who want a candida treatment

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    this man sounds like he knows what hes talking about, he's prices thou, ill save to buy his product, i've tried every thing else...

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    thanks for posting this.....will have to read it later when I am feeling less foggy
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    Yes, he sounds like he is considering the bigger picture allright.

    I think he crowds out the Candida by growing the good gut bacteria. I wonder if he tries to kill the Candida first? Some people swear by colloidal silver for doing that part of the job. {I use CS every day, and no, I don't become colored blue!}

    The gut bacteria [microflora] we have determines a lot of how we feel, and it is a major part of our immune system. A good population can crowd out Candida.

    Probiotics - bacteria for our gut in a capsule/etc - are being recommended after any antibiotic therapy - have you been given antibiotics? Of course, almost everybody has. One course of antibiotics can affect the gut flora for YEARS, some of the strains NEVER come back unless we put them back - but it is not always a simple matter of taking the right capsule or eating the right food, many things work together, which is what this Doc is talking about.

    Candida is one of the bad things that can grow after antibiotics. C Difficile is the common one to look for in the elderly after antibiotics, and probiotics cures that!

    I think he is proposing to find out what cultures you need by finding out what you are missing... but I would be a bit wary because that is not an exact science [in finding out what bacteria are present in your colon]. Sometimes it works just as well to go for a wide spectrum probiotic and follow up with the dietary support [saurkraut, yogurt, unpasturised milk and beer, and so on - fermented foods]
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