who knows or have tried about prof. bauer surgery for fibromyalgia?

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  1. teresa078

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    There is a German doctor in Switzerland who claimed to be have hugh successful rate in helping fibro parients by an operation? Is this true? Or have you met anyone tried that?

    his website is http://www.fms.bauer.com
  2. rachel76

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    He keeps coming here to Israel and giving talks for his quacky rubbish and bringing poor desperate people over for his operations. I have personally spoken to one person who has had no benefit whatsoever from his operations.
    Another person who is influential in the CFS/Fibro group in Israel (which is associated with the IACFS in the USA) said he did help her and acts as an advertisement board for him. Yet when I questioned her closely she also said that exercise also "helps" or "cures" fibro and admits her main problem was thyroid issues all along.
    I personally avoid this guy like the plague.
    Sorry to be all bitter, but I just can't stand my local CFS group, the IACFS and this Dr Bauer man...and I'm in a bit of a relapse today.

    I get very annoyed when people with fibro as a secondary symptom of Thyroid issues, M.S or other illnesses get lumped in together with primary fibro and fibro as secondary to CFIDS.
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    Well this woman had been diagosed with a thyroid problem and it DID show up in her tests.

    Now I think anyone who has thyroid problems show CLEARLY on their tests or have had other issues like Haishmoto's thyroiditis should NEVER be given the CFS or M.E diagnosis.
    Fibro is secondary to tons of illnesses including AIDS and a person who has FIbro due to Aids/HIV has an obviously different illness to someone with fibro secondary to M.E or primary fibro.

    Also fibro as seondary to abnormal conventional thryoid blood tests is different to M.E where the tests are "normal".

    I would have this bit of information head this board if I could.

    BTW I tried armour on my own as my tests were normal and it did nothing for me.

    But anyway the point is that this Dr Baurs person is a quack IMO.