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    Ok, I feel like a bit of a blonde numb-skull after being yelled at by Mom but here goes...did you know you had to wash your washing machine? I've been on my own for two decades and never knew you had to wash it out. I called up Mom to ask her why there was a "funk" in my clothes and she said "When was the last time you cleaned your washer?" I was like "Huh?" It looked clean...who knew? I mean I know the clothes are dirty when you put them in but isn't that what the soap is for? Anyway, after having my WHOLE name pronouned by Mom in "that tone" I just had to ask :) BTW...when WILL Mom lose that tone?

  2. stick2013

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    I will be 55 soon and I have NEVER washed my washing machine......So don't beat yourself up to hard. Mothers never lose that tone....
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    Your post gave me a smile. :) No one ever told me to "wash the washing machine". But I have sprayed it w/ an all-purpose cleaner on occasion because I noticed that my towels were not as fresh as they should be. I think this happens sometimes if you leave them in the washer too long before putting them in the dryer. So, I have sprayed and wiped it out to get rid of that "mildew smell".

    So, you got your "whole name" pronounced in that "Mom" tone, Lol! We never forget what that sounds like, huh?!

    Kim :)
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    I remember when I was young, seeing my mom clean out a lint filter on the washing machine. She pulled it out from somewhere below, and it had wet lint in it. I never questioned it... I was a kid and had important things to play with. I have yet to find a lint filter on any of the washing machines I have had though. But if I ever do find it, it is going to be nasty!
  5. fibromickster

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    Oh my gosh, that is so funny. I have just been noticing my towels smelling that little mildew smell.

    Now, I know why. Thanks for this post. What kind of spray are you using to clean it out???

    By the way, we took my baby girl to college on Tuesday. It was the hardest thing I have ever done was leaving her there. I know I have to let her fly the coupe, however, you know how it feels (any mother does). I have this empty gut feeling everytime I look in her room now.

    Well anyway, thanks for the tips ladies.

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    that 1)I am not alone in the NOT washing the washer issue and 2)why my clothes had a funk. Turns out Mom was right, after I used some bleach in an empty rinse cycle everything smells a lot better. I like that all purpose cleaner idea...I'll know to try that next time. I should have known better but I called up dear 'ol Ma and told her she was right...her response?..."I'm always right you should listen to me more!" My advise for those who want to feel young again is to call up a parental unit or someone close to your who cared for you when you were young and ask something they think is a stupid question...you'll immediately feel like your five again :)

    Thanks again...

  7. boltchik

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    PainterZ-"you will feel like you are five again!" Lol, you are cracking me up.

    For you and Mickey, I just use the natural Greenworks all purpose cleaner by Clorox. I figure with the natural stuff, if there's any residue it won't mess with your clothes (hopefully). Then just rinse it off. I like the bleach idea too, I am sure that kills germs, and you can start over fresh. I am going to try that in an empty cycle.

    Mickey-I often think of what my life will be like when my children leave for college and "life". I feel for you and I hope you have some peace knowing that you did a great job and that she will be okay because of the foundation you gave her. I take long looks at my kids often, soak in the moments and talk to them a lot. I figure this will be the basis for a strong relationship later in life and that if I do it right, they will want to continue to be close always. I am a religious person too, so praying together makes me feel close to them also.

    It sounds as if you and your daughters have a wonderful relationship. You are very lucky. I pray that your relationship just keeps getting better and better with them. Daughters are such a blessing!! Kim :)
  8. fibromickster

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    I cannot wait to get home and do this and wash my load of towels and see if that did the trick. Seriously, everytime I wash the towels they smell mildewy and I always thought it was just the lines or something. You learn something new everyday.

    The Law, you are too funny, I will take that list too please.

    Boltchick, yes, Ashley and I do have a strong relationship and I love it, especially since me and my Mom didn't. It is awesome having daughters like you said. You will have even more fun with your daughter when she is older Kim. We share clothes, secrets, she talks to me about her boyfriend and boys in general. I just love it.

    She started going to church with her Grandma And Grandpa every Sunday and Wed., and joined the youth group and she loves her church & youth group (that is what she is going to miss the most). Now she has us all going to church and I am so happy. I was always Catholic and did go to church sometimes by myself and the girls. But it is different when it is the whole family (hubby too). I feel so good when we come out.

    Anyway, long post. Take care and I will let you all know how the washing machine washed my towels tomorrow. LOL


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    I didn't know it either. I did know some do have the filters to clean out. I bought a old Kenmore about 4 years ago and did not see a filter on it, so fours years go by, then I find out I am suppose to wash my washer.

    So I do a little more inspection and discovered I DO have filter...OMG it was 4ever's worst nightmare,LOL. It seems my washer has a tub and a separte ring around the top of the top and there is just enough room to run your fingers in between them.

    Let's say I got the Greased Lightening out and a toothbrush as I wasn't putting my finger back in there after the first time. OH it was REALLY bad. Then I did end up using a rag and my fingers to get the rest of it out.

    SO thank you Painter for enlightening me on the proper care of my washer. No wonder my whites weren't that white, and I thought it was hard water-Have a great day-Carla
  10. fibromickster

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    Carla, that is so funny, we must have the same washer. I did the same thing, had to get all that mold and mildew out from inbetween the ring and big washing bowl. Now I know why my towels smelled like mildew.

    Thanks again PainterZ. Tell you Mom thanks too.
  11. painterZ

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    you all are so funny. I told my Mom that I wasn't the only one out there who didn't wash the washer and that several people said "thanks for the info". I told her (jokingly) that several people would be calling for advise. She said "That's fine, but if its another dumb question I won't hold back on using their full names." I think her head swelled up a bit too cause she was talking about all the "families she saved from smelly laundry". Any wonder why I have psych issues?:)

    Thanks for the great responses.

  12. therealmadscientist

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    All news to me.
    I have mixed feelings, trepidation, about investigating the washing machine. lol bill
  13. Janalynn

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    Can you give me step by step instructions? slowly.

    The day my Mother said she washed the shower curtain lining was the day I realized I knew nothing. I always just went out a bought a new plastic one. There is a lot I don't know and should - I'm 45 for crying out loud!

    Moms will never lose that tone by the way - that's part of being a Mom. I realize I have it with my kids.- the 'look' is good too!
  14. victoria

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    I just thought I had to wipe down the top parts of the inside because we run a doggie playschool... they each get a towel to sleep on as we have no rugs on the floor, and they each choose one as soon as we lay them down... true story!

    Anyway, with all the dog hair on the towels (and my clothes) I just figured that's why I had to regularly wipe it down; tho all I've ever used was a wet paper towel... maybe I've never had a funky smell because we've always let the top open when not in use, as someone else mentioned?

    I do have another problem tho that I can't figure out... don't know if anyone will read this after all this chatter so I may have to post separately. My husband's responsible for doing the towel, he only uses Arm & Hammer detergent for sensitive skin... no matter how expensive the towel or inexpensive, we get discoloration spots... and only on towels, not his clothes that he washes with them.

    Very weird, only been happening the past 10+ years. Well, actually, since he started being responsible for doing them LOL, but, I KNOW he doesn't add anything else as his clothes are ok!