Who takes meds for Cholesterol ? Does it cause pain?

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  1. carebelle

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    I have been taking Zocor to lower my Cholesterol for about 5 years.

    I think it adds pain . I stopped it for 5 days and my pain seem less . I started it again I got worse.

    I am stopping it again to see if the pain gets less again.

    My cholesterol count 5 years ago was 350 after the med it came down to 245 .They haven't checked it for a long time so I don't know what it is now.

    Do any of you think cholesterol can cause pain ? I know it can clog veins but can it cause pain? Or can the meds we take to keep the veins clean cause us pain?
  2. 1faith

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    Some cholesterol meds do cause severe muscular pain I don't know if yours is specifically one of those tho. It is documented that Zocor can deplete your coQ10.
  3. enjoysue

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    Yes, cholesterol meds can cause pain and it can damage your muscles if it is causing that pain. Because my cholesterol panel was so good this time she took me off of my crestor and put me on red yeast rice.I can't really tell if my pain is better. I don't really think it helped me. My dr. told me of one dr. who took them and he got sick. He was testing for this and that and finally stopped taking the cholesterol med and he got better. So she said if it can happen to a dr. it can happen to anyone. She said she hoped it would help me. I would discuss it with your dr. right away though and he'll know what to do best. I would NOT go off of it without his approval. My guess is he might change you to something else to try that. Also if you are in a colder climate this fall weather is going to make us hurt more. To get my cholesterol down I hardly eat any meat and cut out any peanut M&M's and Hershey kisses I'd nibble on. Only snacks I eat are wheat thin crackers and popcorn plus fruit. I'll even eat some vegetarian pork and beans...can ya believe that one!! Haha, it's actually kind of sweet so it helps in that regard. If you force yourself to go without you eventually don't crave it. If it's not in the house you can't eat it!!
  4. carebelle

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    Faith what is that ?
  5. dononagin

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    I was taking Lipitor.. had to stop because of fibro pain.. The doc put me on Vytorin about a year later as my cholestoral is still through the room but I couldn't handle it. Extreme weakness and muscle pain.. I felt like I got hit by a truck!

    Joe doesn't have fibro and still has alot of body aches with vytorin..
  6. zenouchy

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    Hi Carebelle,

    Of course getting the disclaimer of "I'm not a doc and don't play one on TV" out of the way, I want to tell you of my success with fish oil capsules for lowering my cholesterol. Mine was never a problem until I went on a hypoglycemic diet and foolishing started eating a bit too much fat to stay fuller and eating too many eggs. It went from 200 to 280 in one year- yikes!

    I would encourage you to get yours checked once a year so you know you are staying on track. Anyway, I take a lot of medicine as it is, so I didn't want to take a cholesterol med. My doc said I could take fish oil. I take 4 grams a day (4 pills). I also eat a lot of salmon, walnuts and oatmeal....all are foods which help reduce cholesterol in the body.

    I also exercise as much as I can. Anyway, my cholesterol went from 280 to 195 in just 3 months by doing the things I mentioned above. IE, the fish oil has been very successful. *Make sure the fish oil caps are mercury free.* P.S. I never had additional pain from high cholesterol nor a pain reduction when my cholesterol went down.

    It seems pretty obvious that the Zocor is causing your pain. I would tell your doc about the side effects and ask to switch meds or see if you can try something like fish oil. Fish oil doesn't typically have side effects, but you need to get your doc's approval because anything you take can affect your body. Fish oil can thin the blood in a small amount of the population that takes it.

    Bottom line: You shouldn't have to be in pain!! Also, if your cholesterol was so high, your cholesterol should be checked at least once a year, at least as part of your yearly physical so you know you're staying on track. Just making sure your doc is taking good care of you because you deserve it!!

    Be well and let us know how it goes!

    Warmly, Erika
  7. lucky

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    I've read your post with interest since I am on Zocor as well. First I was on Lipitor after I had a mini stroke just as a protection. But I experienced more pain with the med than I ever had before, therefore the switch to Zocor. Now after reading your post, I am wondering if the Zocor also gives me pain. Will ask the doctor next Monday when I see him. I have been told that I have to be on a cholesterol lowering drug for the rest of my life, although I never had high cholesterol before. Since after many tests,they could not find the reason why I had the stroke, I guess, I have to take it just in case.

    Best wishes, Lucky

    P.S. I wonder who else is on Zocor.
  8. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    CoQ10 is something that is made naturally in the body. The body uses it for cell growth and to protect cells from to cancer-it helps the immune system.

    I've seen several posts here about folks taking it.
  9. JLH

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    I have been on chlorestrol medicine for so many years, that I can not begin to remember how many!! LOL

    I have always been on Lipitor until recently. My insurance removed it from their "preferred list" of meds, so they informed me to change to one on their list, or pay more.

    So ... I talked with my endo doc and he switched me to Crestor. He said it was newer and much better anyway.

    He was correct! It has helped my good and bad chlorestrol levels!!

    I never did have any problems with Lipitor and don't have any with Crestor.

    My mother used to take Zocor, but it gave her a lot of problems. She is now on Crestor, too, and doing well.

    I don't think these meds clog our veins--never heard of that! I thought we were given these to clear out our veins so as to reduce the occurrence of heart attacks.

    If these type meds bother you, my mother's doc told her to take ecentric coated fish oil capsules. He said to make sure and get the coated ones, so you don't burp up the fish oil taste!

  10. victoria

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    I KNOW Janet/jlh in the post up above mine means "enteric coated" not 'ec(c)entric' LOL...

    CoQ 10 is something that should be taken with the statin drugs... one mfr even produced a pill that combined CoQ10 but then never marketed it... and no company's literature currently warns you to take it. However, here is some info from the Life Extension Foundation, lef.org:
    On the flip side, more statin drugs could be sold if there were fewer side effects encountered, such as muscle pain, fatigue, liver toxicity, heart failure, etc. A lot of statin drug prescriptions are not refilled because of side effects, so drug companies may be shortchanging themselves in the long run by not recommending coenzyme Q10 supplementation....

    ...In 1990, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science published Dr. Langsjoen’s studies on the safety of statin drugs. Dr. Langsjoen explained that the mechanism by which statin drugs lower cholesterol also inhibits the natural biosynthesis of coenzyme Q10 in the liver.

    Dr. Langsjoen said that he conducted these studies because, “if lovastatin were to reduce levels of coenzyme Q10, this reduction would constitute a new risk of cardiac disease, since it is established that coenzyme Q10 is indispensable for cardiac function.”

    Dr. Langsjoen then reported that his animal and human studies showed that lovastatin does indeed lower levels of coenzyme Q10.(30) Dr. Langsjoen went on to describe case histories of his lovastatin patients who suffered from progressive cardiac degeneration, but whose heart function improved after oral administration of coenzyme Q10.

    The “Forgotten” Merck Patents
    Pharmaceutical companies have long been aware that statin drugs can wreak havoc on cardiac patients and that taking coenzyme Q10 along with the statin drug would eliminate these side effects.

    The evidence supporting coenzyme Q10 as an antidote to statin drug complications is so clear that in 1989 and in 1990 Merck patented the use of coenzyme Q10 in combination with statin drugs to both prevent and treat these complications.

    However, Merck has neither exercised these patents nor educated physicians or patients about the necessity of taking coenzyme Q10 along with statin drugs. . .

    Last year, Life Extension made numerous calls to Merck’s press and media office to discuss its patent of the statin-coenzyme Q10 combination and why this invention was never brought to market.

    Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a response as to why all of this time, money, and research had been undertaken by a leading pharmaceutical company only to let their patents sit in a file cabinet. To this day, few doctors are aware of the coenzyme Q10 depletion problem caused by statin drugs, despite the extensive research undertaken by Merck, Dr. Langsjoen, and others.

    Dr. Julian Whitaker Files a Petition Against the FDA
    Based on this overwhelming body of evidence, Julian Whitaker, MD, filed a petition against the FDA that meticulously documented the many lethal effects that would occur if patients prescribed statin drugs were not supplemented with 100-200 mg a day of coenzyme Q10. The objective of this petition was to force the FDA to mandate on the package insert that patients taking statin drugs should also take coenzyme Q10. . .

    . . . Dr. Whitaker’s petition explains that statin drug use may be inducing adverse effects in as many as 575,000 people worldwide. The petitions go on to state that statin drugs work by blocking production of cholesterol and coenzyme Q10 in the same pathway, and that consumption of 100-200 mg per day of coenzyme Q10 can reverse depletion induced by statins.

    Dr. Whitaker asserts that most patients and doctors do not realize that statin drugs block the production of coenzyme Q10. Dr. Whitaker went on to describe how coenzyme Q10 has been found to be essential for cellular energy production as well as for the functioning of the heart muscle. According to Dr. Whitaker:

    “Statin drugs have proven in clinical trials to deplete coenzyme Q10, the ‘sparkplugs’ of the human body. Patients who take statin drugs without coenzyme Q10, particularly those with a history of heart disease, are especially prone to developing complications that can have fatal consequences.”35

    So far, altho Dr. Whitaker's petition was filed in 2002, it has been ignored. He proposed the following be added to the literature included with statin drugs:

    "Warning: HMG CoA reductase inhibitors (statin drugs) block the endogenous biosynthesis of an essential cofactor, coenzyme Q10, required for energy production.

    A deficiency of coenzyme Q10 is associated with impairment of myocardial function, with liver dysfunction and with myopathies (including cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure).

    All patients taking HMG CoA reductase inhibitors should therefore be advised to take 100 to 200 MG PER DAY of supplemental coenzyme Q10. (35)"

    If you want to read more, you can go to

    This is a lot of info but hopefully will be of help...

    all the best,

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  11. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    Chromium Picolinate won't attack your liver, heart, cause pain...and it's great at getting bad cholesterol and fat out of the veins.

  12. emttoni

    emttoni New Member

    My dr. prescribed lipitor for my cholesterol and being the patient I am I came home and looked it up. ONe of the side effects was muscle pain. I already have so much pain in my muscles there was no way I was going to take it. Hope you find soemthing that helps.

  13. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Muscle pain with statin drugs is sign of a potentially severe side effect which can be lethal. You see your doctor immediately. THis is from the UCSD website:

    "Muscle symptoms are common with statin drugs. “Myopathy," involving actual damage to muscle tissue, can be very serious. For this reason, if you develop new muscle pain, weakness, or tenderness on the drugs you should inform your doctor immediately. Very rarely, if myopathy occurs and the drugs are not stopped, a very dangerous condition, called “rhabdomyolysis”, can occur that can sometimes be fatal."

  14. lea

    lea Member

    I could not find it under my RX plan. The name does not exist. Do you have another name for it; like, what is the generic name for it, please.
    thank you
  15. shar6710

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    Not sure how your Dr can justify keeping you on a statin drug without repeating bloodwork yearly. You should also have your liver function checked periodically when on these drugs, I believe it says that in the physicians insert.
  16. PatPalmer

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    My mother was on medication for high blood pressure and a high cholestrol for years....
    Early last year she started taking a tablespoon of Flaxseed oil and a teaspoon of Lecithin (both with food) every day and six months later she was normal and hasn`t looked back... Still takes the stuff now...

    Don`t need the drugs...
  17. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    Yes, I've been taking fish oil Omega 3's & hawthorn pills (chinese medicine) for my cholesterol count. Plus I eat oats whenever I can.

    hope you find an answer
  18. gidgetsmom

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    I started taking lipitor 10 mg. in 2001. My insurance declared in "nonformulary" Jan. 1, 2006 and I switched to zocor 20 mg. With doctors permission, stopped taking lipitor for 4 weeks to see if it was causing my pain. No difference. Did the same with the zocor, and still no difference.
  19. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    my blood work for cholesterol was done in April it was 215 the best its ever been .The Bad was good and the good cholesterol was good to. lol

    that's why I'm afriad to not get on something .
    But I have noticed being off the zocore for a few days its lesson my pain a lot.

    I'm waiting on a phone call from the nurse about my appointments to the pain clinic and endo Doc. as I still am bleeding from my right breast. I will talk to her about getting off of the zocore and trying something else.