Who takes Bextra?

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  1. Bonnette

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    I am curious to see who takes Bextra for FMS. I know it has been prescribed for people with rheumotoid arthritis. I
    take one pill twice a day on a regular basis. I also take Ultracet as needed. The last time I went to the doctor he fussed at me for not taking two Ultracets at one time. He said it's better to take two pills when the pain begins instead of waiting to your pain is more intense. He believes more in pain control. But I have never taken any medication in my life until I was diagnosed with FMS. Now I take Bextra, Ultracet, Paxil and Ambien for sleep. Does anyone else take similar medication? I am new at the message board so I hope my messages aren't to long. i tend to "ramble". Thanks!
  2. catgal

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    Hi Bonnette~~I am 54 and have had FM/CFS since my teens. I also have arthritis, advanced degenerative disc disease, IBS, severe asthma/allergies, and psoriasis.

    After trying most all the other anti-inflammatory medications that either did not work or had bad side affects, I started taking Bextra over a year ago for the degenerative disc disease and found it to be a blessing. Since FM is not an inflammatory disease, I don't know how well it works on FM alone. I just know that it helps me to feel less achy all over my body.

    I understand how you feel about taking so many medications. Until I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease, I only took meds as needed. However, now I take oxycontin 3x's a day; percocet 3x's a day; soma 3x's a day; bextra 2x's a day, and klonopin at night for restless legs & sleep.

    I agree with your physician about the Ultracet. It is much easier to keep the pain controlled than it is to try and relieve it once it gets bad. I have to keep my pain constantly controlled or else I can't function, move, get out of bed, go to work, or have any mobility. Plus, the pain is excruiating.

    It takes time to adjust and to accept having FM. And, it takes time getting used to taking so many medications. But, your only other choice is to ache and hurt all the time, be sleep deprived, and have a poor quality of life.

    Yet, everyone has to find what works best for them. Some people on the Board use diet, others vitamins & herbs, others use exercise, and others use a combination. It is a process of trial & error. If the bextra is not helping you--tell your doctor. You may need a muscle relaxer instead of an anti-inflammatory.

    Glad you joined us on the Board. Feel free to make this your second home and us your second family. And ask all the questions you want--there are some very knowledgeable people on this Board. Jump in and respond to whatever posts interest you. WELCOME! Blessings, Carol...
  3. Shirl

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    Hi Bonnette, welcome to our world. I sure like your name, its sounds pretty.

    I do not take but one med for racing brain syndrome, none for the FM, I am one of those who take supplements, herbs, vitamins, diet, OTC's, etc.

    Your message is not too long, we are all a bit on the wordy side :)

    But I did want to welcome you to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. JoyJoyBinks

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    I've been on Bextra for several months now. Before I started Bextra, I was on Celebrex, and then Vioxx and several other types of medications. Out of the 3 anti-inflamatory(sp), Bextra has helped the most. My mother is also on Bextra and it has really helped her a lot! We believe that she alos has Fibro, but she is not officially diagnosied. She has knee problems and has had 3 surgeries on her rotator cuff in her shoulders.
    Welocme to the message boards!
  5. crimsonfox

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    I'm on my second month of Bextra, it seems to help with the pain but it is doing a number on my stomach, not sure if I am going to be able to take it. I am very sensitive to medicines, so I have to change them quiet frequently. I really hope it helps you. I would also like to welcome you :)

  6. michaele

    michaele New Member

    I started Bextra a few months ago in conjunction with Ultracet. Now I also take Lortab. I tried Vioxx---didn't do anything. I have FM and osteoarthritis, so that is where some of my inflammation comes in. I agree with one of the other respondants in that you need to take the medication BEFORE the pain sets in. I have too many times waited until the pain (to save on money) and then it was too late--------once the pain is too intense, nothing really helps. So, stick to a schedule even if you don't feel pain at that moment. The consequences if you don't can be terrible. I also take lots of meds for many other health problems, so I understand it is a new life taking meds every day. However, if that helps, then do it. It is not hard and our quality of life is at stake. Good Luck and glad you're here!

  7. dimarc

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    I took Bextra for a while. Before that, I had been on Celebrex and Vioxx which really didn't work. Bextra actually helped with my pain the most; but I was taken off of it because it elevated my blood pressure. I am now on Mobic which doesn't work as well. However, I am still having problems with my blood pressure. My doctor says all anti inflamatories raise the blood pressure because they cause you to retain fluids. Has anyone else found this to be true?
  8. bitter-sweet

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    I have FMS. I have been taking Bextra twice a day for one and one half years. I tried Celebrex (gave me heartburn), Vioxx (worked at first then quit working), Mobic (no difference from Bextra). All these drugs are in the same category. I also take paxil, elavil, and Ultram (2 tabs 3-4times a day). Being a nurse, my experience is to medicate enough to take care of the pain before it gets too bad, because then it's harder to manage. I hope this helped, and that things work out for you. God Bless.
  9. smoke

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    Hi and welcome to this board. I take Bextra, however I beleive my doc gave it to me for Muscle Spasms, not inflamation. I take it 3X aday and it does help with my muscle spasms. As for the pain issue, I agree with your doc, do not wait till it is bad before trying to get it under control. I am lucky in that sense, I have the Duragesic Patch for pain and very seldom have to take anything else for pain. I do get a shooting pain down my right leg some that I have to take Oxycontine or Percocet for, depending on the time of day of which I take. Anyway welcome and I beleive this board will help you out in many many ways. I have been watching this one for 15 months or longer but do not post much, just keep learning though!!!!!!

    I have got this mixed up with a different medicine. I am posting a different post to clear this up. It was Baclofen instead of Bextra. I am very sorry.

    Smoke[This Message was Edited on 09/13/2003]
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  10. scrapkat

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    I take Bextra but not for my FM - it's for the arthritis I have in my left ankle which resulted from a really bad car accident in '76. Since then I've had about 4 surgeries to have various spots fused together. My Dr said the Bextra won't really help with the FM but it does help the pain in my ankle/foot. I've also tried other anti-inflamatories but Bextra was the only one I could actually tolerate.

  11. smoke

    smoke New Member

    I am very sorry for this, I have got the medicines mixed up. I did take Bextra for a few months, when the doc increased the dosage my neck, chest and face developed a red rash and he tapered me off of it and eventually quit taking it. It was perscribed for inflamation and joint pain. I could not tell that it helped me any and that is when the doc increased it and the rash began. Now what I was thinking of was Baclafen!!!! I am taking Baclafen for Muscle Spasms and I really like it. Again, I am very sorry, I think it was one of those days!!

  12. debonlake

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    Could everyone tell me what dose you are taking? Right now I am taking 20 mg once a day. I see most of you are taking it twice a day. I also have tried about everything from Vioxx, Celebrex, Relafen to Mobic and Bextra has helped the most. Thanks. Deb
  13. kaymac

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    So glad to see the bextra post because I was contemplating getting back on it. I was prescribed the bextra/ultracet combo last year and was told to use the bextra when I had the flare ups. It helped really well.
    Then I read FMS is not imflamation and bextra won't help that, so I dropped it, plus because my legs swelled alot.
    But my doc swears it won't hurt nothing and prescribed lasix for the swelling, but I didn't start back taking it yet. Now that I read this, I may start back. I took 20 mg daily.

  14. catgal

    catgal New Member

    Hi debonlake~~I started out taking one 20mg Bextra a day, but was quickly put on 2 20mgs a day. I take one in the morning with a piece of toast and one in the evening after eating.

    All these anti-inflammatories have potential for stomach upset, but if I eat something prior to taking the Bextra--I have no problems at all.

    I am not a breakfast eater as I am always rushing to get to work, but I found that a quick piece of toast in the a.m. will do the job or a boiled egg. On Sundays, I boil up several eggs, keep them in the fridge, and grab one as I go out the door to work. Then, as I read my morning meditation in the office, I eat my boiled egg or piece of toast--then take the Bextra. Or sometimes, I'll make myself a peanut butter & jelly sandwich the night before, wrap it up, and grab it on my way out the door.

    In the evenings, I take my 2nd Bextra after dinner. The important thing is to eat 'something' before taking it. This works very well for me, and the Bextra has been a Godsend.
  15. Kori

    Kori New Member


    Hi. I am new to the board too. Caution to my new friends. I was on Bextr last yr. I had normal range of liver testing before and since I stopped taking it. My Dr. cautioned against liver problems and I am glad he forced me to get the blood tests. i felt better on it with all of my aching however blood work revealed my liver cannot tolerate it and he has now cautioned that after trying Bextra and vioxx(?) that I "have worked myself out of the class of anti inflamatories". Now I am working up to a 24 hour single dose of 30 mg of oxycotin. I am not happy about it. Like the rest of us I too am searching for a way to function. Good luck on your journey.

  16. genie1

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    Bonnette, this is my first time on any message Bd. I take Bextra, ambien, elavil. I wish I could eliminate all my med. and do alt. medicine. but my fatigue and pain win out and I take my drugs.