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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, May 24, 2007.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    We've had a veritable plethora of things to identify: scenic wonders and strange fauna and iconic buildings.

    I, alas, cannot post any pictures as I do not have the equipment meaning both electronic and mental.

    So anyway, here's a little anecdote from about half a century ago. See if you can figure out who this is. (I think I posted this last year, but you know, if a thing is worth telling once, don't put all your eggs in the early birds nest.)

    When I was in college my friend Barb Sales from Hibbing was all excited because her old friend Bob was coming to town. Pizza parlors were new in those days. We called it pizza pie and a small one cost 90 cents and fed one hunger college student.

    A new pizza place called the Purple Onion opened up across the street from the campus. It was somewhat under funded. Had no money for a refrigerator. For decoration they stapled egg cartons to the walls and sprayed everything black.

    They had entertainment. The performers were paid in pizza.

    So Barb and I went to hear her friend. He sat on a stool in a dark room w/ a spotlight on him and sang in a godawful voice. The thing that most impressed me was that while he was singing, he kept his lit cigarette under the strings of his guitar.

    Obviously a talent that was going nowhere.

  2. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    That's a great story, Rock. I like the cigarette under the guitar strings. Now that's cool.

    Being from your neck of the woods originally, I have a pretty good idea who you saw...

    Good idea for a new game, by the way.

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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You are both right. Uff-duh!

    Speaking of Hunter Thompson's funeral, Linda, reminds me of a comic song I heard sometime in the distant past.

    It was about a Salvation Army Lass. I think the finale line was: He stepped outside and broke her tamborine.

    By the way, w/ regard to the subject of our quiz, a couple decades ago a friend drove me around Malibu. We were up on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific.

    It's where they have million dollar views, but they cost more than that now. Anyway we drove by some estate w/ a wooden fence all round. He said, "Oh, that's where _______lives.

    Mighty long way from Hibbing and the Mesabi iron ore range.


  4. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Speaking of million dollar views, good ol' _____________ used to have a ranch out here in New Mexico, just southeast of Santa Fe. It was back in the mid-70s, when he had a small part in the western, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, for which he wrote the classic song, "Feel I'm Ringing the Doorbell to Heaven's Gate"--or something like that. He sold the ranch a few years later. The grass must have been greener in Malibu.

    By the way, next time your in Malibu, say hi to Britney Spears for me. You'll see the sun shining off of her bald head.

    Ever hear the song, "Not Dark Yet"? It's depressing, but it's one of the most beautiful pop songs of the 90s. It's by good ol' _____________________.

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  5. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Ya know, you just don't see guitars smoking anymore like you used to. Probably because we know so much more about string cancer than we did back then.

    Thanks to your clues (quite subtle I might add--this Texan has never heard of Hibbing before!), my love of music and a little help from the internet, I have a logical guess.
    Answer is scrolled down below.

    Your posts are "edutaining" (educational/entertaining) as always.


    That's my "final answer" as Regis would say.

    All the best, Erika

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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You are Right with Eversharp!

    Eversharp was the first automatic pencil. It sponsored a radio quiz show when I was a kid. After each correct answer the announced yelled "Right w/ Eversharp!"

    They used to have a radio quiz show called the 64 dollar question. In the 50s we were all stunned by the tv show The 64,000 dollar question. That was the one where the fix was in.

    Ruined the career of the host Hal March. But he is immortal as he appeared in an I Love Lucy episode as a friend of Ricky.

    Well, if you never heard of Hibbing, did you ever hear of the Masibi iron range?

    Yes, I remember when string cancer was a knotty problem. The govt. says it's under control now, but you never know. They might be stringing us along.

    Ha det bra


  7. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Rock! I was going to say Eric Clapton but i think he can sing! lolol this was a fun Diversion as Ken said!,,,,,He had that song "Knockin on Heavens Door",,,,,,,,,Sis
  8. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Yes, I know, I'm a tad late.

    I was staring at some very cool electron-microscopic photography and wondering how we can ever think we know everything because every time we think we've found the smallest thing there is we discover that it is made of parts and the parts are made of parts and so on and so on and so on...

    And, here was another game that I totally missed!

    Rock on!
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I've ever heard Eric Clapton, Sis. His name shows up in the crosswords tho.

    Good guess, Rafiki.
    I don't know if Bob Dylan has glands. Do celebs have glands?

  10. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Rock!

    You're talking to a "Generation Xer"-- a term lacking in creativity given to people like me who were born in the 70s---I just made the cut, being born in 1970. I don't know about "the stuff" (blanket term for everything you're talking about) you speak of, but I find it so interesting! My brain seems to soak up info that is either whimsical or historical, both of which you seem to have in plentiful supply.

    I love hearing about ads (you'll note in my bio that I majored in marketing as an undergrad at UT). It's interesting to note that even decades ago, as you indicated with the Eversharp pencil, how shows found a way of embedding advertising into them.

    One can only imagine how many times the host of the show said "Right with Eversharp" in just one episode. That was probably much more effective than a simple TV ad or print ad in a newspaper or magazine! I haven't heard of the Masibi iron range either. I'll google it and see if any info comes up.

    There's a lot of interesting info about Bob Dylan, which to me goes full circle into what you were talking about in your other post about your Norwegian ancestors immigrating to this country. He's the grandson of Jewish Russian immigrants, and his real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman.

    I've become really fascinated by how people of all cultures immigrated to America, how they adapted once they got here, and what type of work they found, and the struggles they enountered. One begins to realize how all of these different groups of people shaped America in the late 1800s and early 1900s in so many different facets of our lives that affect how we live today! It's amazing. I'm just beginning to read about this subject and am eager to read more.

    If you're interested in more info about Bob D, check out www.customessaymeister.com/customessays/Arts:%20Music/3557.htm . Bob Dylan has written a little essay about his early years, and he mentions the Purple Onion!

    Het de bra (and don't forget to wear one either---bad joke theater!),


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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the Bob Dylan site. Couldn't get it; will try again later. (What did he say about me?)

    Have you heard of James Burke? He is a historian, author and producer of tv shows. His topic is the history of science and technology. Educational and entertaining.

    His most popular tv shows/books are "Connections" and "The Day the Universe Changed". I think you might like his work. Kholmes is also a fan.

    I have lots of info on some branches of my family and none on others. One of my aunts did a lot of research. She was rubbing ancient tombstones in New England etc.

    Found out lots of interesting stuff. One of my ancestors was a blacksmith. A village in New York state needed a blacksmith and gave him free land so he would move there.

    And another ancestor was a defense witness in the Salem witch trials of 1692.

    One lady in S. Dakota put together ten books of geneology on the Norwegian branch. On the other hand I know almost nothing about the German branch.

    Gordon says I am a true Norwegian/German: Very stubborn!

    Ha det bra (That means "have it good" in Norwegian and is often used to close a letter.)

  12. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Another brainfog moment.

    I could picture the guy, knew exactly who you were talking about, but, of course, couldn't retrieve the name from wherever in my brain it was stored!

    OK. Got it. BOB DYLAN. Maybe writing it will help me remember it.

    Oh, and it took me another two minutes to find the icon I was looking for, and yet another to make sure I was clicking on the correct one.

    I hope I did click on the right one...
  13. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Howdy! Excuse my extreme tardiness in responding to yet another fascinating post from you. Hope you are doing well. It's amazing to me that hundreds of years ago, job perks were FREE LAND! These days, jobs don't come with perks nearly that great.

    I haven't heard of James Burke. I'll check into it. Thanks for the info. If you can't access Bob Dylan's website I gave you, let me know, and I can copy/paste it for you. I'm Russian/Lithuanian (the borders kept changing) and a small amount of Polish and German---all lumped as "Eastern European" and Jewish for sure (which obviously isn't a country), but many of us Jews are from that neck of the woods, including your friend Bob D. I'm the all-new, fuel-efficient hybrid.

    Het de bra,

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I had a coworker whose parents came from a place that was sometimes Russia and sometimes Poland and at all times a dangerous place to be if you were Jewish.

    I got to the site you gave, but I couldn't find anything about B.D. Just term papers. When I was in school we were so old fashioned that we wrote our own.

    This computer or the server or the connecting wires or something is on the fritz. My messages don't post or they get posted 3 x. Very annonying. I am e mailing Bill Gates.

    (I read he gets 3,000,000 e mails a day. Ungebeleivable as Arte Johnson used to say on "Laugh In." That was about the time you were born.)

    Happy Trails

  15. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Whenever I want a laugh, I look for posts from you.

    You have a seriously delightful mind!

    Thanks for being you and sharing that mind!
    Peace out,
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your kind words. Always nice to be appreciated. Actually people often find my humor annoying.

    I revisited your profile. Is that your summer cottage pictured therein?

    Charlie is helping me post. He is a gray & white tom cat who showed up a couple months ago. Very tame. Obviously used to be a pet.

    But he keeps getting into fights. He needs to be taught to be assertive w/o being aggressive. Haha. You can't even teach people that!

    Hope you're having a good day.

  17. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I can't imagine anyone finding your humour annoying. You amuse me, you challenge me, you make me think and you make me laugh out loud.

    My kids find my humour annoying. People who love us enjoy rolling their eyes... it's a form of affection.

    Well, I sure hope it's a form of affection!!!

    Peace to you,
  18. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    My brain can't keep up with several posts at a time---sad isn't it? I posted an obnoxiously long novella to Ken, which I think you just posted to as well which talks a little bit about Bill Gates and his "lovely" software. He likes to release his software to computer companies full of bugs in order to save his company a lot of time and moolah while making the computer companies nutso. (Clever monkey!)

    Also, for some reason, software code will "corrode" over time for lack of a better word. Sometimes reinstalling the software with the original disc helps. Also, like you said, servers can have issues too. It's all part of our love-hate relationship with technology. Can't live with it or without it!

    Hope you are doing well---how are the chompers holding up? Hope you are improving.

    Be well,

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My brain can't keep up anymore either. Good thing we have this board. You could type the most utter nonsense and people would just say, "Oh, his brain fog must have been extra bad."

    Finally got some energy at 8pm and went to the market. I had been wanting to go all day; just had trouble summoning up enuff energy.

    My glued-in fang is working fine. the computer is its usual eratic self. I would like to play bridge tho. I used to be an expert, but now I usually play w/ the novices. They seldom notice if I commit the Alzheimer's coup.


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