Who is taking B 12?? I have a question if anyone can help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carlacat, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Carlacat

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    I have been reading on my neuropathy board that alot of people take B12. I have FM, POTS and Small nerve neuropathy so I'm wondering if this will help me. How much do I take? My last B12 reading was in june 2002 and it was 393. I take other meds also so will it be okay to take it with other meds? Just needing some info..
  2. klutzo

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    I've been taking B12 for a long, long time and my last reading was 712.
    I take 250 mcgs. daily in my multi-vitamin w/minerals.
    As long as you don't have pernicious anemia, the oral form should work for you.
    If you don't eat red meat, you may need more than what I am taking, but the dose I take is still pretty high, and as you can see, my B12 level is almost abnormally high, so it must be working.
    I'm not aware of any interactions.
  3. Copper2002

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    Hi Carla & Klutzo,

    According to Michael T Murray's Ency. of Nutritional Supplements: the RDA for B12 is 2 micrograms whereas in deficiency states as much as 2000 mcgs may be necessary with a maintenance dose of 1000 mcgs. He also recommends a minimum of 100 mcgs. for vegetarians.

    hope this helps,
  4. teach6

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    I give myself B-12 injections. While I started at a lower dose I am now taking 10,000 mcg threee times a week. I have noticed some improvement in my energy levels since I have been on the injections.

    My doc did not do a blood test to check my levels because our bloodwork can read normal, when in fact what we have available to us in much less. My new PCP had a good description. He said it's like a store keeps inventory and has enough for a certtain time period. When they need mor ethay go to their warehouse to get more, but in our case the warehouse is empty.

    So the goal is to fill up the warehouse. He said this in reference to anemia and some tests he was running on me, but I think it's a good analogy for the B-12 also.