who uses a scooter vs power wheelchair and has fibro?

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  1. ilovepink4

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    I have fibro and myofascial pain sydrome. My back kills after a couple minutes of standing, not to mention my knees and my hips...

    i have a little transport chair that other ppl can push me in but it has little wheels so I can't move it myself.

    i have looked at a lightweight powerchair and the lightweight LUggie scooter....which one is better for shopping? where do you put your stuff?

    My dipwad of a husband is leaving me and in order to shop for food for our children and things they will need, I will need to do something about this. I have just stayed home and let hubby shop. He was embarrassed of my using my push chair....like i am faking my illlness or something....

    i had an eye opening experience shopping at target today and i am in agony tonight....so, i am going to contact the medical supply store tomorrow and get this started....i am leaning toward the scooter...

    anyone have stories or advice on these two choices?

    i already have a full size van with a power lift for our daughter that is disabled....

    maybe if i would have ignored hubby's embarrassment and got the scooter, and did the shopping, he would not be leaving me now? i would have been more help if I could have moved around better....

    oh, i also ordered a $30 rolling stool that helps you to kind of stand and squat a little at the same time .....i am hoping that will allow me to get back in the kitchen to cook....it if from dreamproductscatalog.com the height adjusts from 27" to 30 somthing....if i like it, i will get one for the laundry room for infront of the dryer....folding and stuff....

    i need to get a plan on how i am going to deal with all these chores....i would like to just slap him silly....
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    I have both a scooter and wchair.The scooter was great at first because it could be broken down and placed in trunk(had lift for awhile). Insurnace bought mine.

    I find that the wchair is much more comfortable. Even tho I can drop down the handles of scooter close to me,I think its more tiring to operate.

    Big caution-make sure to have wchair sized to you. Mine was delivered and I was told one size fits all-not true. Try out scooters too.

    I use the store scooters shopping. My scooter does have a small basket with it. weather can be a factor also with scooters,they sit low and dont do snow or puddles.

    My next thing is a lift for van.

    No way would I do store without a scooter. My gkids thought it was the greatest!
  3. ilovepink4

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    i am worried about the reaching forward on the
    scooter to get a the handle bars....there is lots that the wheelchair store ppl can do to make your chair or scooter fit you....i would buy locally from the store we work with for our daughter's needs...we have been with them for her entire life! so if anything can be done to extend the handlebars, they could do it...

    i have such terrible back pain that leaning forward would mess me up big time....

    do you have trouble reaching the items you need off the shelves? is this something where i will be popping off the seat every second to reach the bottle of tide off the shelf?

    i know how heavy a power wheelchair is....there are lightweight versions but i don't know how sturdy they are....

    come on people....i know you are out there! Tell me your stories! help!! iwant to make a goo decision because once your insurance pays for something like this , they are not going to pay for another one for a long, long time!!!

    when shopping, and you can only reach the middle shelves, does it make the scooter or chair seem almost more of a pain than it is worth?

    do ppl give you "looks" when they see you getting on and off the scooter or in and out of the chair???

    what about snow? does the scooter tend to spin and get stuck in the snow and slush? i know a wheelchair can on an incline but they are pretty good in the snow .....will i get stuck in the parking lot on a flat surface, spinning my wheels in the snow?

    Thanks again, for your help! Pink
  4. Debra49659

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    Pink I vote for the power chair. I have had both scooter and power chair. MO is the power chairs are sturdier....not likely to tip over. They also have much, much, much better maneuverability. Turning corners, doorways....etc.

    Very comfy...you can even recline your seat if you need a cat nap.

    I am so sorry about your personal situation with your husband...while my husband is supportive and kind. I'm still afraid that he will get bored with being my caretaker instead of my husband.

    I'm not sure of your financial state but perhaps you can check with the state for a home health aide to help you with housework and shopping, etc. Perhaps help with food or utilities too.

    I'm praying for you and your children.

  5. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    isnt' it hard to shop in a power chair if there is no storage baskets to put your stuff you are buying? how do you do that? is there anyway to shop alone with a powerchair? and get some groceries? i bet you just can't get groceries unless you walk or have a scooter with a huge basket on the front....

    i am so worried about this....i guess I need to be making plans that include another person everytime.

    thanks for all of your input! pink
  6. Debra49659

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    I left the power chair at home and use the store scooters. However some grocery stores have special carts for use with wheelchairs (power chairs). You can also keep on of the small red baskets on your lap if you take the power chair. Some shops let the employees help there disabled customers.

  7. emah

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    I have a power chair but use the store's scooter when I am shopping. The dr did not want me to have a scooter because having to manipulate too many things would do more harm than good.

    After bumping into a few walls, furniture, and pets, I am now good to go with my power chair. So glad I have it. It would be nice if I could have both. Hope this helps.
  8. JLH

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    I am sorry to hear about your home situation.

    I am disabled due to a multitude of illnesses. I can not stand longer than 3-5 minutes, nor can I walk more than room to room, or very few steps.

    I use a power wheelchair at home, a heavy-duty one, it was measured to fit me and cost about $6000. The combination of Medicare and my secondary insurer paid most of it. Years before I got the power chair, they bought me a manual wheelchair, which I take places where there is no electric carts like Walmart has. The trouble with taking the manual chair, which I could equip with a basket to shop, is that it weighs 55 lbs. and is too heavy for my husband to pick up and load in and out of the trunk in our car. It's almost too heavy for just about everybody else, too. Therefore, I plan to purchase me, online, a heavy-duty transport chair, which the lightest one that I have found weighs only 35 lbs. I will have to pay for it out of my pocket.

    Once Medicare buys you the power chair, which is the "top of the line" according to them, they won't buy you anything else. In the past, I have also bought a cane, the straight leg walker (without wheels), and a rollater--the walker on 4 wheels with a seat in it.

    A neighbor of mine gave me her husband's battery-powered scooter after he passed away. I keep it in the garage outside so I can go places on our property. Whenever I need to go to the doctor, store, or anywhere, whoever takes me will ride my scooter up to my back door where I can get on it and drive it down to where the car is parked. Then when I get to Walmart, they will go in and get a scooter and drive it out to the car for me to get on. When we go to the doctor, they just bring a wheelchair out to the car.

    I hate riding those carts in Walmart because you have to lean forward to a certain degree to reach the handlebars and the on/off buttons to make the cart move. By the end of my shopping trip, my bad back is killing me, and the carts also put a strain on my thigh muscles in my legs for some reason.

    Also, like you were saying, you can only reach items on the shelf next to you and on the shelf above your eye level. Anything on the top shelf, and sometimes on the bottom shelf, I have to let the person with me get it, or otherwise I have to stand up from the cart and reach for it. I normally take my cane into the store with me, this way I can get it out of the cart and use it to push things from the back of the shelf to the front where I can reach it, or to get it from the top shelf, etc.

    As far as people looking at me when I have to stand up from the cart to get something, it doesn't bother me at all!! Most of the people in our local Walmart look like bums anyway!!! Even if they looked like high-society people, it wouldn't bother me ... I have gotten way passed that long time ago!!! I'm crippled up, in pain, and feel lucky just to be able to get out and go to Walmart, that I would just dare anyone to say anything to me!!! I would be afraid of what I would reply!! LOL Just joking, I still would be pleasant in my response, even though I wouldn't want to!!! LOL

    Honestly, I find most people very helpful while I am riding around in my cart. People will offer to reach something off the top shelf for me, etc. If my helper has wondered off from me, I even will ask some tall guys to get me something off the top shelf, and they always oblige graciously!!

    I would never had bought the scooter that I have outside, because it was an expensive one, too, but since I have it, I use it outside a lot. We live out in the country and have lots of land, and a really long paved driveway between our house and the house next door, which is my son's house, so I ride all over the place outside when my little grandson is outside playing!

    The scooters are too long to drive around in a house, they won't make the corners through a doorway, etc. I love my power wheelchair. I can load dishes from my sink into the dishwasher in it, move about in the kitchen getting items to cook. I have to mix stuff on my kitchen table rather than my counter tops because they are too tall to comfortable raise my arms, so my table is lower and I work on it. I will then drive over to the stove and put the pans on it and I can reach up and stir stuff occasionally. I will have to stand up for a second to lift a hot pan off the stove, though. But, I can make it in the kitchen working out of my power chair.

    I don't know if this is the type of info that you needed or not, but I hope it helped.

    So, if your insurance is going to buy you a chair, I would vote for the power chair. Mine has saved my life!! You know that you have to get a prescription from your doctor for one in order for your insurance company to pay for it, don't you?

    I have had my chair about 4 years. When I got it, the company (a local one) told me that the rechargeable battery would last about one year. Well, I recharge the battery about every 2 weeks, and I have never had to replace it or anything on the chair yet!!!!! The chair is made by Invacare and it's called a Pronto Sure Step M94!

    Good luck!

    P.S. I forgot ... which the amount of groceries, etc. that I have to get since I only go out twice a month, I can't get everything into the basket that is on the electric carts at Walmart, so I HAVE TO HAVE someone with me so they can push around a full-size buggy to put the rest of everything that I need in it!
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