can manage my activities more.

    My question is this, who is on disability and is now functioning much nearer to normal? Here is the reason I am asking, I don't want to quit work, but I want to feel better. Is everyone who is on disability bed ridden, or are there some who greatly improve by not having to work? The picture in my head is if I am doing well when not at work, then disability is not an option, but is that true?
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    I am on disability, better, but not "near normal". Working wipes me out totally to the point of not functioning at all. Without work I can move through the day slowly. The day consists of continual self-care activity, naps, snacks, exercise, etc. Getting on disability wasn't a choice for me.
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    hi, i will answer your question, exactly as it was given to me , when i asked it yrs ago.

    i am not a bit better, the only thing it took away was the worrying of how i was going to feel the next day. and , if i was going to have to call in sick. of course that is a biggee.

    sadly, physically i did not feel any better. but if i would have continued working, i probably would have declined faster.

  4. lvjesus

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    Thanks. Can I ask how hard t it was to get disability and how sick you had to be before you decided to try for disability?
  5. 8persevere8

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    It was super hard. It took 2 - 3 years and looks better if you are not working so you'll want to save up or plan to stay with someone. I had to keep appealing and go all the way to the hearing with an attorney. After 7 years of being on disability, I got a letter in the mail to go to this doctor at a certain time for re-evaluation. He asked me who the president was, count backwards by 7 from 100, and walk backwards on my heals. Well, I can do those things. A month later I got another letter that said I was off disability and to go back to work. Now I am appealing and having to go through the same stressful process all over again. If you can avoid that nightmare, I'd recommend it. Maybe start a business working from home or something, if you are able.
  6. joanierav

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    hi lvjesus. for me it was not that hard. i got a highly recommended disability lawyer, and i had a very good internist, whose speciality was immunology and infectious disease. she filled out all the papers saying i was unable to work. the more doctors that say this the better, of course. i was too sick to fill out any paperwork, and this is why i got the lawyer. everything that came in the mail for me, i sent to him. as i remember, it seemed to go quite well.

    the disability lawyer does not get paid if you lose. but if you win, he gets his check first. i waited two years. and i did not work. i rented a room, and my mom helped me a lot. when i got my check, i got two years retroactive.

    i hope this helps.

    love, joanierav
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    just to clarify. i rented one of my bedrooms, and this helped me pay my bills. until the disability went through.

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