Who thinks cold and altitude make you worse

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    i have autoimmune disease(LUPUS) on all kinds of meds had a million test. moved to prescott az(5,000 ft and some snow in winter) about 3 years ago. thats when i got real sick. been off work for 3 years. thinking of moving back to CALIFORNIA BEACH area. i seem to do so much better in nice warm low altitude weather. AM I CRAZY??

    ANYONE else think this makes sense?? have you done it?

  2. cct

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    Hi Foy,

    I was living in Aspen, Colorado when I first got horribly sick with ME/CFS. The altitude, cold, and limited medical resources forced me to move to Denver.

    After about three years in Denver, I was feeling a little better so I moved back into the mountains. I only lasted in Vail for a year. Then it was back to Denver again.

    After moving back to Denver, I got a job that required me to go up to Vail every once in awhile. I would get really really sick every time that I would go to a place that was up in altitude and down in temperature.

    I could not keep that job because I just got too sick. I have been disabled ever since.

    I have not returned to the mountains. The altitude (lack of oxygen) and the cold temperatures send me into a real tail spin.

    Of course, Denver is at a pretty high altitude (5280 ft. above sea level) and it does got cold in the winter, but I am doing better here than I was when I lived in the big mountains at the high altitudes where it snows 10 out of 12 months!

  3. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Most def makes me worse...

    Born and raised on Long Island (New York)

    I moved to Maine in 1993 and it was downhill from there.

    Come October every year I get so bad it's unbearable...

    It's not SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) It's the darn climate and no SUNSHINE for months...

    I hate it here, so does my husband...Moreso since the hospital experiences we have had...

    If I hit the PowerBall tonite I have my house all picked out...The taxes alone are $25,000 a year, but I will feel better...

    Funny, every time I see someone in a moving truck coming up here I wave at them and tell them to get out while they can...It's not fit for man nor beast here...Plus, there are many more beasts here than men :)

    You make perfect sense to me...I always look forward when someone asks about 'where to live' with these dd's...those are my fave threads...Interesting reading where everyone is from and their experiences with these illnesses...

    All I know is I can't wait to get outta this frozen tundra...Everyone is complaining about the heat until I remind them what is coming next...That shuts them up...

    I HATE MAINE!!! :)

  4. WhoSaid

    WhoSaid New Member

    I am from the Boston area origionally - south shore right on the ocean - and spent most of my time outside year round. Temps in the summer in excess of 100 degrees and wind chill in the winter of minus 50 degrees. Talk about a wide swing! I can't remember having any problems.
    Now I have serious pain when the temp gets below 65 degrees. I can NOT sit in any kind of breeze what so ever no matter how hot it gets. Fans and air conditioning are torture to me.
    If there is any snow on the ground my feet will be so badly cramped that I can hardly walk for the pain in just 15 minutes.
    After moving around we live near the Emerald City now. Even though the temps here aren't extreme in either direction, there are times when I will not go outside for any reason. Cold does cause me very serious pain.

    FOYBOYFOY New Member

  6. kitteejo

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    The cold absolutely is a killer for me. Winter and air conditioning. I hurt so bad all over, get stiff and want to run for warmth.

    You are not alone at all.

    Stay warm,

  7. lynn3811

    lynn3811 New Member

    I'm frm Long Island also. If you don't mind me asking, where abouts on long Island?
  8. padre

    padre New Member

    I moved to the high desert in Oregon from the Central Valley of California and I got much worse. I am now back in California and love the warmth.

    We travel to Portland often, and the wet or cold weather really makes me hurt.

    Must admit that when I read the title the first time I thought it said, "Who thinks cold and ATTITUDE make you worse?" I was going to say I agree with that too. I think that hurting makes me depressed and being depressed makes me hurt.

    I'm for having summer and sunshine all year long.
  9. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    I have noticed that when there is a front that comes through and brings cooler weather and/or rain, I feel worse. I live in Oklahoma and so altitude is not an issue and right now, it is running 100 to 106*. I do NOT do hot weather well and wasn't diagnosed with FM until April. I do not like the bitter cold, but here in Oklahoma, it doesn't normally get bitter cold very often, nor stay that way for long if it does. I really like spring and fall the best.
    I agree with you about weather changes causing problems.
    This DD has been a real learning experience.

  10. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    When I lived in Idaho Falls the altitude was over 5,000. Before moving there, I lived in Los Angeles at practically sea level. Also, the weather was very different. It would get to 50 below with the windchill factor during winter.

    The entire time I lived in Idaho I was sick. I developed heart problems (arrythmia), asthma, severe allergies (hives for 2 years).

    When I finally moved back to Los Angeles I got better, no more heart problems, asthma, etc.

    Now, when I travel at higher altitudes even for a few days I notice the affects. Some people are very sensitive to higher altitudes. You should read on the web about altitude sickness.

    Normally people acclimate to the higher altitude after a few days but I believe some people, such as myself, just get sick.
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  11. Crispangel66

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    I have fibro and arthritis and for me weather makes a big difference in how I feel. Even rain makes me hurt. Many years ago I broke all ten of my toes (don't ask lol) but when it is cold or rains they hurt bad plus every joint in my body. Well also my muscles hurt too. I live in northeast texas if your wondering. But I still think if you move south it may help some. Good luck to you.
    Gentle Hugs Crispangel
  12. bre_ann

    bre_ann New Member

    I absolutely cannot stand to be cold. I am uncomfortable, in pain, and pretty much just angry so cold is not a good thing. Hubby (who does not have this dd) LOVES it and wishes we could move to a colder climate. I think it would just about kill me. :-(
  13. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    I have become intolerant to both heat and cold, I like it about 68 to 7o. I think I should move to california.
  14. spmom

    spmom New Member

    Honestly, the moment my environment gets below 78 degrees, my whole body seizes up and the pain gets worse. I am just miserable. Unfortunately, I live in the Pacific Northwest where warm weather is infrequent. To help, I keep my house very warm and typically wear a lot of layers.
  15. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    Feel bad when it is cold. Feel worse when the humidity is high or a storm system is moving in. Lord, I have turned into my Grandmother who predicted the weather by her aches and pains.
  16. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    that thinks heat will be "better"~ c'mon down here to Texas for awhile! You'll change your mind fast! Add the orange/red ozone pollution days, and it's all I can do to count the days until I can retire and move out of here!

    I actually do better when we go to the mountains. I think the cleaner air helps. I never felt better than when we visited British Columbia 2 yrs ago.


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