Who thinks ahead to when they can lay down again?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I know its dumb~ BUT.....
    Each day when I get up in the mornings,with children,some light housework,sometimes appointments or running to do,..
    All I think to myself out of exhaustion is "what time can I lay down for a little bit?"
    It takes everything I have and more to get thru a lousy
    5 hrs without shear need to rest/lie down!!

    Anyone else do this, or or anyone else look forward to naptime?

    I sware I'm in 'gramma mode'waaaaay too soon!
    :) Tandy
  2. enjoysue

    enjoysue New Member

    Good one, this is serious but amusing if you know what I mean. Yes, I can't wait for bed at night and I don't have kids to chase anymore!!

    My problem is I also don't want to crawl out of bed in the morning because it hurts too much. I hate gravity. The minute I stand up it feels like the meat on my bones is being pulled off. Ouchie!!

    I reread your letter and you did mean just laying down a bit and I do that frequently. I'll have to keep a diary on that. It would be interesting.

    I know the gramma mode all too well!!
  3. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    I wouldn't admit this to family members or even my close friends, but this is a huge issue with me. At the end of the day, I feel overwhelming guilt because I feel things would have gone better if I hadn't been wishing the day away so night would come.
  4. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I am constantly thinking of "wish I could lay down" especially when givng massages back to back on the weekend at work.

  5. bearingit

    bearingit New Member

    Although it's a funny thought, I mean thinking of lying down so soon after getting up .. it happens more than naught. I think everyone is tired of hearing how tired I am, and I'm tired of saying "I'm tired." Know what I mean? I work full-time and will go home to sleep for my hour! Aside from the fatigue, my FMS pain is pretty bad as well and there are some days when I think I just can't go on .... and on .... and on .....
  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    No, I don't, but my situation is different than yours. I don't have any children left at home.

    When I go to bed at night, I am normally in bed for 12 hours. I may not end up sleeping all 12 of those hours--I drift in and out of sleep, during awake time I watch my TV which I keep on all night, and by morning, I'm normally worn out and sleep well until around noon or 1-2 pm.

    When I get up, there is not much time left in the day! My DH comes home from work at 4:15 pm. Sometimes, by that time, I've barely had enough time to drink a couple cups of coffee and get me a bite to eat for breakfast!!

    He always fusses about me staying in bed so long, but !!!!!

    So, I don't have enough "awake" hours in the day to even plan for a nap! All I plan for is what TV programs I am going to watch all evening when my DH goes to bed at 7:00 pm!

    I worked like a mad woman for 30 years, and now that I'm retired, I'm am barely able to get out of bed to get to my LazyBoy recliner to watch TV! LOL

    Hope you get plenty of your well-deserved nap time in!!!

  7. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I have 4 little ones & I'm sure it's going through my mind before I even get up. It's 4:00 in the morning here, as I went to bed at 8:00pm last night. I'm about to go back to bed. I've been VERY sick for the last 10 days. Worst now than ever. I'm thinking about how I'm going to get through today! My hubby works until 6:00pm, but my little 2 will have a nap in the afternoon, so will I. Good Luck, Laura
  8. monamea

    monamea New Member

    It sounds like me also. I watch the clock at night and can't wait till 10:00p.m. to crawl in my bed. Since I get up about 3:00a.m. because of the pain from FM, and it seems that everytime I try to lay down during the day the phone rings or someone comes over, when 10:00a.m. comes around I'm ready for bed. I also have sleep apena and narcolepsy and have a hard time not to fall asleep while driving. I'm afraid to go anywhere and sit for long periods because I fall asleep, doesn't matter if someone is talking to me in person or on the phone, I even fall asleep while reading, waiting at the dr's office or even, heaven forbid during the church service. It's so embarrasing. I live on a dairy farm and it's so hard to get up in the morning and get things done, but God blesses me with each day so I do all that I can.

    Here's to having a bed to lie in, and the energy each day to get things done!
  9. KarrinneSleepyhead

    KarrinneSleepyhead New Member

    in the morning. And all I think of on the way home.
    On my days off, I am THRILLED that I can lie down anytime I want, and often, that is a large portion of the day. My DH always asks me "How can you lie in the bed so much?" Because I want to, and I can, and I NEED IT!!!!
  10. jess

    jess New Member

    Hi Tandy, not only is it difficult to awake in the morning but once I begin my day all I can think about is when can I lay down. It has taken the place of my eating addiction. NOw I have a can't wait to lay down addiction. It seems to happen many times throughout the day especially when I'm preparing dinner or taking the dog out. Even when I sit down to watch TV with Hubby I just can't seem to get up. This is a fairly new develpment for me. It has only happened in the last 6 months. I seem to be getting worse. Jess
  11. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    But I do plan and pace my days around rest times..conciously or unconciously! My body for the most part doesn't give me a choice about it. Most days I can only work for short periods of time. Even with my pain meds at full working ability...if I work for too long, the pain level shoots up and I have to sit! I don't nap, but I do have to sit in the recliner with feet up for long stretches of time on and off all day long. Ihave been flaring ( fms) for 2 weeks now, and have found myself thinking.."oh only 4 more hours and I can go to bed and end the day". Sad way to look at an evening spent home with my hubby...but that is how it is!
    When the day calls for me be active and out and about, I can usually manage it..but like so many of us ..I pay the price for it. My rest time seems to be one of the most important things in my day...makes for some boring days ...but better to be board that exhausted and in pain I guess!
  12. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I hoped & did'nt figure I was alone, but had to ask~
    Thank you all for being clock watchers with me!

    It stinks when you wish the days would go by faster just to rest~
    Huge hugs

  13. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    It is virtually the first coherent thought when I wake up and haven't even risen from the bed yet. And even on my good days!
  14. grandmasheri

    grandmasheri New Member

    sometimes i feel like i just got up and i turn around and go back to bed! At least i have the lugury of doing so. I have a regular table beside my bed, the night stand just wasn't cutting it any more. I keep a bottle of water, a book to read, a sudouku puzzle book, a pad of paper & pen to make lists (Have to do--Should do--& Want to do)! the remote for the TV, remote for the radio, I have 3 extention swiches tied to the head board, the lamp, a "soft" light, for getting up during the night and my Fan because my temp fluctuates a zillion times a day! And of course my Meds. LOL now i wonder if i missed anything! I AM in Gramma mode, if only I didn't have FM mode to go with it!
    God bless you and yours
  15. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    haha I do definately! I have a set time in the afternoon when I 'allow' myself to lay down and rest, use my heating pads, etc., and I admit that by mid-morning, I am usually counting down the time until I get my rest period.
  16. tandy

    tandy New Member

    and giggles :)

    I think I need a bigger nightstand now too!!!
    lol (good idea!)
    it is a bit overcrowded with all my much needed stuff.

    your all great~
    Thanks alot for being here
  17. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    My step Dad and his new Wife came to visit and I like her and love him. Also they live far away, he was the dad that my dad couldn't be because he was an alcoholic.

    Anyway they were visiting and I was just ready to lie down.

    I told my stepdad that the dr said I had a mass in each breast and he got really upset.

    When he left today he was crying, he had to watch my mother die slowly for breast cancer.

    So I felt really guilty wanting to lie down.

    They came a long way just to see us.

  18. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Tandy:

    I definitely think about naptimes, more some days than others. My cats love to snuggle with me at that time, especially Chelsea, my tiger cat. I think she knows how to tell time as she heads for the bedroom!

  19. twerp

    twerp New Member

    I keep an eye on the clock at work and think to myself, OK, just X more hours to go and then I can go home and climb into bed for naptime.

    Also, sadly, that's also the primary reason I look forward to weekends - getting up late, taking as many naps as I like.

    I know what you mean about the "Gramma" thing! Ha!

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Saw this post and couldn't believe it!I know how sad it is.Every day I make myself stick to a routine of getting up at 7am and getting breakfast ready.When I go back upstairs I want to go back to bed so bad but I shower and dress and that gets me going again.I long for my bed all day and after dinner I clean up as quick as I can and disappear to my sanctuary for the night.If I wasn't caregiver to my FIL I know it would be harder to stay out of bed.

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