Who takes probiotics?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by ajp, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Don't know if I am spelling that right but....I get mine at the health food store, something like 8 billion live bacteria (I guess that's what is). Sorry I am kind of mixed up today. Anyway my question is ..how much does everyone take. I take on tablet in the am and one right before bed. Is that enough...should I take more?

    I just added Ketek (400 mg) once a day to my Ceftin (500 mg twice a day). I am just wondering how much I should take?
    Anyone? I see my Dr. next week, but am just wondering.

    Love Mindy
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    Mindy --

    My feeling about probiotics is the more the better. Antibiotics really wipe out a lot of the beneficial bacteria in our bodies -- I use a liquid probiotic morning and evening (high dose) and then several capsules of probiotics mid-afternoon.

    It is super important to keep an eye on yeast when you are taking high dose, long term abx... yeast overgrowth can cause awful problems! Limiting (or eliminating) sugar and simple carbs will help, also a lot of folks use antifungal supplements and/or diflucan to help, too.