who knows about Lexapro?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by patticheeky, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. patticheeky

    patticheeky New Member

    Just started on 10 mg of lexapro a day after 12 years of prozac. what's up?

    AQUAMARINE New Member

    I'm certainly no expert on it, but I take it. I was taking it's relative celexa for 2 yrs., then they invented lexapro which is celexa refined - much more pure so you only have to take 10mg. instead of 20.It ios in thr same family as Prozac but since it is the latest, it should be impoved.it is supposed to be so pure, wtihout addatives that it is less apt to have side efects.
    I have a hard time with all medications, but this was one of the few I could handle. It was prescibed because of depression + OCD type round and round behavior. I think it works well, though I have noticed I am more apt to keep shaking my leg or jumping around.
  3. joolup

    joolup New Member

    I've been on Lexapro for 6 months. It's my first try at antidepressants and I needed relief primarily from anxiety. I was feeling spacy and disoriented relating to job loss and general self esteem issues.
    The lexapro has been helpful. I am less anxious, more alert, and it seems to help me control my "worrisome" mind. It took my body a time to get used to the drug. It has some side effects on me: I'm a bit wired, difficult in falling asleep, slight tremor in my pinkey; some sexual side effects.
    I hope to be off it in a few months.
    The 10 mg dose is easier on the liver. Hope this helps.

  4. CatMeow

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    I was tried on many different anti-anxiety/anti-depressants meds before they put me on the lexapro about a year and half ago. I take 20mg in the morning and it really has helped my anxiety. It did not seem to help my depression much but it does not cause all the side effects that the other meds did. I also take nortriptyline and trazadone at bedtime to help with depression and sleep. The trazadone is the one that i feel has really helped my depression and and sleep but my doctor insists on keeping me on the nortriptyline since it is also suppose to help with fibro pain.
  5. azcactuslil

    azcactuslil New Member

    I have been taking for about 6 months and like a lot better than Zoloft and Prozac. It doesn't make me feel as doped. It has less side effects, especially the sexual ones. Yipee!
  6. Anouk

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    I have been on anti-depressants for about 4 years and lexapro is far better than the others. I have to be on the 20mg dose and it works far better than 40mg of prozac. I feel less anxiety and my mind is a little clearer.
    But, yes it is supposed to have less side effects than others of it's kind.
  7. jaybeewr

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    I was on Lexapro when I developed prednisone induced depression. It was very helpful initially, but I needed gradual increases as the prednisone was tapered, and did reach the maximum daily recommended dose of 20 mg. per day. After I recently got off the prednisone and found symptoms had returned in full force, my physician switched me from Lexapro to Trazadone in order to obtain restful sleep. It worked. Initial side effects to Trazadone were blurred vision, which has resolved and nasal congestion. which had not resolved. One thing I noticed with the Lexapro, and it is a known side effect, was intense (for me) perspiring, day and night. Good luck in your treatment program.
  8. TheBaaBee

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    I have been on Lexapro since November of 02 due to severe depression and anxiety. I also suffer from firbromylagia, antiphislipoid syndrome, and suspected lupus, suspected peripheral neuropathy....... osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease. I love the lexapro. It makes me feel even. I do cry when I need to but most times I am fine. I, too, have noticed severe night sweating. Now, I know why.