who knows what it means if your Liver Enzymes are all up ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    Who Knows what it is if your Liver Enzymes are all up?
    I do not have hepatitis but all of the enzymes are up .I havent talk to my Doctor yet but thought someone here might know whats going on.
  2. footballmom

    footballmom New Member

    Hi carebelle, mine were up too. I had to be tested 2 weeks later and they were down. I asked the nurse about it when she was taking my blood, she said that it was probably the meds that I am on.

  3. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Way back before I got ill, mine were elevated and the doc told me to cut down on the alcohol because I admitted I like it too much. I did. I didn't even know then that I had hep c.

    Much later, I got cfs and then after the chemo to get rid of the hep c, my liver enzymes were finally back to normal. But I felt like I was dying! Go figure! I felt 100% better with elevated enzymes!! I know now it was my liver having problems but because my enzymes were "normal", my doc said the liver was fine. Idiot! And I'm stupid for believing him!

    If your enzymes are elevated, now is the time to examine everything you put in your body and make sure you change everything and adopt a "liver friendly" lifestyle. Technically, the enzymes reside in liver cells and when there is damage, the enzymes "spill" into the blood, like from dying liver cells. So it is an indication that damage is happening right now.

    Have you been tested for hepatitis exactly? If you're drinking alot or eating a bunch of junk like bad fats, that could do it. Don't let it go, whatever it is! good luck karen
  4. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    My enzymes were up too. No hepatitis either. I had found an article on the web that EBV can damage the LDL cholesterol receptor sites on the liver. After 5 months of EBV treatment using transfer factors, I'm still tired but the cholesterol is coming down.

    I also found an article discussing Heart electrical disorders too. My QTS is too wide.

    EBV is the main cause of my CFS.
  5. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    There is a product called liv52 that helps protect the liver. My doctor prescribes. Before taking it I researched the web and found it appears to help lots of people. I take it when I am on diflucan because diflucan can be hard on liver.

    You can buy it online for about $16 a bottle.
  6. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I don't drink .
    AST,SGOT,ALS or ALP cant remember

    My mom had a Fatty Liver but they didnt know why 30 years ago .She has passed on years ago from her heart.

    I do have high cholesterol
  7. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    There are a couple of things you can do to reduce cholesterol if you want to try it without using drugs: reduce your intake of grains and sugars and drink alot of water. hope this helps, karen

    FOYBOYFOY New Member

    when i was on lipator my doc would check my live enzymes and when they became elevated he put me on another colesterol med..........
  9. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    for about a year, over the last 18mos or so. I have my liver checked every 3-6 mos. About 2 years ago it became high, so the first thing they did is take me off all Tylenol containing meds. It took about 9 mos for the tests to come back in normal range. I only took about 500mgs of tylenol a day, but it was over a period of several years. I'm off tylenol now and my liver tests are coming back fine.

    Just a possibility if you are taking any pain meds or any other meds which are metabolized by the liver.

    Wishing you good results!
  10. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    Hi Carebelle:

    Do you have good insurance that will pay for blood work? If so, have them check you for hepatitis, as well as autoimmune liver disorders such as autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis.

    I was just recently diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis because they found the specific antibody (anti-mitochrondrial antibody (M2), but my enzymes are normal right now.

    By the way, my enzymes were elevated back in 2002 when I had cytomegalovirus.

    Good luck!!! Hope it turns out to be NOTHING more than medication induced.


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