Who Shall Separate Us?

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    Who Shall Separate Us?

    Who shall separate us
    From the Christ whom we so love?
    It is He who lived and died
    And arose to His Father above.

    It is He who makes intercession for us,
    As He loves us so much.
    Who can be against us, if He is with us,
    With His loving touch?

    We know that those who love God,
    All things work together
    For His purpose, now on this old earth
    And in Heaven, forever.

    Lord, let Thy Spirit make infirmities
    For our hearts each day,
    When we are crushed inside
    And know not how to Pray.

    With groaning that cannot be uttered,
    As we sit and weep,
    Lighten our hearts, Oh Father,
    E'er and e'er our souls to keep.

    In all things, let us be more
    Than conquerors through Jesus, above.
    And for Thy sake, let us be killed
    All the day long, for His love.

    For, I am persuaded that neither life
    Nor death, nor Angels or power,
    Nor principalities, or things present
    Can keep us from the Tower ...

    That He went to build,
    Two thousand years ago, and to come again
    To receive us unto Himself,
    That with His love, we shall have gain.

    Neither height nor depth, nor any creature
    Will be able to separate us
    From the abiding love that we,
    As Christians, have in our Lord Jesus.

    For, He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
    Blessings and peace He brings
    To fill our souls with His glory,
    To make our hearts to ever sing.

    Romans 8

    © 2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker

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