Who wants to join in intercession for our children?

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    If you have children that need intercession, please join me until there is resolution. I am always trying to rescue my children instead of letting go and letting them grow and depend on God.

    I just gave my daughter $600.00 that I didn't have to give. Now I am resentful because I need this money. I have an absessed tooth and a GI bleed, and I am spending money on antibiotics, dentist appts, doctor appts, blood tests, etc. I always put my kids needs before my own, and wonder why they don't grow up.

    Does anyone else find themselves in this position? Will you join me in prayer for our strength, and their growth in their REAL Savior (which isn't me. lol)?

    Let's let our requests be known to each other and agree in prayer for their needs and our strength! Love, Tam
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    I have a little example for you tam. Years ago we gave our son $6,000. because he was in trouble with some dangerous people. We later learned he gave them half the money and tried to turn the rest of it into more money because he owed too much. A few years later we lost him in a very suspious "accident". I don't know details but I can say after his death I never was resentful again about anything we did for him. I know that probably isn't looking at things squarely but grief and love have a way of leveling everything. Now I give as much as I can without depriving us of needs to our daughter who is more precious because of the loss of her brother. I don't know your daughters circumstances but i know it's easy to grow disgusted when you see them do foolish and thoughtless things again and again. I guess I'm saying if she's not in desperate need, get your tooth fixed and let her want. I have to say no when our daughter wants money for something she just wants but when i see she can't pay the electric bill because she spent money foolishly I resent it but i give it. Did I make any sense whatso ever? pat
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    I hope I got your name right! Yes, you did make sence. and thank you for your response! My daughter has had a hard time. She had a baby, had a stroke three days later, and had heart surgery within that week. I do thank God for her being in my life everyday.

    The deal is here is that her husband went on a two week runner (alcohol) and lost his job. They were going to get their car taken away, they were behind on the electric bill, had no food in the house, etc. The thing is is that two weeks later the husband still hasn't looked for a job. It is a matter of time before the car payment and the electric bill along with the rent will all be due again. Then what?

    We have done a lot to help them, but I am starting to feel like we have done too much. Who needs to grow up if you always have mom and dad there to bail you out? Not only that but when do they learn to depend on God if they are always depending on us? I feel like I am robbing them of spiritual growth and dependence on the one that is their only answer!

    It is hard for me to say no. Maybe what I need to do is say, "okay, you can move back in with us." Maybe that will motivate them! lol! Love, Tam
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    It is very hard to see a husband lay around and see his family go without. Like you say, he probably knows you will see they have what they need. If you're like me the pressure is already too much. Moving in is not an option.NO!!!!! I know you're kidding. There is just no easy answer. Do they know the Lord? My son said he did but he didn't live like he did. Only God knows/ I pray he did. Some christians though have the hardest time with trusting God for things. They're too afraid to wait or too impatient to wait or don't believe He's going to do anything even though He could. I guess I've been in all three places at one time or another. I'll just pray for you. You have your hands full I know. God bless you. Pat
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    I am with you on this too my friend.
    I will be praying for your daughters. I will put them on my list today! I can relate so much.

    I ask for prayer for my youngest son especially (the one on my pic...far right).
    It is a long story, but he is lost as lost can be. The saddest part is he seems to be getting worse. He has a history of drug use as a teenager. But, was clean for years. I know that there is NO good reason to start using... and I have never made excuses for my children's bad behavior. But, he has a serious depression problem and tries to find relief in drugs...or he did. I am praying that he isn't doing it again.

    My worry is...he was injured at work a few weeks back. A bad back injury. Well, you know unless they tell the docs they won't know if a person was a former addict.

    Well, in the past my son would ALWAYS tells the doc. He didn't want to chance it. I talked to him the other day and he said that the doc gave him oxycodone (sp?). This is addictive right?

    I just pray that it isn't starting again. He once was serving God and was so happy. He is miserable now!

    I am in such pain for him right now! I am so sad myself. I sit here in tears. I am in such pain and I don't have to tell you what it is like to be concerned about your child.

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    Your son is already in my prayers. Oh how we hurt for our children. I keep trying to remember to give them back to God, and not try to rescue them. We will storm the heavens to have them saved and the Holy Spirit intervene. As much as we love them I know that he loves them so much more! Let's also ask the Lord to give us strength to let him do his work and wait upon him.

    I saw your picture. You are not only a beautiful person on the inside but also on the outside. You also have mighty handsome sons and husband!

    I am holding you up in prayer also. I know your pain. We will unite together and rejoice for answers prayers! Love ya, Tam
  7. MamaR

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    He just called me and he was questioning the medication that the doc put him on! He seems to be seeing the need to be cautious...that is a start!

    I am praising God for that right now! Just thought that you would like to know our prayers are working.

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    your reply gave me goose bumps! Keep believing! Love ya, Tam
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    Thank you for praying for me! I am so stubburn (sp?). I know that God never gives up on me, but sometimes it sure does take him a long time to get thru to me. Wow, that just sounded like what I go thru with my kids! lol! Love, Tam